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Lingoda Overview

Lingoda is a professional online language course platform. Currently, there are four available language courses – English, German, French, and Spanish. What makes Lingoda so successful is flexibility. Classes take place 24/7 and there are more than a thousand professional part-time teachers available. While taking physical classes can be frustrating and slow, with Lingoda you can take a class whenever you have time. Today, we are going to go through their website, their courses, and their services.


About Lingoda

Lingoda is the largest online language school. All lessons are live, virtual classrooms or in private sessions. All teachers are highly qualified native speakers in their respective languages.

Successfully passed courses grant you official certificates. All are certified by CEFR(Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and acknowledged worldwide.

While payments are done on monthly installments depending on the length of the course, new customers are granted a 7-day money-back guarantee.


Lingoda Website

While Lingoda may not have the most informative website, it is extremely user-friendly if you are already ready to start. As soon as you open the site, you already are given the choice between the four languages. No matter what you choose, the following page is practically the same for each language, the only difference being the language course you are going to begin.

From there, you can learn more from the different pages in the shortcut bars on top, or scroll down and read more about the courses and statistics by Lingoda.


Language courses

With over 30000 students who have successfully passed their courses, the Lingoda courses are an absolute success. If customer reviews and flashy headlines are not enough for you to try, Lingoda has an amazing offer. Anyone can try a lesson for free.

As soon as you click on the “Try a FREE Class” button, you are going to get transferred to a new window. There, you have to simply give your name and email address and on the following page answer a few basic questions. For example, you need to state your language level, how many classes per week you would like, and the reason you want to study.

As soon as you have answered all questions, you will be transferred to the next page where you can schedule your first free 1-hour lesson.

What differentiates Lingoda from its competitors, is the abundance of lessons for each language level. After all, there are available courses from A1 to C2 level. Usually, by advancing onto the higher tier levels, you will have fewer and fewer materials to study from. Lingoda has done a fantastic job in providing its students with enough work and materials to really help them learn.

As we already mentioned, classes take place 24/7. When you set your time zone, you will already see all classes according to your time.


How do lessons happen?

It is all up to you to schedule the lessons that you want. Conveniently, you will have a countdown section for your next lesson, so as long as you log in the website, you will not forget your class.

Lessons take place in a platform called Zoom. That is where the whole interaction with teachers happens. Depending on the membership you have chosen, you can either go in a private session or a group class. Group classes are usually not very crowded, which is a good thing. This way everyone who participates gets the chance to speak more. In some situations, you can end up alone even if you are not in a private session.

One of the greater aspects of lessons in Lingoda is the way they teach. From the start, you will almost entirely speak in the language you are learning. Of course, the teacher will always help you with vocabulary and everything you do not understand. However, it is extremely engaging and there is no way that you will not feel the progress after just a few lessons.

Each lesson, apart from the speaking part, has an accompanying PDF file. This means that you better have a PDF editing program on your computer because there will be a lot of things to fill and write. Every lesson and PDF have specified learning objectives. You will not waste your time on things you already know and you will always know exactly what you will cover during a lesson.


Memberships and prices

Lingoda offers three different 7-day group class packages with three lessons which then can be continued into different longer memberships, either group or private. It is up to you to choose which one you want. All three 7-day plans cost $23.99. Then, if you wish to continue the options are the following:

– Basic – 10 group classes for $109.
– Pro – 20 group classes for $199.
– Premium – 30 group classes for $259.

As for the private session packages, prices are a bit higher:

– Basic – 5 private classes for $139.
– Pro – 10 private classes for $259.
– Premium – 15 private classes for $379.


Final thoughts

Lingoda is an excellent interactive language platform for both beginners and intermediate students. Possibly, it could feel unnatural and inefficient to someone who has not paid for online services before. However, it is actually the opposite.

You get to interact with teachers that are native speakers. Furthermore, you receive all the exercises in front of you on your screen. Finally, you have the chance to practice speaking a lot more. This is due to the fact that groups are a lot smaller than in regular courses or you can even be in a private session.  Ideally, it is the same as a regular language school but you have the power to choose when you want to study.

Money-wise, the courses are extremely affordable. There is always room for improvement, especially in communication, but you definitely get enough in return for your money. You will not experience any negative emotions working with such amazing teachers. Lingoda offers a wide range of membership options.

Even if you feel like it is too expensive at first, Lingoda already has you covered. Not only can you try out a 1-hour lesson for free, but you also get a 7-day money-back guarantee after your first membership. This means that even if you pay for 3 or 5 lessons if you do not find them sufficient, you can get your money back.

Overall, Lingoda is an innovative and effective platform. They have made it possible for everyone in doubt to see and feel for themselves. If you are looking for a flexible online course, Lingoda is worth checking out.



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