The Ultimate Magnifier Engine Review

What if I told you that there is a small device that is so easy to put together that your grandmother could do it, but it would replace your home’s existing electrical needs? Would you think I was joking? This Magnifier Engine Review will hopefully change your mind.


 What is the Magnifier Engine?

Well a Magnifier Engine is a device that does all the above, and it is powering over 66,000 homes in the US today, not such a significant number by comparison but this small device which is powered mostly by solar energy and fits in the trunk of most cars produces constant electricity that can power most homes or mobile units like RV’s and Trailer homes.




 Who created the Magnifier Engine?

This great device by Darren Holman a 62 years old man from Cleveland, Ohio. Now Darren is no electrical engineer; in fact, he does not profess to have any background in engineering at all. Moreover, the Magnifier Engine sources parts that you could find in any hardware store.

The idea of the Magnifier Engine came from a Ferris wheel toy the size of a baseball that he saw in a mall one day, and the wheel was spinning, and it was using just one piston. To his amazement, it did not have any power source, and to add to his shock, the store employee who was showing it to an amazed crowd later told him that what was powering the toy was the palm of his hand. The hand’s heat was powering the wheel, and that’s what made it spin and spin.

His Eureka moment had arrived.


What are the Features of the Magnifier Engine?

The handy electricity-producing engine comes with some nifty features that will save you over 90% of your current electricity bill. You will receive all these materials and knowledge to savings within three weeks of using the Magnifier Engine.

Complete List of Materials

First, you will receive a complete list of the needed materials that can be found in any hardware store, and don’t worry these are not materials that will cost thousands of dollars, just a few hundreds.

Complete List of instructions

The next thing that you will receive is the complete lists of instructions on how to put it together. As we stated earlier, Darren swears that anyone with rudimentary knowledge can put the engine together; you do not need engineering knowledge or electrical education.

Video Instruction

On top of the instructions and parts list, all you have to do is get the correct parts and follow his instructions on how to assemble it, including the videos provided. These video instructions also walk you step by step on how to assemble the Magnifier Engine.


You will also learn how to assemble a timer and how to automatically switch from one power source to the next when necessary to avoid any interruptions to your power supply.


The Magnifier is an Engine that uses alternative energy sources to electricity, and it does this using a parabolic mirror, a heating chamber, and a piston. And while this is a unique idea, other alternative sources can create the same effects with different materials and processes, and we will talk about some of those here.

 The Stirling engine

This is a heat engine that was first created by Robert Stirling in 1816 and has been improved upon since then. Stirling is considered the grandfather of hot air engines, and his machines used cyclic compressions and expanding hot air or other gases to convert heat energy to mechanical and run devices.

Today the Stirling Engine is used in the dish version of (CSPS) Concentrated Solar Power systems.

A dish that has been mirrored and which looks like a giant satellite dish will direct sunlight that has been concentrated onto a thermal receiver. This receiver then absorbs and gathers the resulting heat and pushes it into the Stirling engine using a fluid conductor. The engine, in turn, powers a generator or alternator to make electricity.

 Single-piston Engines

The Stirling engine is a complicated machine, so for those looking for alternative energy sources, they might look into single piston engines like the Magnifier, which has a unique piston feature. These individual piston alternatives prevent the high-temperature sealing of the piston problem that is prevalent in the Stirling Engines.

Also, it uses a displacer volume that eliminates the loss of heat from the gas circuit. Moreover, this system is typically maintenance-free because it has no piston rings or other components that require lubrication. After all, they rub together. The only seal in the single piston engine does not contact any other part and thus, it has no wear and minimizes leakage, usually a part of the wear.

Finally, balancing the engine is a lot easier since it has fewer moving parts than the Stirling, making it a hassle-free alternative.


Our Thoughts On The Magnifier Engine

For the most part, the product works as advertised, it took us less than four hours to put the kit together, and I would say it is very beginner-friendly.

I had my sons help me since I wanted to make it a fun project, they are 13 years old twins, and they had no problem following the instructions along and were excited to help me assemble it.

In the first month, we were able to save about 75% of our monthly electricity bill, and I was sold. I haven’t removed it since we installed it a few weeks ago. The second month of use was also equally good even though it was slightly lower at 74%, but let’s be honest, I would accept even a 25% reduction in my electrical bill.

What We Liked

  • We saved a bunch on our electrical bill – As I stated above, we were able to save 75% on the bill the first month and 74% the second month which on a tight budget is real money that we can use for other things around the house.
  • The kit was very quick to assemble. The video instructions were spot on – To those who are worried about assembling something themselves, imagine that my kids who are 13 were able to follow the instructions and did some of the work themselves. I am no electrical engineer either, but I could complete the assembly in a few hours.
  • Safety – The Magnifier Engine is safe to use at home and will help you manage any sudden power outages and other fluctuations in power at your home. It also shows you how to disconnect it from the natural gas when the sunsets.
  • It is cheap to assemble – New materials will cost you about $100-$200 dollars, which is on the high end. Still, if you can be resourceful, you might find that you already have the replacement parts in your garage, or you can even source used parts just as long as you make sure that they are working before doing the assembly.
  • Zero Maintenance – The great thing about the engine is the fact that it does not require any maintenance. It is a set and leave kind of device, so you won’t ever have to worry about any wear and tear or leakage from the device. So it is essentially a set it and leave it engine that works well from the beginning and keeps the savings going.
  • Online Support – Darren promises that you will have unlimited online and email support in case you have any questions or concerns. We didn’t call during assembly, but I wanted to try this out and sent out both emails and tried the online support. He even offers his personal email, which was cool, and he answered our emails swiftly, and his team was accommodating.
  • Full Refund – Darren also offers 60 days satisfaction guaranteed full refund no questions asked for anyone who is not satisfied that his Magnifier Engine will save them money on their electrical bill.

What We Didn’t Like

  • It is not available at the local home depot – This product is only available online which means, that you can’t use it right away, you will have to purchase it and then wait for it in the mail to arrive.
  • And because it is only available online, its customer service is also through that medium in the form of emails. Yes, Darren will answer all your questions and concerns promptly online or via email, but when something actually happens, and your internet goes down, you will be substantially cut off from that help.


 Magnifier Engine Review – Our Conclusion

When I set out to do this Magnifier Engine Review, I was skeptical. I had heard of the alternative forms of energy like any other American, but I am not what you would call an alternative guy. For the most part, I knew that there was no way I could afford to use a solar panel. (I was researching this for a family am sponsoring in Africa)

Moreover, I always thought that the only way I would save money on my electric bill would be to wait for deregulation and shop around for different suppliers.

Consider me sold because from the moment I received the Magnifier Engine to this day, and I have been delighted with it, more than I thought I would be. For those thinking it’s a hoax because the site does not offer any specific details about it and it seems that they want you to buy it first before giving this info out.

Then all I can offer is my experience, and you can make your own decision. What I can say is that this is a low-risk high reward experience. For the price of the device and parts, it can pay for itself within a month or two of using it. If it doesn’t do that, you can get a full refund of t he money you spent.

This is essentially a win-win situation, isn’t it?



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