5 Best Lighted Keyboards Reviewed

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If you are a programmer, typist or gamer, you might have experienced the issues of using the computer’s keyboard in dim light conditions which can affect your game or the typing speed. The solution to this problem is the usage of a lighted keyboard which is illuminated by the use of LED lights. This makes the usage of the lighted keyboard really easy and is widely adopted by gamers and programmers all around the world.

Usually, the LEDs are not placed behind every button to lit the keyboard, instead, the LED strips are placed at such places which can lit the maximum part of the keyboard making it easy for the users to see the characters in dark.

Most of the modern laptops are equipped with lighted keyboards. You can buy lighted keyboards for your desktop computers and workstations which keeps your interest in the work regardless of the light level in the room. The lighted keyboards are offered in various colors and in the modern ones you can even change the color of the LEDs according to your choice.

The level of the light brightness can also be adjusted by the user so that it doesn’t irritate the user’s eyes. Lighted keyboards can be connected to your desktops through a USB type wire connections. There are even wireless ones which can be connected to the desktop through Bluetooth or a tiny unifying receiver.


The Best Lighted (Backlit) Keyboards

Editor’s Choice – Azio Backlit Wired Keyboard Large Print Tri-Color

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The KB505U backdrop illumination gives an extraordinary answer for the individuals who need that additional assistance seeing the console in low light.

The large print makes the letters effectively recognizable, and the console backdrop illumination can likewise be pushed through 3 unique hues to accommodate your temperament or inclination. Alternate way keys make it a breeze to explore your preferred projects. AZIO’s KB505U is an incredible method to tidy up your home or office while including essential usefulness and coherence.

This model prides itself on the tremendous simple to peruse keys that furnish the client with effectively available spots and lessen blunders while composing. It lit up to suit any capacity it would utilize for. The enormous keys on this one diminish eye fatigue, improve efficiency, and make the PC simple to use for individuals of various ages.

The keys are anything but difficult to spot and have a couple of new capacity keys for snappy access. This model accompanies a backdrop illumination. It accompanies three shades of backdrop illumination, a couple of interactive media snappy access keys, and a five feet line.

This console additionally deals with MAC and Linux working frameworks.

It’s simple to read large print keys, decrease eye fatigue, and advance profitability. Tri-color backlight helps you to select between red, blue, or purple backdrop illumination enlightenments.

It comes with built-In interactive media and speedy access hotkeys. The USB attachment and playline 5ft tweak the vibe of your console, with three shadings, LED choice.

Top Alternative – Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard with Laser-etched Backlit and Soft-touch Keyboard K740

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It is another item from Logitech, the notable PC accessories organization. This brand doesn’t just highly esteem being anything but difficult to use around evening time. However, you can likewise utilize it during the daytime with no problem.

This unit highlights illuminated keys, customizable light, which gives the eyes comfort. It has a preferred position over the initial two likewise. It has a palm rest, which helps in resting your hands while taking little breaks when composing protracted records.

The Logitech accompanies a manual light alteration that can be tuned to suit your requirement for lighting and to make it simple to find keys on the gadget. Its laser-carved keys empower you to type with less mistake, in this way expanding profitability. It is ultrathin in this manner, expanding versatility.

The console brings PerfectStroke, which makes composing simple, calm, and exact. Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, or Windows Vista, USB port, Laser-carved illuminated keys, Manual splendor change. We carefully planned Ultra-slender console profile, Logitech PerfectStroke essential framework, Soft-contact palm rest. Full-size design. It would be ideal if you note; the product is corded. It has a minimized and exquisite structure. Accompanies an agreeable delicate touch palm rest. Delicate keys for simple composing make this keyboard easy and delicate to use.

Budget-Friendly – Targus Wireless Bluetooth Standard Keyboard- Multi-Platform (AKB55TT)

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You can take the super-thin KB55 Multi-Platform Bluetooth Keyboard with you anyplace you go. It has made to travel, it’s more conservative than a standard console, and it’ll interface with your cell phone or PC on account of its Bluetooth 3.0 remote association. A simple way is to connect it and switch it on to use for your specific purpose, and it’s a go-to use. Its design, style, and size are compact, and you can fit it easily in your laptop case.

