The 5 Best Oil Drain Pans to Use

best oil pans to use for changing your cars oil

One of the most underrated tools that many people think they do not need is an oil drain pan. They believe what the need to buy a separate pan just to drain oil is. This tool is also referred to as the “glorified oil draining bucket.” But all of these statements are nothing more than some deep-rooted misconceptions. Why?

Because when it is time to drain the old oil out, people do not have any idea what to do. The car is leaking gummy black liquid everywhere, and there is no bucket in sight. In this situation, what will you do? Well, the only product that can help you is the one which is specially designed for the job.

Oil Drain Pan can make the pill draining process a lot easier. And it comes with a couple of other benefits as well. So, if you are interested in buying a pan for you are on the right page. The post is filled with basic oil drain pan knowledge and tips to get the best product. So, keep reading.


5 Best Oil Drain Pans

Best for Budget – Hopkins 11837MI Flo-Tool 10 Quart Oil Drain Container

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The Hopkins 11837 Flo-Tool is an affordable and functional choice for multiple uses. Whether you are a car owner or a motorcycle owner, you’ll either visit a workshop for your regular oil change and maintenance or you might know enough to maintain your vehicle by yourself. If you are from the latter group, having the correct tool to safely discard used fluids like oil, anti-freeze, etc.

Engine oil is not supposed to be discarded normally. You instead need to collect it somewhere safe and give it away for recycling as it is both an ecologically and economically smart thing to do. The Hopkins Flo-Tool is a closed container that comes with a wide opening for collecting oil and filter. Additionally, there is a smaller opening so you can pour out the oil in a larger container for recycling. If you have a motorcycle or a small car, this container is enough for you as it has a capacity of 10 Quart which is enough for at least 3 oil changes.

Changing the oil and other vehicle fluids is generally a messy business and open-drain pans have a risk of spilling when you are moving them. This container, on the other hand, is completely enclosed and you will open it only when you need to, which reduces the possibility of spillage.

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The Lumax LX-1632 is one of the most popular oil drain pans because of its incredible functions and reasonable prices. The Lumax Pan has a capacity of 15 Quarts and comes with a large filter to catch filter, drain plugs, or any other solid object. The container has a similar design to our previous listing but is superior in the overall build quality and features. When compared, you will see that the minute price difference is justified.

The Lumax Black Container is designed for directly draining engine oils and keeping it secured inside for later recycling. As opposed to regular open-drain pans that do not have any mesh for catching solid objects or a mechanism to prevent spillage, the Lumax Black Drain Master offers you a cleaner, safer, and more convenient alternative.

In addition to its top build quality and incredible capabilities, there is another feature of the Lumax Black LX-1632 that allows it to stand out from all the other options available in the market. The container comes with rolling wheels that make it easy for you to place it right beneath the oil drain of your car and getting it out after you are done. Overall, this Oil Drain Pan is a great choice for any vehicle owner or mechanics who are tired of having a messy oil change experience. You can purchase the drain for a very reasonable amount from Amazon and it will be on your doorstep sooner than you think.

For Large Volumes – Bestauto Portable Oil Drain Pan with Pump 64L Oil Drain Pan

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The Bestauto Portable Oil Drain Pan is made for consumers who handle larger volumes regularly. All products featured in this list are more suitable for passenger vehicles and can handle 10 to 15 liters of oil at a single time. For mechanics and truck owners, those numbers are far from impressive and for them, the best product is the Bestauto Portable Oil Drain Pan that comes with incredible capacity and other top-of-the-line features.

The Portable Oil Drain Pan by Bestauto has an incredible storage capacity of 64 liters or 17 Gallons. The tank also comes with a removable mesh over the oil storage tank that keeps anything solid from entering the storage. You also get a powerful pump and a hose along with this Oil Drain Pan so it easier for you to empty it when full and for various other applications.

To enhance the portability of this product, you also get a set of powerful casters that operate perfectly on tiles, hardwood floors, concrete, or any other surface without failing. Additionally, the Bestauto Portable Oil Drain also comes with a long T-Handle that make it easier for you to move the Drain Pan around even when it is full.

Hopkins 11838 Flo-Tool 15 Quart Oil Drain Container

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Just like our previous listing by Hopkins, the 11838 Flo-Tool Oil Drain Pan comes with all the features that you’ll need for a spill-free and convenient oil changing experience. The overall capacity of this model is greater than the previous Hopkins product. This Oil Drain Pan can hold about 15 liters of oil which is ideal for car owners as this means they don’t need to worry about emptying the Oil Drain Pan for a long time.

