The 5 Best NVR Systems

Best NVR Security Systems to Buy

Network Video Recording systems or NVR systems are a perfect security measure that can make your life much more comfortable. Whether it be piece-of-mind, protections against intruders, protection of valuables, or any other reason, an NVR system can help to beef up your security measures and protect the people and items you care about the most. No matter if you’re looking to protect your home or a business, an NVR system is a perfect solution to protect your assets. Below, you’ll find an assortment of the best network video recording systems that have been thoroughly reviewed and used. Be sure to scroll down to learn more about essential features, brands, and more.


The Best NVR Systems to Buy

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Although some of the below-listed NVR systems did not make it to our list above, we felt it would be beneficial to you, the reader, to consider these products if you haven’t found the perfect NVR system yet. These below-listed units are more progressive and modern, helping you save money and experience advanced technology to help protect what is important to you.

REOLINK Has created plenty of high-quality security cameras on the market today. Our list includes a few of their brands. They’ve recently grown in popularity and have grown to become a reputable brand.












We believe that there should be no compromise on your safety and security, and the REOLINK 16CH ensures it with its ideal features. The system comes with about 8 HD cameras that have the capability of recording excellent videos even when it’s completely dark. The maximum zoom of the cameras is about 100 feet, which is ideal as you would be able to cover every corner of your property.

When you buy the REOLINK 16CH system, you won’t need to rely on any handyman or networking expert. Simply take out the included wire, connect everything, and start enjoying maximum security with convenience. The system also comes with a pre-installed 3 TB HDD so you can record everything without worrying about storage.

The security system comes with the capability of detecting movement and sends out alerts whenever it notices anything potentially dangerous. The system sends you an email, push notification on the phone, and sounds an alarm if you want. In addition to all of that, the pictures of that instance are immediately uploaded to the FTP cloud server, so the record is maintained even if someone tries to tamper with the NVR system.



 Shopping For an NVR System –  Reference Guide

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In this era of technology, there’s a vast array of products that we can buy to protect our family. But, there’s one device that stands out. This device became a necessity that almost all establishments have it. We called it a security camera or the NVR.


What is an NVR System?

It means Network Video Recorder or security camera. As the name implies, it enables the homeowners to have remote access to live video and simultaneous recording. It’s part of a home security system.

The NVR is a complete system. It is fitted with Internet Protocol (IP) camera for IP surveillance, specialized software for recording, and data management. It also offers a wireless connection.

NVR and other security cameras in the market plays a significant role in our society. It prevents crimes, helps to identify the culprit, and became crucial evidence against criminals.

Furthermore, it help us to track our properties. We can access any time to check if we forget to lock the door or to unplug the appliances. Also, it helps us to watch children.

The Youtube Channel The Hook Up‘s recent review on some of the top brands in the security camera space. Great Overview!


What Do You Care About?

Here are a number of common features people generally look for in an NVR system:

  • Number of Cameras – The number of incorporated cameras can vary between NVR systems. Depending on the size of the space you want to be monitored and protected, you may want to think about the appropriate amount of cameras.
  • Night Vision – Nowadays, most NVR systems are equipped with night-vision functionality to allow monitoring even when there are no lights on and pitch black. Be sure to consider night vision and decide if this is a feature you truly want.
  • Storage Capacity – The amount of storage available on the NVR system typically dictates how long the room is saved on the device before its permanently deleted. For example, if you want to hold on to footage from a month ago, you’ll likely need to pick up an NVR system that offers a large amount of storage.
  • Indoor/Outdoor Capabilities – Some NVR security systems offer the ability for indoor monitoring while others can feature outdoor capabilities. Depending on your wants and needs, you may want to consider getting the appropriate system. Additionally, some NVR systems do offer both functionalities.
  • Resolution of Recording – Some security systems offer high definition recording while others do not. If you’d like to have a high level of detail in your recordings, consider grabbing the NVR system that offers high definition recordings.
  • Motion Detection and Remote Viewing – Motion detection and remote viewing while out and about are often sought after features. If you’d like to have the system monitor for movements and motion and record once motion is detected, be sure to pick up an NVR system that offers this functionality. Additionally, if you’d like to monitor your secured environment, keep an eye out for the product’s ability to remote view. Some systems even allow for mobile notifications depending on sound/motion, which is quite nice to have.
  • Remote viewing – you can control all the camera, access to real-time and recorded video via a smartphone.
  • Vandal Proof – It will give you peace of mind knowing that your camera can withstand against vandalism and burglars. Besides, it will send you an alert message in case of an attack. We all know that the dismantling of the camera is the first aim of criminals before they operate.
  • Thermal surveillance – It’s often used in combination with night vision. This technology will identify the trespassers based on heat (thermal energy) tracking.
  • Two-way audio communication -You can talk to your children while you are in the office or abroad.
  • Instant notification – When the mentioned above sensors are triggered, the system will notify you via email or text message.
  • PTZ features – IP camera is equipped with pan–tilt–zoom
  • More memory capacity – you can store the recorded video in longer days.
  • Option for a network connection – you can connect the IP camera to the router via wired, wireless, and cellular
  • Price – the DVR is lower compared to NVR
  • Process – in NVR, each IP camera processes the surveillance video then streamed it to the recorder for storage and display. Whereas the DVR process the video itself in the recorder.
  • Camera – The IP camera or NVR can record high-quality video and audio; it can handle the HD resolution below 2mp up to 12mp or higher. Also, it has improved smart functionality that enables facial recognition and data analytics while the DVR is using an analog camera and only limited at 2mp resolution.
  • Wiring – You can install an NVR camera using an ethernet cable or connect it via WiFi, whereas you would need to wire the entire house for the DVR system.
  • Distance – to maintain a good signal, the camera with DVR cannot place more than 300 ft away from the recorder. Whereas the NVR can use the WiFi, its transmission can reach up to 600 ft.
  • Output – the image and video of DVR are lower quality and sometimes are unrecognizable. It is useless as evidence.
  • Ease of use – The NVR is a little-complicated device, especially to the non-tech-savvy individuals. The cameras are network programmed and need to connect to an IP address. On the other hand, the DVR is more straightforward; you can install the system using the player and plug solution. In either case, both suppliers offer installation and maintenance for their customers.
  • Replacement – The market share of the DVR is declining yearly, sooner it will be considered obsolete, and there is no compatible camera in the market.


What Are The Benefits of an NVR System?

  • Allow multi-user to access the IP camera using a different device
  • It’s easy to export and save video, image, and voice recording into the email.
  • You can enable the IP camera for smart tracking, a motion alarm, and other sensors.
  • It’s easy to install, there’s a lot of Do-it-yourself video on the internet, provided by the manufacturer and supplier.


What Is A Hybrid Video Recorder (HVR)?

This device is a combination of IP and analog cameras. The advantage of HVR is when you are already using DVR, and you want to update it.

The HVR is compatible with analog and IP cameras. This device will help to reduce the cost compared to replacing the whole system for NVR.



When buying a security camera, we need to be aware of the quality. What is the use of an unrecognizable image? It’s a waste of money, and we compromise the safety of our loved one.

Also, we need to be careful about setting the program. It will help to prevent a false alarm. Sometimes our sensors are linked to the police station, it will cost their effort for nothing, and we get a fine.

Most of all, we need to avoid investing in obsolete technology. It will cost us money for the sooner replacement.