The Best Outdoor Stair Treads to Buy

outdoor stairs treads

Purchasing the wrong outdoor stair treads can be a costly mistake. Not only will you have to replace them sooner than you would have liked, but you might also experience dangerous slips and falls. In order to make sure that you select the best outdoor stair treads for your needs, it’s important to understand the different types that are available. This article will provide an overview of some of the most popular options on the market today. So, whether you’re looking for something low-profile or slip-resistant, read on for some helpful tips!


The Best Outdoor Stair Treads

Best outdoor stair treads

Option 1: Buy Pre-Built Stair Treads

The first option is to pick up stair treads themselves. These products are typically designed to be picked up and applied to the outdoor stairs with minimal setup time.

1) FINEHOUS Stair Treads



2) MBIGM Stair Treads (8-Pack)



3) LifeGrip Traction Teads (10-Pack)



4) S&X Stair Treads



5 ThreadNanny’s Stair Treads (5-Pack)



6) Outdoor Comme Stair Treads with Rubber Backing

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To solve your problem, of the dirty floor and also for reducing the stair-case accident, Aucuda is working. Aucuda has brought a new product that is Outdoor Comme Stair Treads. The outdoor stair treads of aucuda are one of the best ones in the market, which can help you to solve your problems.

Each tread is only 800gm in weight. Their specialty is that they come with rubber backing. The rubber backing will provide extra grip. That means the possibility of slipping is very less. Till now the tread comes in only 2 colors, that are grey and Brown. One can order a maximum of 6 treads at a time. You can get 2 types of designs for these treads, that are rock design and floral pattern. The size of each tread is 8.5”x30”.

This tread can be used both outdoor and indoor. Outdoor Comme tread can be placed on all types of flooring. This tread is affordable, and the installation process is also very easy. For wooden stairs use nail downwards, and for marble or tiles stairs, liquid glue would work perfectly. For high traffic areas use double-sided tape.


7) Outdoor LifeGrip Stair Anti-Slip Traction Treads

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The main cause of the staircase accidents is getting slipped on the stairs. LifeGrip has furnished a low-cost solution to this small but huge problem. They have made anti-slip traction treads. These treads will reduce the chances of slipping on the staircases. This thing is very easy to setup. You can peel off the back part and place it on the stair. These treads can be used both in open-air and indoor.

LifeGrip anti-slip tread has made of pet material, which allows us to stick more hardly. These treads can bear temperature starting from -20ºc to 60ºc, and each tread is 6”x 28” in size. Each set of these treads contains 10 items. For this tread, high traction friction abrasive adhesive has used.

These stair treads are more durable. LifeGrip is providing a total of 10 treads as a set at a reasonable price. This tread from LifeGrip has indicated as the best tread for its good quality and customer satisfaction.


8) S&X Stair treads (Outdoor & Indoor)

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These stair treads will reduce the chances of an accident that may take place due to staircases. S&X brings an anti-slip set of stair treads. These treads can be used both in open-air and indoor.

These treads can be used for the floor as well. S&X is providing premium quality treads within this very small budget. These treads have a very durable structure and come with high friction as well. In the material pet film base has used.

Three-layer soft resins have used to make this tread more enduring. The size of each tread is 6’x24′, and each set contains five treads. This tread also includes a one-year after-sales service. For cleaning process cleaning through steam or detergent can be done. For this tread, there are 2 color options available. This tread can tolerate temperature starting from -40°F up to 220°F. The installation process is also very easy. You have to peel the back part and place it on your floor or stairs.


9) Rubber Tread for Stairs

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Rubber treads can reduce slipping on the staircases and can save you from staircase accidents happen usually. Rubber-cal has brought their diamond plate treads for stairs. These non-slip treads are entirely made of rubber.

The Diamond-Plate pattern highlights pointing lines in alternating directions to provide additional edges for shoes to grip onto. It’s built quality is high, and in these treads, ultra-durable rubber has used. These treads have a thickness of 3/16-inch. The dimension of each tread is 29.8 x 0.2 x 9.8 inches. The weight of each tread is only 6.8 pounds. While the other companies and brands are providing pet material for stair tread in this budget, Rubber-cal is providing full rubber-built stair tread.

For this tread, there is no color option rather than the only black. Each set contains a total of 6 treads. These treads can be used both open-air and indoor. These treads can serve both residential and commercial purposes as it can handle that much pressure.

In a word, this is the best tread within this budget due to its good quality material.


10) Rubber Scrollwork Anti Slip Stair Treads

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Palos Design has produced the best quality of anti-slip stair treads. The best part of this tread is the tread has completely made of pure rubber. It shows that there will be a strong grip on tread due to its inbuilt material. Most of the companies don’t provide rubber treads within this budget. They have provided premium quality treads, not at a very high price.

An interesting matter is that these stair treads have an openwork scroll design on it. So, it will not only save you from slipping, but this particular tread is also an element to increase the beautification of the stairs. With its openwork decoration pattern that is recollective of a wrought iron gate, these firm rubber stair treads will give your stairs charm as well as more rigid footing on entryway steps. This tread is capable of saving you from getting slipped even if there is snow.

