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Smartphone companies have been trying to deliver the best possible camera quality with their products. Traditionally, iPhones have had some of the highest quality photographic capabilities. It is certain, however, that phones can hardly reach the quality of a regular camera. Olloclip is a company that produces lenses that you attach to your iPhone in order to improve the overall quality of the picture.


About the company

Olloclip has been around since 2011. Their lenses are unlike any other on the market and are compatible with both front and back cameras. All you need to do is attach and slide it over, and you are ready to make take inspiring pictures.

The designs are really user-friendly, you can switch the different lenses while the device is attached to your iPhone. In addition, everything is small enough to fit in your pocket.

For each iPhone model, there is a variety of sets which usually include close-up macro, a fisheye, and wide-angle lenses.


Main Products

Macro Lens

For each iPhone, there is a corresponding set with macro lenses that are specifically for close-up photos. If you are keen on details, you can either get the Macro 7x + 14x + 21x Essential Lenses set or simply choose each of these macros separately. It is important to mention that the prices are extremely affordable when you take convenience into consideration.

There is one common downside to the Macro lenses by Olloclip. Usually, when you take a photo the lens will focus on the main objects centered in the middle. This leads to loss of detail in the corners of the photo. However, the overall quality is impressive and there is no way that you will be left disappointed.

You have to know that 14x and 21x are pretty extreme close-ups and I think that one would rarely use them. The 7x lens is impressive on its own but you can get the complete set for around $100 which is insanely affordable.

Fisheye Lens

Making photos in fisheye perspective is really fun but it does not really go with a serious photograph. It is an amazing addition for artistic photos and rare shots. It captures 180 degrees and surprises with better quality than other fisheye lenses that we have tested. There is a slight distortion with the focus around the edges but you can expect that for pictures of this sort.

This lens is included in most box sets but it could be bought separately as well. Think of it as more of a charming option to have fun with, rather than a lens to be used for professional photos.

Super-wide and Ultra-wide lenses

The super-wide and ultra-wide lenses capture a view similar to that of the fisheye but not as wide. They provide above-average center sharpness and the quality around the edges is far more consistent. In addition, the photos have a rectangular shape rather than the fisheye circular one.

When you take that a fisheye has a 180-degree field of view, the super-wide and ultra-wide ones have respectively 120 degrees and 155 degrees. If you consider the small sizes of these lenses, the overall quality is impressive.

Telephoto Lens

The easiest way to explain the telephoto lens is as something between the regular iPhone camera and the Macro lens. You can take a much better close-up picture than with the built-in camera but you will not get the detail of the macro lenses. It will allow you to get closer to the object and isolate it partially from the surroundings.

Slim Case

It is important to mention that none of the lenses are compatible with regular iPhone cases. If you want to use them, you have to always take your case off.

Olloclip has designed a special case that anyone could purchase as an accessory with their lenses. This is a smart marketing technique used by Olloclip and at the same time a huge disadvantage to anyone that doesn’t want to spend extra.

Although the price is not high, I believe that most people would miss out on that particular accessory. It could be a good idea to include these in a complete box set or maybe make them a free addition to large orders.


About the Olloclip Website

The Olloclip website is quite interactive. On the front page combines a few sections. You can take a look at the most popular products and use a button to go directly to the shopping page. You can read about the story of Chris Burkard who is one of the most prominent photographers of the 21st century. Obviously, it is a double-sided advertisement. He is a user of Olloclip products and the company has an entire page dedicated to him and his work.

The most interesting section of the front page is called Before & After. There, you can see a variety of photos taken with first with a regular iPhone and then with one of the lenses produced by Olloclip. It is a great way to represent the difference in quality to any prospective client.

Like any other website, there is an access bar located at the top of the page. From there, you can visit the different sections of the website. Below, you can see the more important pages you can open through the access bar with a little bit of information.


You can simply search through the different collections or directly go to a certain lens. You can also search for a specific model of iPhone and take a look at the different accessories.

Chris Burkard

I mentioned that Chris Burkard has his own page on the website. There, you can see the kit that he uses, his story, and a video made with the Olloclip products.

Workshops & Tools

Apparently, Olloclip organizes workshops for people that would like to learn how to use lenses in addition to obtaining significant skills in photography.


There are a couple of other sections that you can take a look at such as a page with Featured Artists and a Gallery. The website also has a detailed support section which includes FAQ, User guides, Shipping information, etc.


Final Thoughts

Olloclip products definitely stand out when you compare them to their competitors. You will not find a more convenient device for enhancing iPhone camera capabilities. It is surprising how such small lenses can produce such exceptional quality. In addition, the price on every bit of equipment is affordable and you are given the choice to either get one of the several sets or a separate lens that you particularly like.



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