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NoKeys is a website and company dedicated to selling CD Keys for games on PC, Xbox, PS4, Nintendo, and other gaming applications such as Steam. Founded in 2006, it is one of the few websites with this service that has received almost nothing but positive feedback. They are mostly famous for their low prices, incredibly quick services, and exceptional customer service.


NoKeys Website

The NoKeys Website is as easy to use as it could be. After all, there is not too much to look for, there are not many items for sale, therefore, it is not hard to find what you are looking for.

Every CD Key type is separated into categories. You can access the different types from the quick access bar on top or directly search for the one you need in the search bar. There is one issue with the search bar which makes it hard to use. You need to spell the full correct name of the game if you wish to get any results. With some games having difficult names, it may take a minute or two more than you would expect. Other than that, there is nothing to worry about.

It is fair to say that NoKeys truly offers the lowest prices on CD keys. It is something that they have always tried to maintain and it is undoubtedly right. You will notice that every item on the website is at a discounted price. Actually, the price that has been scratched over as wrong is the original price which can be seen in most other websites. Here, however, everything is priced lower.

In addition, they promise that you will receive your CD Key via email in a matter of minutes. According to the reviews, we saw online, it is exactly how it happens. Rarely did we see anyone mentioning a delay and in the cases of delay, it was quickly resolved by the customer service.


The PC section is undoubtedly the largest out of all. NoKeys cover all the major video game platforms; therefore, there is a CD key to practically every game out there. These are the platforms covered by NoKeys:

  • Steam
    • Origin
    • UPlay
    • GOG
    • Official Site

You may wonder what Official Site stands for. These are the major games such as League of Legends and Minecraft.  Since these games are not available through any video game platforms, CD Keys, discounts, Gift Cards, etc. are available through their official websites. Fortunately, you can get all these services at a lower price from NoKeys.

Like many others, you may wonder if NoKeys is a genuine website. Well, we can assure you that it is definitely not a scam. If you click the Official Site section once more, you can actually see some crazy discounts. For example, at the moment I am writing this review, the discounts range from 6% to 85% which sounds unbelievable.

If you are looking for new games to try, NoKeys is the perfect website for you. Even if there is nothing that catches your interest right now, tomorrow there may be a brand new discount on something that you are interested in. It is worth coming back to the website from time to time in order not to miss the greatest deals.


The Xbox section in the website is really easy to use with all sub-categories being extremely precise.

  • Memberships
    • Gift Cards
    • Games
    • Season Pass / Points

Similar to the situation with PC services, here the discounts will not disappoint. Weirdly enough, there are one or two keys which have a 1% increase in price. It could be a mistake which has not been removed at the moment of writing but nevertheless does not change the great value of the products.


The PlayStation services have been divided into three sub-categories and also offer a variety of discounts.

  • PSN Topup Cards
    • PlayStation Plus
    • PSN Addons & Season Passes

It appears that PlayStation does not give services like NoKeys a chance to give its customers large discounts. At least, out of all the brands and video game platforms, here the discounts are minor. Of course, players should be thankful for any percent lifted of the price but still, it is noticeable that the discounts on PSN items are not so impressive.


Nintendo products have been divided into categories named after the different consoles. They are the following:

  • Wii U Games
    • 3DS Games
    • Switch Games
    • eShop Cards

It is noticeable that NoKeys haven’t got major relations with Nintendo as there are not many products on the website at all. You get the major ones at a discount but overall, there is not much for Nintendo fans here.


NoKeys Customer Support

There have not been many negative reviews of the NoKeys customer support that we could find online. On the contrary, people have been mostly satisfied. There are a few ways that you can contact NoKeys – through email or Skype, or through their 24/7 Live Chat.

As you can see, customer service has no working hours and is available at any time during the day. It usually takes a few minutes until you get a response but nevertheless, it is a positive aspect.

In addition, you can always return the key or product for a refund if you experience problems with it. This, however, is possible only under certain circumstances and only if you have not used the code itself.


Final Thoughts

Overall, we couldn’t find anything negative to say about NoKeys apart from their website. We did not mention it above in the Website section as it is not really that significant. The overall shopping experience is simple and easy but there are a few aspects of their website that they could work on.

For example, their “About Us” page looks terribly unprofessional. Other sections on the website could use an update as well. It might be a good idea to hire a professional who can write their important website sections better.

Other than that, it appears that NoKeys is one of the better services for CD Keys on the internet. They offer the lowest prices and customers receive their purchased keys in a matter of minutes.



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