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Top 5 Best LiPo Chargers

LiPo batteries are one of the most widely used battery type in the world with a wide range of applications. If you look around your house, I bet you can find many big or small appliances depending on these rechargeable energy bricks.

With so many uses of LiPo batteries, it is essential to get the best charger for it as it affects its overall performance and life. As there are many different types of liPo charger there are many factors to be considered when going out to buy one.


Best LiPo Chargers to Buy

Best for Budget – Tenergy TN 267 1-4 Cells Li-Po/Li-Fe Balance Charger

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Compact and friendly on your pocket, the Tenergy TN 267 is designed for those consumers who need an incredible product at the best price. The TN 267 has wide voltage capabilities which allows it to charge any LiPo, Li-ion, Life Po4 battery with much ease.

The simplistic design and operation of this LiPo charger mean that it is suitable from a very young age and children can use it to charge the batteries of their toys like RC cars and RC helicopters. To tell users the current state, there are a couple of LED lights on the top to show when the charger is powered on and when it is charging a battery. Since it is a minimalistic charger designed with budget in mind, there is no indicator of the time left or the percentage of the battery but those are auxiliary features commonly found in more expensive LiPo chargers.

The LiPo charger is designed according to international standards and comes with various safety features that make it a great choice for an environment with children. You can also be relieved when it comes to the overall build quality of the charger because it comes with a 12-month international warranty.

Editor’s Choice – SKYRC iMAX B6AC V2 AC/DC Dual Power Professional LiPo Battery Balance Charger

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The SKYRC balance charger is designed to save your battery and ensure its long life. The battery charger gives users the capability of controlling the voltage of each terminal and allows users to update the charger’s firmware quite easily by connecting it through the USB port and downloading the required updates from the manufacturer’s website for free.

Another useful feature of the iMax B6AC Balance Charger is its internal resistance meter. Most LiPo batteries stop working abruptly because people do not check their condition regularly. With the internal resistance meter of this battery charger, you can easily find out the health of your LiPo battery and predict how long it will last. The charger also supports fast charging so you can get more time with whatever device you are using on the battery.

Finally, the iMax Balance Charger comes with a battery meter that shows you the exact percentage of your battery. The small screen can show you the percentage in each cell so you may quickly see the voltage readings and set your charger accordingly.

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The Haisito 80W LiPo Charger is perhaps the most intuitive in this list. Not only does it support multiple battery types like LiPo, LiFe, Li-ion, and many more. For NiMH and NiCD batteries, the charger supports up to 15 cells while in the case of lithium batteries, the number of supporting cells can be up to 6.

The balance charger also has multiple charging and storage modes that play a part in enhancing the overall life of the battery pack. To refresh the entire battery, the Haisito Charger charges and discharges the battery multiple times in the cyclic mode. Similarly, the storage mode allows users to keep their battery refreshed for extended periods. The problem of disbalance in lithium batteries is quite common. To address it, this LiPo battery charger comes with an internal battery balancer as well.

To keep the users and their assets safe, manufacturers of the popular Haisito LiPo Battery Charger fill it with several protections. For example, the over-temperature protection in the Battery Charger cuts the power in case the temperature exceeds a certain threshold. Similarly, the charger also comes with various other protections like the reverse polarity protection, overcharge protection, over current protection, and short circuit protection.

Tenergy T 180 100W Balance Charger Discharger

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Designed for high voltage batteries, the Tenergy T 180 has a charging output of up to 10 amperes. This charger has a portable design but it is powerful enough to even charge large batteries and other batteries requiring high professional output.

The Tenergy T 180 Charger also features an efficient cooling module that protects it from overheating. The charger has a powerful internal fan that keeps the entire housing cool and protects both the attached battery and the charger itself. The charger also comes with several other state-of-the-art protection mechanisms like over-voltage, over current protection, short circuit, and reverse polarity protection.

The T 180 Balance Charger also comes with an intuitive touchscreen controller that displays all the necessary information at a glance and allows you to easily set up the charging sequence and select between different modes available. The screen also displays detailed information about the charger like the history curve and cell condition. The internal resistance setting can also gauge the overall condition of the battery and the condition of each cell so you can start balancing whenever required.

Venom Pro Duo LiPo Battery Charger

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The venom pro duo LiPo battery charger is a state-of-the-art product that comes with all the bells and whistles required. The charger has a dedicated 80W power supply that makes it one of the best products out there. In addition to that, the venom pro charger is also suitable for multiple battery types such as LiPo, Li-ion, LiHV, LiFe, and Pb. The charger can support multiple cell points and also has a nominal voltage range starting from 1.2v to 20V.

The design of the Venom Pro Battery Charger is quite futuristic and takes up a very small space. The entire housing weights only 3.5 pounds and has a separate handle for it to be easily carried. Similarly, the intuitive LCD screen of this charger can show a lot of integral information to the users with ease.

On the housing, there are 2 channel ports and 2 balancing ports that allow you to save time and not be hindered by long charging times. The manufacturers have complete trust over the quality of their products. That’s why it offers a 1 year complete replace/repair warranty. Additionally, after one year, you will receive a credit of 30% retail in case of any issues for the lifetime of this product.

