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Tea Zone Offering high-quality bubble tea and beverage ingredients, Tea Zone products include tea leaves, boba (tapioca), popping pearls, jellies, syrups, powders, snow fluff, and mini mochi.
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Have you ever been in need of affordable and quality food service? If so, you are in the right place and at the right time. Finding what suits your needs the most is often hard, that’s why we are here for you to help you find what you are looking for when it comes to the food services. Quality is what matters the most and it is hard to find something that has both good quality and affordable prices. That is why we think that is the right thing for you. Let me explain more about what they have to offer to you.


What is all about?

Lollicup store takes pride in providing you with the best quality food service there is. Not only have they offered you great quality, but also a food service at an unbeatable price. Yes, that is right – you will pay much less, for much more quality. All of us have unique needs when it comes to the food, that is why lollicup store exists, to provide you with the best quality service and not only meet your expectations but also exceed them. Their main goal is to provide businesses with an exceptional product that will suit that business needs.

Lollicup store will give you all you have ever dreamed of having and also make your pleasure their top priority. They were founded in 2000th with their first opened shop in San Gabriel, California. Two men joined their forces in order to bring you the best quality food service. Nowadays, they are leaders in the industry providing you with premium beverages and food products.

Not only are they the leaders in the industry, but they also have 4 other companies which are Karat®, Karat Earth®, Tea Zone®, and Total Clean™. They all take pride in providing you with their innovative products. They offer their services to both small and large businesses across the United States.



Karat® offers you a wide variety of choices when it comes to high quality and cost-effective disposable food and beverages. When it comes to the turnaround, they are one of the fastest in the industry. Some of their most popular products are cold cups and lids. Their color is translucent and very durable. Also, they are really light-weight and recyclable.

There are lids and cups in various shapes and sizes and there is certainly something for everyone. Not only they have polypro cold cups and lids, but also, pet cold cups and lids, paper hot cups and lids, stirrers and straws, cup accessories, pet deli containers and lids, PP microwavable take-out boxes and lids, PP rib containers, pet salad bowls and lids, paper food containers and lids and many more. There is plenty of choice on their website. You will for sure find something that is just perfect for your business.


Karat Earth®

If you care about the Earth, then Karat Earth must be a dream come true for you. With plastic from renewable sources, you will certainly make this planet a better place to live in. Those lids and cups are also durable and shatterproof. What is also great is that custom printing is available for those. Their eco-friendly paper hot cups and lids are just perfect for your coffee or tea. They are also available in various sizes and you will certainly find what suits you the most.

If you wish to keep your drink cold then eco-friendly paper cold cups and lids are a perfect match for you. They are also made from renewable sources and are durable and shatterproof. They also offer you straws, stirrers, and many more. Everything from their products can be custom printed to suit your business in the best way possible.


Total Clean™

If you are wondering what are the best cleaning chemicals then I must inform you that you have found the right ones. If you want to keep your business clean, then you should definitely try out Total Clean’s products since they are the leaders in the industry and have been proven to have products that will remove even the most persistent and toughest stains. The products that they offer are degreaser, oven and grill cleaner, glass cleaner, and more.


Tea Zone®

If you require high-quality beverages then you have most certainly heard of Tea Zone. They provide you with the best quality beverages and your business won’t suffer from lack of good quality drinks. Since tea is a widely consumed drink, Tea Zone has made some really great tea which will for sure exceed your expectations. Their aroma is just amazing. Currently, they have black (red) tea, black tea vintage blend, green tea, golden milk tea, oolong tea, premium jasmine green tea, and Thai tea when it comes to the loose-leaf.

When it comes to the gallon size tea bags they offer you Assam black tea, osmanthus oolong tea, roasted oolong tea, and white peach green tea. They take pride in making syrups which have the most quality fruit ingredients. You can make various products with their syrup such as smoothies, slushes, juices, flavored teas and many more. Not only they offer great tea and syrups but also flavored powders so you can sweeten your life. Whatever comes to your mind, you can use their powders to sweeten it.

Tea Zone also has to offer you fruit concentrates which are made from real fruit, of course. They also have canned toppings, mini mochi, boba (tapioca pearls), jellies, popping pearls, sweeteners, spices and seasonings and much more.


Is easy to navigate?

Not only is their website extremely easy to navigate, but it is also mobile-friendly so you can order whenever you like, wherever you are. You can type in search box whatever comes to your mind and you will find the matched product. There are filters so you can find exactly what you are looking for and shop easily. Also, the website is divided into categories so shopping has never been easier.



If your business is in need of some custom made, green and high-quality food services and beverages then is a website where you will find exactly what you are looking for. We are sure they look forward to your ideas for custom printing and we are happy to help you to reach them. Just visit their website and enjoy some high-quality food services which will upgrade your business.

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