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PandaHall is a Chinese based manufacturer and wholesaler of a variety of cheap jewelry such as beads and gems. The company is known for its low prices and an enormous selection of over half a million items. Their products are eligible for worldwide delivery and the larger percentage of their clients are actually based in Europe and North America.


PandaHall Website Overview

The website is fairly basic and easy to use but you can get overwhelmed by the number of products and categories. If you are not on the website in search of a particular bead/jewel, prepare yourself and your computer for hours of scrolling.

To begin with, the website is available in seven languages in total which is not usually common for Asian sites. The front page is dedicated entirely to the latest offers and discounts, new arrivals, etc.

Similar to basically every other dedicated web page, there is an access bar on top which can be used to enter different product divisions. Once again, on PandaHall, the options at hand are almost entirely focused on special offers and items such as new arrivals, best sellers, and a number of currently existing sales.

The easiest way to browse through the vast selection of products, however, is through the list of categories which can be accessed through the front page of the website. Since it is not possible to go through all of them one by one, I will only specify the divisions in categories listed on the website itself.

  1. Jewelry Beads
  2. Jewelry Findings
  3. Beading Supplies
  4. Stringing Materials
  5. Jewelry & Watches
  6. Hair Accessories & Findings
  7. Sewing & Knitting

Each of these listings has a list of categories under its name. Everything is accessible and user-friendly, all you need to do is find your specific product category. As soon as you click on a specific one, you will be redirected to a new page where you have to choose one of the sub-categories. Be aware, there are dozens of sub-categories under each category.

Once you get into a specific sub-category, you are finally going to enter a product category. As expected for such a massive company, they have made their website as user-friendly as possible. Each product page has specialized search options. Depending on the product listing, you can search by material, shape, color, size, and many others.

In the bottom of the search optimization section, you can see how many items are listed in any of the current offers and look through them separately. This company is, in fact, widely known for its low prices and never-ending discounts. If that is not enough, the price you pay often depends on the quantity of the products in your cart. For bulk purchases, you get special prices. This is what makes this company perfect for jewelry stores.

In terms of product descriptions, they are far more detailed than what you would expect from a website with a few hundred thousand items on sale. Not only is there a chart with all the details such as color, size, and shape, but there is actually a product description of a few sentences below that. Imagine having to write a couple hundred thousand of those.


Shipping Options

If you have ever purchased anything from AliExpress or any other Chinese platform, you should already know that shipping costs and deliveries from China are often tricky. The different sellers offer different options and you can stumble on anything, from free delivery to something that costs twice the worth of your items.

With PandaHall, you have a wide variety of delivery options. Besides the basic domestic options, you have the three largest delivery management companies – UPS, DHL, and FedEx which all should take less than two weeks to reach you.

Commonly, shipping costs depend on the weight and size of your purchase. With PandaHall, it mainly depends on where you need it delivered. Therefore, your delivery costs will in most cases be the same no matter the number of items you purchase. This is one more reason why PandaHall is great for large purchases.

Last but not least, PandaHall offers FREE Shipping as well but only through sea freight. It becomes possible under certain conditions. It is available for around 20 countries which you can see in the FAQ section on their website. Also, there is a minimum weight of 300kg that you need to surpass. It is a slow delivery option which takes up to a month but it is cheap and safe.


Payment Methods

PandaHall supports four payment methods – PayPal, Credit Card(Visa, MasterCard), Wire Transfer, Western Union. Obviously, PayPal is the most optimal choice. It is the safest option due to the Buyer Protection Program and the cheapest one as well.

If you do not want to give your Credit Card online, Wire Transfer is a great option as well but it could come costly if your bank has large international transfer fees. Same is the case with Western Union. Always make sure you get familiar with the transfer fees beforehand.


Return Policy

Returns are accepted but under a few conditions. Defective products can be returned in the first 30 days for refund or replacement. PandaHall will also pay for both deliveries. All you need to do is contact their customer service department and arrange the return.

All un-defective products can be returned in the first seven days after the arrival date but you will have to cover the shipping costs.


Final Thoughts

Overall, PandaHall does not only have the largest online store selection of beads, findings, and jewelry in the world, but they offer a lot more to their customers in the form of services. Not only do they offer various options for shipping and payment, but there is also always some sort of a discount available on their website.

Honestly, PandaHall is the single best option for jewelry designers or stores. You have other Chinese options like AliExpress and BangGood which are, however, not specifically dedicated to jewelry.

Last but not least, PandaHall customer service seems to have proven to be extremely responsive and utile. Based on the positive reviews by previous customers, in the case of trouble, you will be in safe hands.



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