HTRC LiPo Charger

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HTRC LiPo Charger is a dual charger that has the capability of charging two different batteries at the same time. This battery does this by using two channels. So, you should take caution not to charge two different batteries simultaneously using the same channel.

The AC input maximum power of HTRC LiPo Charger reads 150W and a voltage of between 100 to 240 volts. In the case of the direct current maximum power, it reads 240W and a voltage of between 11 to 18 volts.

For the charge current of this lipo charger, it reads between 0.1 and 10 amperes. Also, the discharge current reads between 0.1 and 2 amperes. However, you need to take caution not to use the direct current cable and alternate current power cable simultaneously when charging the battery.

Key Specs:

  • Package dimensions measure 8.9 inches by 7 inches by 3.2 inches
  • Item weight reads 2 pounds
  • Shipping weight reads 2 pounds


  • The lipo charger is worth the cost
  • Easy to use this lipo charger
  • It features fantastic and high-quality buttons
  • It features a pack of various plugs and wires
  • It supports many functions


  • Cables are of poor quality

Tenergy TB6-B Balance LiPo Charger

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Tenergy TB6-B Balance LiPo Charger is another excellent LiPo charger that will work great with your various battery pack types. It works excellent with SLA battery pack, NiCd battery pack, Li-ion battery pack, NiMH battery pack, and LiFePO4 battery pack.

Also, Tenergy TB6-B Balance LiPo Charger is the perfect option because it comes with bonus accessories. These accessories include Deans’ connectors, which work excellent with most of the charging connectors. Other crucial accessories include EC3, multi-charging harness, HiTec, Tamiya, JST, and mini-Tamiya. A power supply is another fantastic accessory included in this package.

Other than this, Tenergy TB6-B Balance LiPo Charger is an excellent choice because of its broad voltage compatibility. You can use it on the NiMH or NiCd that requires a voltage of between 1.2 volts to 18 volts. Here, you can use it together with the most common options, such as 6 volts, 7.2 volts, 9.6 volts, and 12 volts. Also, you can use it on LiPO or Li-on that requires a voltage of between 3.7 volts and 22.2 volts. Other voltages capabilities, in this case, include 11.1 volts, and 14.8 volts.

Key Specs:

  • Product dimensions measure 5.1 inches by 3.4 inches by 1.3 inches
  • Item weight reads 1.81 pounds
  • Shipping weight reads 1.8 pounds


  • Intuitive interface
  • Easy to use
  • Cables included


  • Does feature the simple voltmeter function


Keenstone Lipo Battery Charger

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Keenstone Lipo Battery Charger features alligator clips, Tamiya connector, exposed wire, Deans, standard Tamiya, and XT60. All these are crucial since they make it easy to charge or discharge your battery by using a suitable connector.

Also, Keenstone Lipo Battery Charger is an excellent option because it supports seven different types of batteries. These include LiHv battery, PB battery, Li-ion battery, LiFe battery, NiCd battery, and NiMH battery. Thus, this is the best lipo battery charger since it satisfies everyone’s needs for choice.

Other than this, Keenstone Lipo Battery Charger can charge a battery up to the limit of between 0.1 and 10 amperes. Also, it can unload a battery up to the limit of between 0.1 and 5 amperes.

The smart charger is another reason why Keenstone Lipo Battery Charger remains to be the most preferred. With this lipo charger, you will have an easy time of memorizing up to ten data of your battery. It allows you to choose a specific time for charge or discharge and more.

Key Specs:

  • Product dimensions measure 8.2 inches by 7.2 inches by 2.8 inches
  • Item weight reads 1.75 pounds
  • Shipping weight reads 1.75 pounds


  • Versatile charger
  • Ease to use
  • Small and compact


  • Not the best for all batteries

EYESKY iMax B6 80W 6A

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EYESKY iMax B6 80W 6A is a top-rated lipo charger that features a high-performance microprocessor. It is capable of charging and discharging many batteries. These include LiPo or Li-ion batteries, which require between 3.7 volts and 22.2 volts, NiMH or NiCD batteries, which require between 1.2 volts and 18 volts, SLA batteries, which require between 2 volts and 20 volts, and LiFePO4 batteries which require between 3.2 volts and 19.2 volts.

Also, EYESKY iMax B6 80W 6A is the perfect option because it supports several practical functions. It is an independent Battery Balancer that is capable of monitoring and balancing each battery cell.

Other than this, this lipo charger features a charging and discharging function, load and data storage function, and storage and fast charging function.

Lipo charger is safe to use, it is made while keeping different protections systems in mind. Superior chips of high quality are being used in it to prevent any overcharge, circuit or current problems.

EYESKY iMax B6 80W 6A is the right choice if you want a lipo charger that is easy to use. You only need to follow simple instructions, and you’re done.