Its scissor-switch keys furnish a superior reaction with each press/swipe. Two AAA batteries are incorporated, and you’ll know when they should be changed out gratitude to the console’s battery life marker. When the console is associated, flip on the force on/off switch, and you’re prepared to type away. Multi-stage similarity works with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. Bluetooth 3.0 remote association with 33 feet go.

The overly thin and minimal structure is anything but challenging to welcome out and about. Scissor-switch keys are helpful for the superior composing reaction. The restricted guarantee doesn’t cover items bought from outside vendors. You can take this with you anywhere, as its Bluetooth feature will help you to do your work conveniently during traveling. You can have this multi perform wireless keyboard at a reasonable price.


Best for Multi-OS – FENIFOX Bluetooth Keyboard, Rechargeable Three System Switching

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Three System and Three Devices Switching Simply by Bluetooth interface. Its lavish and appealing plan suit all. This keyboard has got multi-systems and devices switching strength. After the first interface by Bluetooth, switching Multi-framework on one Bluetooth keyboard, you can switch it conveniently. You have to press Fn + Q Switch to IOS, press Fn + W Switch to Android, press Fn + E Switch to Windows.

More comfort, on the off chance that you need to utilize one console on Multi-gadget, with the various framework. This three-system switching keyboard is battery-powered and has the energy-saving capacity. The console has its capacity switch and consequently enter the rest mode after stop utilizes some time. It is the most secure and most stable lithium polymer battery, works more than a multi-month after a full charge, can charge more than a hundred times.

Its Bluetooth connection avoid link issue and USB port utilizing, Fn Lock mixed media switch configuration. Also, it lasts 12 capacity keys, minimal design for style coordinating. It can help you frequently in office diversion. It has designed for comfortable use, and care for the distraction customers face. You will not get tired, or your hand won’t get fatigued after using it for a while.

It comes with the broader compatibility, and your console intends for Windows, IOS, Mac, Android, Linux, XP, MacBook Vista, and numerous gadgets with Bluetooth work. The console work keys well with Mac iMac make it more exciting and easier to use.

High-End Choice – CORSAIR K95 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

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The CORSAIR PLATINUM XT Mechanical Gaming Keyboard inundates your work area in powerful RGB lighting with per-key enlightenment. Exactness shaped 104/105-key PBT double-shot keycap set, solid CHERRY MX RGB key switches, and an anodized aluminum outline offer unprecedented form quality.

Six devoted large scale keys build up favorable in-game position, with the additional advantage of Elgato Stream Deck programming coordination. A detachable padded leatherette palm rest offers rich solace, while devoted sight and sound keys. An aluminum volume roller and a USB go through port put advantageous control close enough.

Its incredible iCUE programming gives you authority over your lighting, macros, key remaps, and that’s just the beginning. It is displaying, 100% enemy of ghosting with N-key rollover and installed stockpiling, the K95 RGB PLATINUM XT lets you play with a full deck.

Per-key RGB backdrop illumination and a 19-zone LightEdge over the highest point of the console convey dynamic and lively lighting impacts with close boundless customization. Accuracy shaped 1. 5mm thick 104/105-key PBT double-shot keycap set opposes wear, blurring, and radiate through long periods of gaming.

Increase an in-game bit of leeway with six committed large-scale keys, completely programmable for complex macros, and key remaps, or swap to the included S-key keycaps and programmed uncommon spilling orders through Elgato Stream Deck programming. A detachable, delicate finished padded leatherette palm rest offers the rich solace, to get through long-distance race gaming meetings quickly.

Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard

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This thin designed lighted keyboard introduced by Logitech is widely accepted by the customers in the market. This keyboard features the adjustable backlight which can be tuned according to the user’s comfort. The keys of the keyboard are laser-etched which makes them soft and increases the typing speed with fewer errors. Logitech Illuminated Ultrathin Keyboard is compatible with Windows XP, 7, 8, 10 and is even compatible with Mac OS and Linux operating system. This lightweight keyboard is wireless and the connecting range of this keyboard is quite good. Logitech lighted keyboard also offers you a palm rest that can be used to rest your palms while typing or programming.

Arteck HB030B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard

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This versatile lighted keyboard is offered with 7 elegant colored LEDs that enable you to work regardless of the light level of the surroundings. This keyboard can even be connected with your smartphones, iPads, tablets, etc. via Bluetooth to type on them. Arteck HB030B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Backlit Keyboard features the option to adjust the backlight according to the comfort level and its lithium-ion battery offers a maximum working time with minimum charging. Moreover, this keyboard is offered with an international 1-year replaceable warranty by the manufacturers. The keys of this keyboard make quite less noise which adds to its sale all around the world.

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Design and features of a lighted keyboard

A lighted keyboard is similar to the traditional keyboard with QWERTY character system. The only exception in them is the backlit characters which light up due to the LED strips present in the keyboard. The keys of the modern lighted keyboards are often LASER etched to provide comfort while typing.

The gamers, programmers, typists, etc. prefer the lighted keyboards due to its ability to perform in any sort of light conditions and the soft keys which provide comfort and ease while typing, playing or developing the code. This stylish product is made up of strong and durable material which can sustain the shocks and falls. Usually, most of them are made up of high-quality ABS plastic which is known for its strength.

Some manufacturers are making the aluminum frame keyboards that are stronger than the plastic ones. Mostly the lighted keyboards are waterproof and are designed so that to prevent the dust to reach into the spaces between the keys affecting the keyboard’s performance.

The lighted keyboards offered in the market can be wired or wireless. The wired keyboards can be connected to the desktop through a wire in the USB slot. While the wireless keyboards are connected through a 2.4GHz wireless connection. The wireless ones can be powered by AA batteries or can be directly charged through a USB cable.

The wireless keyboards are usually preferred these days due to their ease of usage. You can sit back on your couch or beanbag and can enjoy playing the game or typing with comfort. Such lighted keyboards are also introduced in the markets in which you can change the background key colors. These gaming keyboards are specially designed for gamers who can set different colors for different attacking keys which can improve their gaming skills. Moreover, there are lighted keyboards with special keys for gamers to reduce their eye stress and increase their focus on the game.

Another feature of modern lighted keyboards is the option to adjust the light level. The user can automatically adjust the light level of the keyboard just like the brightness of the screen so that he might not get irritated due to bright background lights.


Things to Look For in a Lighted Keyboard

There are certain features of a lighted keyboard that can help you in the purchase decision. Below mentioned are some of them:


Some of the lighted keyboards are compatible with specific versions of Windows and don’t work with other versions of Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. The manufacturers are catering to this issue by introducing the keyboards which are compatible with most of the operating systems. But still, you should check the compatibility of the keyboard with your system’s configuration before buying one.

Connectivity options

The connectivity option is another aspect that can be decisive in making a purchase decision. There are two types of lighted keyboards that are present in the market i.e. the wired and the wireless ones. The wired ones are like the conventional keyboards which can be connected to your desktop through a USB cable wire. While the wireless ones can be connected through tiny unifying receivers. It depends on your ease of usage whether which one will you choose. If you want to relax on your couch while working, then the less messy wireless one is a great option. Otherwise, conventional wired ones are not too bad to use.

Price and features

There are many lighted keyboards which don’t offer the features as compared to their price tag. The modern keyboards are offered with great features in them including the multicolor LED lights, the specialized keys and the option to adjust the light brightness. Thus, do look for the keyboard which offers you maximum features in a given price bracket.


Concluding Remarks

So, lighted keyboards are taking over the conventional ones due to the outstanding features. Many lighted keyboards are available in the markets at an affordable price which is attracting a lot of customers towards itself.