Talking about its size, this tread is 30 inches wide. The dimensions are 29.5 x 10 x 1 inches. The weight of each tread is 6.59 pounds. There is a total of 4 treads in a full set. This tread has appreciated by its customers due to its firm position and elegance.

This elegant nonslip stair tread introduced by Puchan is a cost-effective product that not only provides extra grip to people but also provides the required cutouts for proper drainage of water. This outdoor stair tread is made up of high-quality odorless rubber which can sustain quite an amount of force without moving off its place. The product looks durable and sturdy which is the basic requirement of stair treads. The design of this outdoor stair tread is quite elegant which also adds to the aesthetic of your stairway.


11) Bungalow Flooring Waterhog Indoor/Outdoor Stair Treads

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This fancy stair tread is introduced by Bungalow flooring is one of the widely demanded products when we talk about the stair treads. One of the reasons for its sales is its ability to be used in both indoor and outdoor conditions. The fiber is sturdy and thick enough to move when sticking around with adhesives. This stair tread is available in various colors and designs according to the surroundings of your home. Bungalow flooring stair tread can absorb 1.5 gallons of water for every square yard of flooring providing you the best weapon to fight against damping caused by footwear, rain, etc.



Option 2: Use Grip Tape Instead

The second option for you is to simply pick up some outdoor grip tape and apply this to the stairs. this will offer additional traction. Some of the below-mentioned grip tape offers glow-in-the-dark strips integrated into the tape, allowing you to more easily see the stairs in low visibility situations.

1) EdenProducts’ Heavy-Duty Grip Tape



2) MTNZXZ’s Anti-Slip Grip Tape (With Glow-In-The-Dark Strip)



3) Trazon’s Heavy-Duty Outdoor Grip-Tape (Waterproof)



4) LifeGrip Traction Tape With Thin Glow In The Dark Strip Grip Tape





Shopping For Stair Treads – A Guide

Best outdoor stair treads2

Outdoor stair treads are similar to a mat with increased thickness. They are usually attached on the stairs to provide extra support and grip to the user which prevents tumbling off. The outdoor stair is manufactured from high-quality fabric or rubber with an appropriate thickness which can withstand the heavy feet traffic.

Outdoor stair treads are more manufactured with more precision and care because it has to withstand harmful environmental conditions such as dust, sunlight, rain, snow, etc. The design of outdoor stair treads provides easy drainage to water and slush. The other side of the stair treads is attached to the stairs with the help of adhesive gums, epoxy resins, etc. Some modern outdoor stair treads don’t require any adhesive to attach them to the stairs. They have a sticky end which can stick to any place providing the required grip.

Great video talking about how to install deck stair treads (prevent slips and increase traction)

The design of the stair treads is also skid resistant. The anti-skid design gives a sense of security that you will not skid off the stairs given the weather conditions. Usually, in snowy or rainy conditions, the importance of outdoor stair treads increases considerably. These are the conditions when most of the accidents occur.

The material of the outdoor stair treads varies from heavy-duty fabric to rubber. The rubber outdoor stair treads are quite sturdy. They can sustain a high amount of force without moving of its place. But the rubber stair treads require extra adhesive substances to stick them to the stairs. Whereas the fabric ones can stick themselves to the stairs.

The fabric outdoor stair treads seem to be more aesthetically sound when compared with the rubber ones. Some companies are also offering aluminum stair treads for outdoor heavy usage. These outdoor contain anti-slip particles and are less common. Usually, you can see the metallic stair treads outside a hospital or subway station. The rubber and fabric ones are the most common ones which are used for domestic purposes.


What to Look for In Stair Treads

There are quite a few considerations that can be helpful in buying an outdoor stair tread. Below mentioned few points can really be helpful in making a purchase decision:


The material of the outdoor stair tread will be helpful in making the right decision. Generally, stair treads are made up of rubber or fabric. The rubber ones are specially designed for outdoor heavy usage as they can withstand heavy force and feet traffic without moving from its place. The fabric ones are aesthetically sounder. They can also sustain the heavy traffic but are not as effective as the rubber ones. So, if the stair treads are supposed to be used for providing grip and avoid slippage, go for the rubber ones. On the other hand, if stair treads are supposed to be used at a less busy place and for décor purposes, the ones made up of fabric can be purchased.


Outdoor stair treads are supposed to sustain harsh environmental conditions such as dust, sunlight, rainfall, snowfall, etc. Water can damage the surface of stair treads if not drained properly, so the designs of the outdoor stair treads should allow for the free drainage of water and slush.


Price can also be a decisive factor that can make your purchase decision easy. Some outdoor stair treads are available for sale whose quality doesn’t coincide with their cost. So, do look for the outdoor stair treads which offer the maximum features at a minimum cost.



Concluding Remarks

So, outdoor stair treads are a must-buy product to enhance the safety of your stairs. The anti-skid feature of outdoor stair treads provide extra grip to the elders and the toddlers and prevent any accident which can occur in case of wet stairs or any other case.