5 Best Office Chairs Under $300

Best Office Chairs Under 300 dollars

Incorrect posture at the desk only negatively affects work. But can also leave up to many diseases in the future. Then no matter how much yoga you do or eat healthy food, the back pain will not go away. This is why it is important to invest in a good office chair. And if you are an employer, a well-made chair can increase your profit. How? Well, it is simple. If the employee is comfortable in the chair they will work better. And better work leads to better results.


The Best Office Chairs Under $300

Budget Pick – OFM Essentials Collection Mesh Back Office Chair, in Black

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Sitting in an enclosed space with many people for almost 12 hours a day is taxing. However, for multiple desk jobs, that is a basic requirement. If you are someone who crunches numbers the whole day, write content like me, or work in the design department. There is a high probability that you get very few chances of moving around or leaving your desk. For such workers, their office chair plays a significant role in their overall productivity and health. If the chair is uncomfortable, you’ll be less productive and prone to take more regular breaks.

The OFM Essentials Collection Chair is designed to provide the most comfort and convenience at the lowest price.  The seat comes with a cooling mesh fabric that allows you to relax more and stay ventilated. It also has an adjustable height, 3600 swivel, and a posture corrector to make sure the people sitting on it remain comfortable.

If you are procuring multiple chairs for your workplace, training institute, or any other reason. This is the perfect standard choice because the chair has a very low cost and comes with all of the most necessary features you’ll need for extra convenience.

Best Value – AmazonBasics Mesh, Mid-Back, Adjustable, Swivel Office Desk Chair with Armrests

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The Amazon Basics Adjustable Office Chair is a perfect choice for multiple reasons. It comes with several important features at an astonishingly low price. The chair has a pneumatic height adjuster that allows you to adjust the height of your chair with a simple press of a lever. This chair also has the most durability when compared with other similar models. Once purchase, it will last a long time and has a maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds. The Amazon Basics Chair also comes with a 5-year limited warranty that shows much the manufacturers trust on the durability and quality of their product.

The Amazon Basics Chair comes with breathable mesh on the back and the base to allow maximum convenience and ventilation. The chair is also supported with a minimalistic frame at the back that will help you keep your posture in control along with T-shaped armrests for added convenience.

Finally, the chair also gives you 100% freedom with its 3600 rotation and dual-wheel casters. A static chair that does not move at all can create a lot of inconvenience for you. The durable casters will allow you to easily move around while sitting on the chair and cover a greater area.

Editor’s Choice – Office Chair, Ergonomics Mesh Chair Computer Chair Desk Chair by SMUGDESK

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SMUGDESK is a top brand when it comes to office chairs due to their durable construction quality and ideal features that make it perfect for versatile use. The entire chair is smartly designed to target each problem area commonly identified by office workers.

Starting from the top, the office chair comes with a multifunctional headrest that is adjustable and ergonomically designed to keep your neck and head in a single place. The chair also has ergonomic lumbar support that keeps your back in shape and reduces the stress on your backbone so you can sit on the chair for an extended period without any issues. The chair also comes with incredible hand rests that are completely adjustable so you can keep your arms in the most comfortable position for you.

The chair also comes with the standard breathable mesh that has become an important feature for regular office chairs as they keep the person sitting extremely comfortably and prevent skin problems that may occur in summer months due to sweat accumulation. Additionally, the chair also comes with a pneumatic height controller along with durable casters that will assist you in mobility and allow you to cover a greater area with more convenience.

Ergonomic Office Chair Lumbar Support Mesh Chair Computer Desk Task Chair with Armrests

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Another incredible and budget-friendly option by SMUGDESK that comes with powerful features and ideal size for an office to keep the users comfortable and worry-free. You will see that the seat has a mesh fabric and breathable paddings that keep the users quite comfortable and keep them free from sweat accumulation.

The ergonomic design of the seat is made for keeping the mid-section of your spine free from any accumulated stress and improve your posture over time. The chair also has a 3600 swivel function along with durable casters that will give you flexible rotation and added mobility. The seat also comes with a pneumatic height feature that allows the seat to be adjusted by 10 cm along with a 1250 rocking function that increases the relaxation factor and keeps the pressure off from your back and joints.

Ergonomic Office Chair Adjustable Headrest Mesh Office Chair Office Desk Chair Computer Task Chair

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As stated before, spending 8 to 10 hours in an office setting on a chair continuously is not easy. It not only puts great strain on your body but also affects the mind and productivity. There are multiple studies conducted every year that indicate how significantly relaxation factor affects the performance of your employees.

