points.com review

Points.com Review

Undeniably, almost all customers have one thing in mind when shopping, traveling, or anything that involves payment and that is to save. It sounds simple but believe it or not, the more your customers feel they can save money with whatever program you are running, the more your customers are going to stick with you no matter what. This explains why most gigantic companies out there have points program to offer. A loyalty program is joined by many not because they feel valued, but because of the belief that they’re able to save or at least benefit from it financially. So if you run a business, regardless of what kind, may it be a coffee shop, a grocery store, a gasoline station, an airline or hotel, expect most of your customers to stick with you and more sales if you provide a great loyalty program. Good thing there are companies out there you can rely on to help you with your loyalty program, and one of which is Points.


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Points: What Is The Company About? 

Points is an e-commerce company based in Toronto that was established in 2000. Points are all about improving a company’s loyalty programs to enhance customer’s engagement and experience. Through Points, your business will be provided with a loyalty solution that will appeal to as much as 1 Billion customers turning into loyal members. What’s in it for the customers? Points will provide solutions on how members can earn faster and have it redeemed the soonest possible time for a variety of rewards. Since its conception in 2000, Points have shaped how the loyalty industry has been. Businesses engaged with Points are happy to know that from engagement to its business growth, from retention to rewards redemption, Points will provide solutions throughout the stages. The company is comprised of more than 245 employees with more than six offices worldwide, you will never go wrong if you collaborate with Points.


Services Provided by Points

Points offer different services that will surely take care of your needs. Expect the company to provide effective strategies, data analytics, and creative designs to ensure your program thrives. The three major services offered by Points are:

  • Data-Led Marketing – With this service, expect to encounter the use of technology and the combined expertise of marketing and data science to achieve a potentially compelling loyalty program to members. Through data-led marketing, expect Points to provide you with advanced analytics, demand generation, targeting and modeling, performance optimization, decision intelligence, and A/B testing and learning.
  • Security & Compliance – Points use optimum data protection for all users as well as security measures. These two are the core of Points and expect compliance with WCAG, SOX, and GDPR which are all PCI DSS level 1 service providers. Rest assured too that fraud mitigation is part of the company’s security. Points are partnered with more than 60 businesses, more than 200 products, and as much as 1 Billion members transacting actively, it only shows that the company is an expert in this field. Expect detection of abusive users through real-time member validation, access to global blacklists, analyst coverage for a week, and proprietary fraud database.
  • Product Innovation – Innovative measures provided based on a deep understanding of the customer’s behavior. Products and loyalty programs are designed according to the member’s activities in their daily lives.


Solutions By Points

Points.com is dedicated to providing the most active and engaged customers and these can be achieved by providing different effective solutions and the three major solutions by Points are:

  • Loyalty Currency Retailing – This solution is provided to ensure that loyalty members fall in love with the program over and over. Unfortunately, the most common reasons why loyalty members opt-out of such programs are because of expiration, insufficient currency, and tier dropdown. This is why Points have the loyalty currency retailing, to ensure that existing members continue to use the program simply by providing new and innovative opportunities to help members reach their desired reward. This solution enhances engagement effectively as well as revenue. There is no technology cost for this solution. Members are also able to un-expire their currencies, buy it, mix or combine it with cash, redeem, maintain or transfer currency.
  • Platform Partners – Another solution to enhance member engagement is by adding new and exciting ways to earn currency, exchange it and redeem. Be able to integrate awesome ways to connect with your partners, engage with them and even unlock opportunities that could potentially increase revenue.
  • Points Travel  – Enable your members to earn and redeem currency as they travel. Gain more when booking a hotel or a car service. Traveling members can gain more while enjoying traveling. With Points travel solution, be able to increase margin opportunity, achieve flexible payment options, consistent brand presence, flexible rules of redemption, and more.


Is the Points Website Easy to Navigate?

Unlike other e-commerce loyalty company, Points is one of the easiest websites there is. The home page is presented for different types of users, those who want to use it personally to track, exchange and redeem their points. It also has an option intended for businesses and investors. Each type of user has all the needed information on how the website works. You are provided with drop-down options on how it works, loyalty partners, help section and of course the sign-in button. To sign in, you need a valid email address and password. If you prefer to use your Facebook logins, you are free to do so.


Why Use Points?

The Points team is composed of more than 245 employees and are experts when it comes to business development, customer support, business performance, growth, human resource, expert marketing professionals, highly skilled ITs and those with MDs in the field of financial health. Overall, you are guaranteed your business is well taken cared of should you use Points to enhance member engagement. Points.com is also partnered with more than 60 businesses in the airline industry, hotel, travel, and retail. So hurry now, don’t hesitate to use Points and start getting loyal members worldwide.



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