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Top 5 Best Magnetic Screen Doors

Keeping your home bug – free is a headache, especially for homes where pets have to be taken out of the house regularly. Make one mistake and your evening will be spent spraying all around the house. Magnetic screen doors are the ultimate answer to your woes. Not only do they keep bugs out of the home, even if pets go in and out all the time, they also allow fresh air to come and keep the house ventilated. A top-rated Magnetic screen door will last years and will blend perfectly in your home.


Best Magnetic Screen Doors to Buy

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Main Features to Look Out for in Magnetic Screen Doors

Unlike traditional screen doors, magnetic screen doors are not universal. They all are built to different standards and you have to be careful while buying one, otherwise, your money will be wasted. Following are some things you must consider first when buying a magnetic screen door.


If you are not a technical person and hate going through tedious setup procedures, be sure to check out the installation guide before buying a magnetic screen. The top-rated magnetic screens are extremely simple to install and for some brands, you don’t even need tools.


There is no use buying a new magnetic screen door every year when you can purchase something that can last for years. Be sure to check out the review of the products you are choosing for your home.


There are thousands of options available in the market and it’s only natural that some of them will operate differently. The number and position of magnets play an extremely important role in how the screen door will operate. The best magnetic doors have the magnets positioned inside the edges, which ensures that the screen closes immediately after someone passes through.


The magnets on the edges are super attractive and may close swiftly. This is fine for adults but may pose a problem for children and pets. There are options in the market that come with a padded layer or with the ability to close slowly.


Most people don’t want to spend money on a rag hanging in their living room. Luckily they don’t need to, as modern screen doors are designed while taking aesthetics into consideration. There are thousands of stylish designs and colors available in the market. Be sure to get the most stylish magnetic door that will look good in your home.


No matter how clean your place is, the screen door is bound to get dirty and may need to be taken down for cleaning. The latest options available in the market are washable and can be easily reattached.

Your own door

If you have a metal door, do not buy this product because the metals in the screen will always cling to your door and cause inconvenience. Be sure to check this important thing out before wasting your money.

Screen size

Magnetic screen doors come in various sizes and it’s important to select the correct size for your door. It the screen is too large or small, there might be holes left and the screen may become misaligned. You can always measure the exact size of your door and make sure that the screen you are selecting fits perfectly.


Some Top-Rated Magnetic Screen-Doors

There are thousands of choices available in the market. Be sure to take all the factors into consideration before buying the product. We have compiled a list of some of the top rated choices across different websites.

Flux Phenom Magnetic Screen Door

The Flux Phenom Screen is a very good option for someone needing a bug free house with fresh air and convenience for pets. The screen is extremely easy to install and is a perfect fit for doors up to the width of 38”.


  1. Great quality
  2. Perfect and quiet operation
  3. Lifetime warranty


  1. Not that durable
  2. Complaints of Velcro coming off


Hommit Magnetic Screen Door

This is an amazing product at a very reasonable discount. The screen comes with powerful magnets that close down with a snap and weights on the bottom to ensure that the screen remains straight.


  1. Refined Mesh
  2. Stylish Design
  3. Powerful Magnets
  4. Weight on the bottom


  1. Velcro comes off regularly
  2. Too dark stops all the sunlight


IGotTech Magnetic Screen Door

IGotTech Magnetic Screens enjoys the most favorable reviews from the customer all over the internet. The product features an extremely refined mesh along with 26 powerful magnets that enhance that operation of the door. The price is also quite reasonable and the design is pleasant.


  1. High-quality mesh
  2. Easy to install
  3. Strong Velcro grip


  1. Not Durable


Lux Screens

Lux Screens are perhaps the best magnetic screens in this list. They boast an extremely refined mesh along with powerful super magnets. The screen is specially designed for pets as it allows them to effortlessly go through it. The installation procedure only takes a very small time and the lining design can blend with any room.


  1. Solid construction
  2. Easy to install
  3. High-quality mesh
  4. Reasonably priced


  1. Not known


Final Thoughts

The list above is only some of the products available in the market that may be good enough for you. There are tons of other options available in the market, all you need to do is make an informed decision and enjoy a bug-free

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