Best Massager for Hands

Best hand massagers

For hundreds of years, people have spent the right amount of their time getting and giving massages. Before modern medicine was invented, things like yoga, herbal complexes, massages, and acupuncture were used for curing illness.

As science progressed, people started taking synthetic medicines and forgot about the natural ways to cure. But, after hundreds of researches, doctors have now concluded that outdated natural methods have more health benefits. Which is the reason why many health specialists have been recommending them to their patients? One of these methods is hand massaging, and if you want to be familiarized with the potential benefits of it, then keep reading.


Best Massager for Hands

Best for Budget – Comfier Wireless Hand Massager with Heat

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Have your hands gone numb from typing on a keyboard all day? If so, then this hand massager is precisely what you need! Coming at a reasonable price, the wireless gadget focuses not only on providing your hand with the best massage but also on portability. You can use this device at home, during traveling, and even in the office as it has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Having been designed to provide the ideal air pressure and compressed hot air on your fingers and knuckles, this hand massager relieves carpal tunnel syndrome and eases any pain of your hand.

The hand massager comes with a built-in air pressure that deflates and inflates from all sides as well as three pressure modes that can massage your hands from the wrist to the tips of your fingers. Additionally, it even has three intensity levels for further personalization. Comfier’s Hand Massager can also provide you with relaxing heat therapy. As it comes with heat compression, the device can prevent dryness and stimulate blood circulation to enhance your experience further. Finally, Comfier’s Hand Massager even has 30 days full refund warranty!

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Comfortable and efficient, Lunix Hand Massager comes packed with everything you need to have an unrivaled experience. Based on the principles of acupuncture, the device applies pressure to your hand – from your wrist to your fingers –to help relax and ease the pain. Best of all, the intensity of the massager is entirely adjustable to give you maximum control. This, along with six different levels of heat, vibration setting, and more, the hand massager can easily emulate the feeling of receiving a real hand massage!

If you have arthritis or suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, then this is the ideal device for you as it comes designed with the capability to relax the sore muscles of your hand by improving your blood circulation and stimulating your acupoints. Lunix Hand Massager has a sleek, elegant design and a long-lasting rechargeable, letting you use the hand massager at home, work, or during travel without any worry about wires or cords. The device also comes included with a finger massager that is an easy and relaxing way to soothe your fingers. Lunix Hand Massager comes with a lifetime warranty! If you are unsatisfied in any way, you’ll easily get a full refund! So, what are you waiting for?

Editor’s Choice – Breo WOWOS Hand Massager

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Does your work require you to spend long hours typing away at a keyboard, causing immense pain in your hands? Or are you or someone you love suffering from arthritis? If so, then Breo Hand Massager is exactly what you need! Based on the Acupoint Massage theory, the device combines air pressure and heat compression to relieve pain and numbness of any kind. By improving blood circulation, this hand massager can greatly soothe pain in your hands. It comes with a soft, comfortable design and luxurious look and five independent airbags that work on your nails, fingers, and palm that gives you more accurate positioning as well as a more dynamic experience.

Breo Hand Massager is specially designed for women. Breo Hand Massager allows you to fully customize your experience with the help of its app. With it, you can control almost every aspect of the device to personalize it further, such as selecting different intensities and change settings according to your right or left hand. Moreover, you can even customize massage areas in the app!

Purology LX Hand Massager

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If having hand pain, finger arthritis, or carpal tunnel syndrome make going through your daily routine more difficult, then Purology Hand Massager is the ideal device for you. Based on the science of reflexology, the massager is designed to increase blood circulation and reduce pain by applying air compression to the pressure points along your wrists, palm, and fingers. This, along with the included hand therapy balls, makes it a complete solution for your pain. The device is made to be as versatile as possible, as it has a wide range of hand pressure options for you to choose from along with an added emphasis on low-pressure settings for you to start with. It even has a soft cloth liner to make your experience even more comfortable.

With its heat function, the device gradually warms your hand, helping you deal with numbness and further improving blood circulation by letting your hand adjust to the warming process. Purology Hand Massager comes integrated who a rechargeable, long-lasting battery and is extremely portable with its wireless and cordless design.

HoMove Hand Roller Massager

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Arthritis, Hand pain, and finger numbness are extremely bothersome and can drastically reduce the quality of life. HoMove Hand Roller Massager is exactly the solution you need if you suffer from any of the mentioned problems. This device is designed to reduce pain and to improve your grip strength by improving blood circulation to the damaged tissues. HoMove Hand Massager comes with two-finger massager rollers and one finger upholding roller that utilizes warm air compressing technology to give your hand better relief. The device even comes with three adjustable settings of intensity to give your hand proper massage coverage.

