nextiva review

Nextiva Review

What is the key to a successful business? Every upcoming businessman has asked themselves this question. A lot of factors play roles in the success of one business, we should all agree on that. There are various books about how to make a great business and become the leader in the industry but there is a common belief among people that successful businessmen like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and Bill Gates all had luck when creating their business empire. That’s far from the truth as long as we can tell. The key to the successful business is communication and connection among those who created the business and their employees, as well as among employees themselves. Not only is communication the key, but also the productivity and efficiency of your employees. Therefore there should be a tool to improve these things and take them to the next level. But if we told you there actually is something that does this?


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What is Nextiva about?

Nextiva is a company that was founded in 2006 and is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Their main goal is to provide your small, mid-sized business and even big business with their services which consist of cloud-based communication. They have taken over the telecommunications industry and are voice-over-internet-protocol. “I’m a big fan of companies like Nextiva.” Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, has told to Nextiva’s CEO, Tomas Gorny. Nextiva’s goal is to make their services reliable and easy to use and they have certainly achieved that. When you need Nextiva’s services, a real human will talk to you and guide you through the process of becoming a user of Nextiva, present you all the pros and cons and let you decide what is the best for you.


What does Nextiva do?

Nextiva has made a system software named NextOS. What does NextOS do? Well, it puts communication on one platform made especially for communication. It has dashboards, wallboards, customizable reports which can all easily be used for the sake of better communication among employees. It is also great because the employer can keep track of what their employees do and because they can easily access all of the data, they can correct any mistakes and keep their employees on the right track. The best thing about it is that it offers you all of the information about the customers, which are the most important people when it comes to business. You can have all you want, but without customers you are nothing.

With Nextiva, running a business empire has never been easier. Let me tell you more about what they have to offer. When it comes to your customers, as I said before, every single one of your employees has all the information about your customers that they need to know to provide them with the best service. When you get on Nextiva’s website you can choose between pro, basic and enterprise pricing option, which all have their pros and cons. Let me explain it further to you in one example. When it comes to VoIP Phone Service in enterprise option you have voice analytics, but you don’t have it in basic or pro option. An unlimited conference call is available to both enterprise and pro options, but not in basic.

However, the auto attendant is available in all of the three pricing options mentioned above. You can find more features and explore in detail what every of this option has to offer on their easily navigating website. When it comes to costs, the enterprise is 30 $ per month, per user, pro is 25$ and basic is 20$. NextOS offers you a wide variety of predictive analyzes, as well as monitoring tools and creating competition to increase one of the biggest factors when it comes to business – productivity. NextOS allows employees to engage deeply in what they do. One of the keys of every business is having life-long customers who always return to you no matter the competition. Nextiva allows you to deeply connect with your customers and ensure that you have more life-long customers than ever before.

You have various options for connecting with your customers in real-time. From collecting feedback to actively engaging them – there is something for everybody. Nextiva also pays a lot of attention to securing their services so you don’t have to worry about that neither – they did it all for you, it’s only up to you to choose them to guide you through the process of business growth. One of the sayings on their website says “You deserve way better. We’re building it” and they certainly succeed in that. We suggest that you don’t miss a moment anymore and go and visit their website for the best VoIP experience you are ever going to have.


Why Nextiva?

Nextiva has some amazing ratings, too. From real humans, of course. Their overall rating is 4.6, even 90% of people who used nextiva are willing to recommend it. Their service and support have got the 4.7 grade. When it comes to their other achievements, they were featured in GetVoIP, top ten VoIP list, Entrepreneur, USA Today and many more. Some of their clients are well-known for their achievements, too. Delta Airlines, Taco Bell, Ashley Furniture all work well with the help of Nextiva. Nextiva started with a few employees and customer support and developed to be one of the leading VoIP service providers. Their customers often brag about how they reduced the phone bill by about 60%.

Nextiva also offers you their VoIP phone devices. Not only Nextiva upgrades your communication, but it also has trend analyzes and provides you with real-time insight. What is also great is that Nextiva can be used by anyone – the app is made for Windows, iOS, macOS and Android devices. Nowadays they have over 1000 employees and more than one billion calls on their network. So don’t wait any longer – because you have no excuses, grow your business with Nextiva and let it develop in a way you could never imagine.



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