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OpenSky is an online marketplace that gives a chance to small companies and practically anyone to create their own online store and sell their products. Simultaneously, customers can find whatever they need and contact the sellers themselves.

You can find practically anything on the OpenSky website: From apparel, jewelry, and beauty products to home equipment, electronics, and kitchen utilities. According to unofficial information, there are over 70 000 merchants on OpenSky.

The website itself has received mixed feedback. Some value it deeply; others have said that their experiences were terrible. Today, we will discuss their website and how to use it to your best advantage.


Customer Service & Policies

Before anything else, we believe that the possibility of returning an order is of the highest importance to customers. Therefore, we will first discuss their return policies.

Although OpenSky is a marketplace that sells items from independent sellers, you can request a return in the first 14 days after you have received your package. This, of course, can be done only if you have never used the items and they are at the original state that you received them in.

However, although you will get your money refunded, you will have to pay a $7.95 restocking fee which is the only downside of this service. Therefore, if your order was not large and expensive, it is pointless to request a return and refund as you will have to pay the fee anyway.

As for customer service, it is the main reason for a large number of negative reviews in the latest years. You can reach them through the Contact link on the website but apparently, they sometimes take too long to answer and the following process regarding the issue takes too long to be resolved.

We have not had any bad experience ourselves but apparently many people do.

On the other side of customer reviews, we have seen that the majority of customers are actually happy with OpenSky mainly because of the variety of items and the affordable prices on everything. Of course, variety can never be a problem when there are tenths of thousands of items in every possible category.

It is the perfect place for people who are looking for something different or rare at a low price. All it takes is time to go through hundreds of pages. Of course, you can always use the search bar and try to find what you are looking for with keywords.

Overall, there is a lot that OpenSky can do in terms of customer service. Once they make some positive changes, they will surely have even more success as an online marketplace and reduce negative feedback. A good start will be the removal of that restocking fee which truly is quite high.


OpenSky Website

Before we get to the positive and interesting information about the OpenSky website, we have decided to clear out the negatives. Honestly, their front page and overall approach on the website can benefit from some major changes.

In order to see what we mean, you should simply open the website and scroll a little bit downwards. It does look odd, doesn’t it? To be fair, the front page closely resembles the Instagram search section. You see many pictures of products but no information and price. In order to see the actual prices, you have to click one of these pictures.

You will receive a pop-up with price, brand name, all the necessary information. One of the positive aspects of their website is the abundance of information once you choose a product. There is an in-depth description of each item, shipping costs and details, and information about the return policy for this particular product.

The overall searching experience on the website is quite easy. All the main categories of products are available from the quick access bar at the very top of the front page. Under each category, there are many sub-categories that make it easier to find a certain type of product you may be looking for.

Once you choose a category or a sub-category, you are redirected to a page that combines all the products of this type. Fortunately, you can customize your search and see products separated by brand, size, color, and others.

One curious fact about OpenSky is that every product seems to be discounted. No matter which category you choose to look at, every single item will have its original price scratched. The curious thing is that you cannot see the real price unless you open the product itself. Honestly, this marketing technique has its positives for the website but is mainly negative for the customers as it takes a lot of additional time.

Many people have wondered about this exact decision made by the website. What makes it even more curious is that every product is significantly discounted. It is not your regular 10/20/30% discount but more of a 60-70% below the original price.

At the same time, this is one of the very reasons why so many people choose to buy items from OpenSky. As we mentioned above, the majority of positive customer reviews we saw were dedicated to the incredibly low prices.

It is weird, however, how OpenSky has a separate section which is dedicated to products on clearance when absolutely everything on the website is significantly discounted.


Final Thoughts

Although there have been many negative reviews, OpenSky does not appear to be a bad website overall. There is definitely a lot of work to be done. First of all, they should improve their customer service. Although we did not encounter any particular problems, there apparently is a commonly occurring situation of delayed responses.

In addition, their website can only benefit from a new design and layout. A marketplace should make the shopping experience easy and satisfying.

Other than that, OpenSky is definitely a great place for people that want to buy something out of the ordinary or something rare. There are many products that you cannot find anywhere else. Last but not least, the prices are incredibly low and although there is no rational explanation about this occurrence, it is only positive for any potential customer.



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