magix review

Magix Review

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Finding the best multimedia software to use can often be really hard. There are a lot of things which you should pay attention to, such as if the software is user-friendly, how well it works, does it suit your current needs and much more. That software is also not that cheap, so it is really important to know what you are looking for before buying it, to not get disappointed. But what if I told you that there is software which will suit all of your needs, at an unbeatable price? With this thought on your mind, I present to you, a website that will open your eyes to the multimedia software industry.


What is all about is a website where you can buy multimedia software and much more. They were founded in 1993 and are currently located in Berlin. Since then they have provided their users with multimedia software, which is user-friendly, online mobile and cloud services and lots of digital content. They have more offices in Germany, and over 350 employees worldwide. When it comes to their main goal, they take pride in providing you with the solutions for the creation, design, presentation and archiving of digital photos, graphics, websites, videos, and music. If you are not professional in these fields, don’t worry because they offer their service to both professionals and amateurs.

They also take pride in exceeding your expectations when it comes to quality and is there for their customers. They have more than fifteen million registered users and have been awarded more than 1100 times world wide. Their expertise is software development and not only can you buy more software from them, but also combine them and make the most out of it by easily using more software for the same project. However, they also offer you different resources that come together with their software such as DVDs, books and video tutorials, so you can make the most out of it and learn how to use their software properly.


What does offer?


When it comes to the video, they offer you various software. Video editing can be stressful, especially when you don’t have the right program for it. But not anymore! With what has to offer, your video editing experience will never be easier and more enjoyable. They offer you movie edit pro which is both for amateurs in video editing and professionals. This is considered to be one of the best video editing software there is. It is really easy to learn and the results are amazing.

Customers are really satisfied with this product and they often recommend it to their colleagues. What is great about it is that you can have a trial version completely free of charge. also has video pro x, a software that was designed for real professionals. What it has to offer? Well, besides 6k resolution, advanced color grading, and video sound optimization, it also offers you enhanced productivity and creativity. However, if you are not sure what to buy or where to start, you can always read some of their blog posts and guides which will help you to better understand some of the most fascinating problems when it comes to video editing.


Speaking about music, they also have some amazing software for it. Whether you are a professional or a beginner, you will certainly find something for yourself. When it comes to the amateurs, there is a perfect software called Music Maker, which will make you gain more interest in music production. When buying it, you will get 425 free sounds and loops and much more. So if you are dreaming about being on top of the charts with your music, don’t worry, Magix has got you covered.

Music production has never been easier now that you have this software. They also offer their software to professional musicians and producers and this software is called the ACID family. It has the ability to connect it with MIDI playable chopper and play ACID like an instrument. It has lots of effects, loops, instruments, and pro-level features. The third software is Samplitude Music Studio and is both for beginners and professionals in the field of music production. In this software, you can compose, master, record, and mix.

If you have some idea on your mind Samplitude Music Studio will make it become a reality. Firstly, you should record instruments or vocals, then add more melodies to it and in the end, do some mixing and mastering to spice it up. This software offers you a wide variety of choices when it comes to the instruments, there are tiny percussions, drums, brass instruments and many more. offers you two more software called Samplitude Pro X and Sound Forge Family.

Samplitude Pro X is an advanced version of Samplitude Music Studio and is exclusively for professional music producers. It offers you high-quality recording, mixing and mastering. It has some special plug-ins for mastering and you will certainly have your needs met with this software. Sound Forge Family is a perfect combination of USA pioneering spirit and German precision. Processing is extremely fast and audio quality is completely clear.

Photo and Design offers you a wide variety of choices when it comes to photo editing software. They cover all of the important aspects of photo editing such as importing, editing, presentation, and graphic design. All of the software on their website offer you 30 days free trial for new users. Let me tell you more about their products. They have Xara Designer Pro X which is software for professionals. It is a perfect combination of web design, image editing, graphic design, and illustration. They also have Memories Manager and it is a fun way to edit your images and videos. With Photo Manager Deluxe you can easily archive your memories and maximize both your photo and video collection.


Items currently on sale

Bunch of products is currently on sale, so hurry up and visit their website so you don’t miss anything. Some of the products that are on sale are Samplitude Pro X 365, which you can get for 11.99$ now, and before it was 14.99$. Sound Forge Audio Studio 365 is an amazing sale where you can get it for only 0.34$ a month, and before it was 4.99$. Some of their best selling products are Magix Movie Edit Pro Plus, Music Maker 2020 Premium Edition, Magix Photostory Deluxe which are on 30$, 50$ and 20$ discount which is more than 50%!


Final word

If not now, then when is your best chance to buy some amazing software at an unbeatable price? offers you now great discounts where you can save lots of money. Whether it is video editing, music production or photo editing, they have got you covered. Not only are their products amazing, and will make your dreams come true, but also they are on big sale now. So we suggest that you do not waste any more time and get some of their products because we are sure you will not regret it.

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