Key Specs:

  • Product dimensions measure 8.3 inches by 6.7 inches by 2.3 inches
  • Item weight reads 1.9 pounds
  • Shipping weight reads 1.9 pounds


  • Easy to use
  • Many practical functions
  • Well-built


  • Does not come with xt60 connectors

Skytoy ST-B6AC Lipo Charger

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The bonus accessories are one reason why you will wish to buy the Skytoy ST-B6AC Lipo Charger. A power supply is one of the crucial accessories that this lipo charger comes with. Other vital bonus accessories include Deans’ connectors, multi-charging harness, EC3, mini-Tamiya, JST, Tamiya, and HiTec.

Also, Skytoy ST-B6AC Lipo Charger is the perfect option because of its multifunction mode. This feature is the reason why this lipo charger is referred to be more than a standard balance charger. It comes with top-notch features such as cyclic type of discharging and charging, LiPo balancing, Li-ion balancing, data storage, fast charging, and many more.

Other than this, Skytoy ST-B6AC Lipo Charger works excellently with any battery pack. Examples of these battery packs include SLA battery pack, NiCd battery pack, LiFePO4 battery pack, NiMH battery pack, and LiPO battery pack.

Finally, Skytoy ST-B6AC Lipo Charger supports more extensive voltage compatibility. You can use it on NiMH or NiCd with a voltage range of between 3.7 volts and 22.2 volts. Here, the most common options include 6 volts, 7.2 volts, 9.6 volts, and 12 volts.

Key Specs:

  • Product dimensions measure 8.2 inches by 6.8 inches by 2 inches
  • Item weight reads 1.64 pounds
  • Shipping weight reads 1.64 pounds


  • Features a lot of adapters for several battery types
  • Fast charger mode
  • It is worth the cost


  • Volatile when not properly charged

Other Notable LiPo Chargers to Consider

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Choosing the best LiPo Charger

LiPo batteries are becoming quite popular due to their easy manufacturing and the possibility to shape them as needed. They are lightweight with higher capacity making your appliances run longer and have a higher discharging rate. As the use of each depends on the appliance, different types of chargers exist.

These main factors and some other specifications to the chargers themselves are what makes each of them different and we hope that by using this guide you will be able to find the best one for yourself.

Things to Consider

Type of charger

The first thing you should know is that there are two types of LiPo chargers, programmable and non-programmable. The non-programmable charger can be described as plug and play chargers, there are standard input and output and all you have to do is plug them up, attach the battery and then it will do the rest. These are the most affordable option available but they might be slow and no choice when it comes to changing the settings.

Programmable chargers are becoming quite common nowadays due to the fact that they offer you the choice of changing a whole bunch of parameters such as charging current, charging period, timers, type of batteries, the option between fast charging and normal charging. They have other nifty features such as temperature sensors, battery health meter and incase of overcharging which of course can not only damage the battery and the appliance but also can be quite dangerous; some programmable chargers can discharge them too.

Cell Count Support

As LiPo batteries usually come with separate rechargeable cells, depending on the type of LiPo you got, based on the number of cells it has, it is best to choose a charger with at least equal or best if a number of cell count support. Of course, this does indeed kicks up the price tag but it is better to buy one with enough cell support for all the LiPo’s you might have lying around instead of needing an upgrade just because of this.

Current rating

This is quite an important thing to be considered because a wrong current rating might damage the battery and in worst case cause a nasty explosion, so if blowing up is something you want to avoid then better consider buying a charger with the standard recommended 1C current rating and for batteries that don’t have an issue with fast charging, 2C current rated fast chargers will be good enough.

Charger Power Output

It would be wrong to think that this is the same as the current rating, actually, this is the power given by the charger to the battery, it’s a multiple of the current rating and the voltage. This is something which will be in basic terms affecting the time it takes to charge the battery, of course, this doesn’t mean to get the highest rated one, that might work for a while but for the sake of your battery, it is better to check the reading on your battery and then get a charger with the appropriate power rating. It is also important to note that a higher power output charger can cost you a bit extra. There are also some LiPo batteries with parallel cells rather than series, these parallel cell LiPo will require more Power output.

Charging Modes

There are four major modes available on LiPo chargers. Depending on your use, you can choose chargers based on the modes they have.

  • Balance Charge: It’s the standard, basic charging mode each cell is monitored during charging so that all the cells are equally or by definition their charging is balanced.
  • Discharge: It basically drains out the battery for safety reasons.
  • Storage Charge: If time is on your side, then this is the most preferred mode to be used as it charges the battery at a low standard 3.8V making it last longer which is preferred for long-term storage.
  • Fast Charging: In case time is not on your side, then this is quite a useful feature but as there is no such thing as monitoring individual cells, instead the overall charge is considered, it might be dangerous.

Multiple Channels

What if you have more than one LiPo? are they supposed to wait for their turn? Well fear not, there are a lot of LiPo chargers with multiple channels capable of charging more than one battery at the same time. In case you have more than one battery this is something quite useful and important to consider while buying a charger.


There are some extra features that you can find in some of the chargers out there. LCD displays showing battery level and health might be something you might find quite useful. Temperature sensors are also a useful safety feature which is sometimes coupled with a buzzer or warning light.

On a final note, LiPo batteries are everywhere and so their chargers are quite necessary to benefit from their recharging ability and we hope this guide can help you out when you need to choose one for yourself.

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