The back and seat of the office chair are made up of a combination between a breathable sponge and a mesh fabric that provides greater ventilation and comfortability to the users. Sweat accumulation in hot months creates a lot of issues and unpleasant odor that will create problems for the people around you as well. The mesh fabric s extremely breathable and does not let sweat accumulate to prevent such problems from occurring.

The seat is also very easy to install. You don’t need any special tools or fittings to assemble the seat because everything you need is available in the box. You also get splendid after-sales services with this product as it comes with a 12-month replacement warranty and 24/7 call center access to help you explore your options even after the warranty period is over.

More Great Office Chairs $300 and Under

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Features That Matter to You

It is never a good idea to buy the first office chair that comes across your path. Finding the perfect chair that even under $300 can be challenging. This is why it is recommended to make a list of the features you want in the product. To make the process even easier for you we have done the research. The following are some of the main features that you should look for while buying an office chair.

1. Sturdy Structure

The office chair should be well made and have a sturdy structure. Usually, the chairs with metallic bone work better than the plastic one. You should also be aware of the weight a chair can hold. On average the one chairs are capable of holding 300 lbs. But people weighing over that should pay more attention. Do a closer inspection of the body and read the weight capacity.

2. Price of the Office Chair

Obviously, a under $300 chair has to be about $300. But this is not what we meant. You have to add the delivery charges in the whole sum as well. A lot of the time, especially if you are buying stuff from out of the country. The delivery charges can add up quickly. Other than that, try to look if there are any hidden charges. To get a good bargain it is best to but the product during the sale. Or if the store is not doing that then try to find a coupon.

Many companies and brands do that. There are also individuals online with an affiliate link that offers a discount. You can also get a discount is the quantity of the chair is big. So, always try to negotiate a good deal.

3. Padded Office Chair

If you have sat in those rigid wooden chairs you would be aware of the pain. A chair should be soft and have at least a little padding in it. This will not only make the chair comfortable but let the user focus. Because no one can work when their body is feeling uncomfortable.

4. Arm Rest

Most of the chairs, not only office chairs have armrest. And it is for the if m obvious reason. The armrest makes the chairs feel cozier. And yes, an office chair does not necessarily have to be cozy but it still makes the whole experience comfortable.

5. Fabric or Covering of the Office Chair

One of the most important features of the chair is the cover. It is recommended to go for a leather cover. As leather is waterproof and this will make it easy to maintain. Especially a black leather cover will work great as it does not get dirty quickly.

6. Adjustable Height

Most people do not look for a chair with an adjustable height feature. But if you are going to use the office chair with a table then go for this feature. Usually, the chair and table come in a set to make sure the user feels comfortable. If the table is too low and the chair is too high working on the table would be difficult, and vice versa. So, a chair with adjustable height with work great with any table.

7. Wheels under Office Chair

Having wheels under the office chair is not a new phenomenon. Most of these chairs have wheels to make the chairs mobile. It helps the user in 2 ways. First, it makes moving chairs from one room to another easier. Secondly, it helps the employees to move in the cubicle and use the whole desk efficiently.

8. Warranty

No matter how amazing the product is looking. Or which top brand the product is from. Try to get an office chair with a warranty. Warranty that the cover will stay intact or the wheels will not pop out. This warranty can save your money if the product is faulty.

Second-Hand Office Chairs – Worth It?

It can be difficult finding a comfortable office chair with all the features you want. But that search can become even more difficult when you have a price range in mind. If you want to get an under $300 office chair it does not necessarily mean the chair should be new.

Buying a second-hand office chair is much better for you if you are looking for only one chair. For example, if you want a chair for your home office. Then a second-hand chair is a great deal. But If you are opening an office with a fewer number of employees, it upgrading the old chairs. Then this option might not suit you. In an office, all chairs are supposed to be the same. It gives it a sleek and professional look and harmonizes the aesthetic of the place.

There are several individuals online that sell second-hand office chairs. All you have to do is research and look for the perfect deal. A lot of the times you can get a second-hand chair under $100 with a little bit of default. Maybe a wheel is broken or the leather cover is wearing off. In this case, it is up to you. If you think you can redo the look of the chair then it is amazing. But also consider the time and energy it will consume.


Now you know all of the benefits of having a good chair. And you are also aware of the process of finding one. In short, you are an expert in office chairs now. But, always read the reviews of other users to know if the product is good.