The Hopkins 11838 Flo-Tool is made up of high-quality material that stays in perfect condition for a very long time. Once bought, you won’t have to worry about investing in another Oil Drain Pan for a long time. For emptying easily in a larger container recycling and other uses, the Hopkins 11838 also comes with a sealable spout that allows convenient pouring.

Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan

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Going back to the basics, the Capri Tools CP21023 Portable Oil Drain Pan is designed for use as a collector for any liquid that needs to be replaced from vehicles regularly like oil and anti-freeze. The green-colored collection pan comes with decent storage capacity and is made from high-quality plastics that do not leak or show any drop in performance even after years of use.

The Oil Drain Pan does not come with any protection from spills and slosh because of the missing cover or lid. It, however, has a very deep shape that significantly reduces the chances of spillage. The Oil Drain Pan is also stackable so you can store many on top of each other and reduce the overall space this Pan requires.

If you are buying this for a workshop, you’ll be especially interested to know that the Capri Tools Portable Oil Drain Pan comes with a 1” diameter spout as well to facilitate pouring. You can transfer the collected oil in a larger container for recycling and other purposes.

Other Great Oil Drain Pans You Should Look At

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Why Should I Buy An Oil Drain Pan?

Anyone with little knowledge about vehicles or motors, in general, would know how vital oil change is. The process might be grim and tiresome, but it has many benefits. When the new oil flows through the part of your motor, the equipment or vehicle will work more efficiently. It also saves the inner parts of the motor from corrosion. Now that we have established that oil change is a necessity let’s talk about the essential tool.

An oil drain pan is so basic that it is easy to overlook. But buying an oil drain pan is an investment rather than a purchase. And the following are the benefits that an oil drain pan offers.

  • Makes Oil Draining Efficient – If you have ever dreamed of the oil from a car, then you know the job is tedious. If somehow you have skipped the task till now, an unpleasant surprise is waiting for you. Because doing the job without proper tools and equipment takes more time and energy. But with even a cheap oil drain pan, the work can get 50% easier.
  • Lesser Risks of Oil Spillage – Using a flimsy bucket for draining oil is terrible for a few reasons. One of which is the extreme amount of mess it can create. One wrong step and your garage would be looking like a horror movie set. But, when you use a pool draining pan, the pipe is directly attached to the pan. That not only makes the work easier for your present self. But your future self would also half less mess to clean up. Due to the water process, there is little to no pool spillage, which means no cleaning.
  • Easy to Store or Transport – Not every time someone is draining the oil, they may have the means to dispose of it. For example, a mobile house owner can not dispose of the dirty oil in the middle of nowhere. This is where the oil drain pan helps the user. You can screw the cap on the pan and store it in the car. Then dispose of it whenever you can.


Features to Consider

To ensure you get the perfect oil drain pan, there are some steps that you should follow. Do not but the cheapest product, or the first product that crosses your way. Consider the following features to make sure your purchase is well-suited for your needs.

Size and Capacity of the Oil Drain Pan

Every car is different and needs a different amount of motor oil to work, which is why it is sensible to pick a pan that is compatible with your car. Search the average oil among your specific car model and use that figure as a guide. It is also good to get a slightly bigger pan for unexpected events.

The material of the Oil Drain Pan

Not only these oil drain pans come in different sizes, but they are made of several different materials. Try to get a product that is produced with thick plastic. Thicker material will sure increase the weight of the product, but it is for safety reasons. Because if you ever accidentally drop the oil-filled pan, the thicker plastic would prevent any leakage.

Air Tight Cap

As stated above, the oil drain pan saves the user from the hassle of cleaning spillage. But imagine if the pan is not airtight. Then what is the benefit of using an oil pan anyway? This is why it is important to get an oil drain pan with an airtight cap. Check the product first, read the reviews. And even after purchase fills the pan with water to examine any leakage. This small test beforehand can save you from big trouble.

Sturdy Handle

If your oil drain pan is huge and filled with a large amount of oil, then it means it will also be quite substantial. Carrying a big pan filled with oil without any handle means there is more risk of dropping it. So, make sure the product you choose has a sturdy handle.

Price of the Oil Drain Pan

The main factor affecting the price of the pan is the capacity. And all of the other features mentioned above also have an impact on the retail price of the product. But on average, a good quality oil drain pan is about $20 to $30.


The warranty of it is possible to try to choose the product that comes with a warranty. Even a 1-year warranty would be best. Because in case the pan is leaking, getting a refund would be more comfortable.



Changing the motor oil of any vehicle is a necessary step that promises better performance. And an oil drain pan makes this process 50% easier. For someone who has never bought an oil pan before, it can be intimidating. But following the right steps and prioritizing the right features makes the purchase value for the money.