HoMove Hand Massager has a built-in system of air pressure inflation along with five groups of airbags and three sets of air valves that help the device to give you a fully relaxing massage experience. This Hand Massager follows the techniques of Chinese acupuncture as well as heat therapy by giving you the additional option of increasing the temperature as you take your massage. Through this, the device can soothe muscles and reduce hand fatigue. It even comes with several modes, such as an integrated model that focuses on your whole hand or the finger mode, where the device puts special emphasis to relieve pain in your fingers.

More Effective Hand Massagers to Consider

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Benefits of Using a Hand Massager

The health benefits of a good full body massage have been documented over and over again. While hand massage has been undermined repeatedly because it has been considered less effective. On the contrary, a hand massage is equally beneficial for physical and mental health. The following are the few reasons why you would get a hand massage.

  • People who work on the laptop all day can not only get eye strain, but they also suffer from cramped hands. A hand massage is beneficial in regulating the blood circulation in hands and reducing the pain.
  • Many experts suggest hand massages because research shows that it can improve sleep. A hand massage will not treat your insomnia, but it sure will help you get a peaceful sleep.
  • As people get old, they lose strength, and their grip also weakens. Regular massages on hand can strengthen the muscles and improve the grip.
  • Just like a full body massage improves the mood and induces relaxation, a hand massage has the same effect on the brain. Additionally, massaging your hand muscles softly is also effective in reducing anxiety.
  • A light pressured daily massage on hand is also beneficial in reducing the chances of arthritis. But if someone already has arthritis, heavy pressure on hands might end up making the case worse. This is why it is recommended for arthritis patients to get professional massages only.


Hand Massager VS Handheld Massager

There are two main types of devices you can use to get a hand massage. The following is the short description, including the pros and cons of both devices, to help you select the best-suited type for you.

Hand Massager: It is a box-shaped device with a compartment to place the hand. The device is completely motorized. The biggest advantage of this device is that it requires no manual labor as the machine does everything. Also, this sort of hand massage comes with more features like heat technology. The downside is, as it is a bigger size, traveling with it might not be ideal. It is also quite expensive.

Handheld Massager: As the name suggests, it is a handheld machine. The body is longer and slimmer. Mostly comes with multiple heads and is usually battery powered. The pro of having this device is that it is not specifically for massaging hands and can be used for full body. The body is lightweight, which makes traveling with the device easier. It is also cheaper and a budget purchase. The only downside is that it requires another person to give the massage. You can also just hold the machine in one hand and massage the other, but that can be tedious.


What Features to Consider?

Multiple Massaging Levels: A good massager is the one that comes with different pressure levels. It is the most important feature because not everyone will love the same speed and vibration settings. It should also be noted that for patients dealing with arthritis, lighter massages are a better choice. A machine with at least four settings is a good purchase.

Heat Technology:

This technology is not present in all hands massager and may only be found in the ones with a premium price tag. If the customer has a high budget, then the best technology can do wonders for hands. It not only reduces muscle tension but also makes the skin look softer.

Durable Body:

It is not normal for massagers to come in a stainless steel body, but whatever device you choose, make sure the body is made of good plastic. If you are going for an auto hand massager instead of a handheld, then the hand’s chamber should be made of a nicer material. If the outer body and hand chamber are made of the same material, it can be harsh on the skin.

Battery Powered:

Most people prefer battery-powered devices over the other because of the convenience factor. Always make sure the battery of the device is of good quality. A Li-ion battery has better runtime. The other factor to consider would be the charging time. Make sure the device supports fast charging, or else it will result in inconvenience instead of being a helpful feature.


This is something everyone should consider. Keep an average budget in mind; let’s say it is $150. It is possible to get a good device under this price. It is not necessary that any device costlier than this will be better. Some brands sell expensive products because of their name. So, do your research, it is not difficult to find an under good budget product.

Different Massage Heads:

This feature is specifically for those customers who would love a handheld massager. As mentioned above, handheld massagers come with different heads. So make sure there are enough heads and also that those heads are well-made.



A hand massage can work like magic when you do it correctly. It can not only be physical pain but is also helpful in calming anxiety symptoms. Also, research suggests that hand massage is effective in reducing the symptoms of other disorders like arthritis, carpal tunnel disease, neuropathy, high blood pressure, dementia, and more. A good hand massager costs nothing if we compare it with the benefits it provides.