5 Best Pokemon Toys

best selling and most popular pokemon toys

If you are a fan of Pokemon anime, there are various Pokemon toys available in the market which you can buy and add to your collection of toys. Pokemon is a franchise created by Satoshi Tajiri based on fictional characters pokemon which are caught by human trainers and are taught to battle. A Pokemon toy is a toy for children to play and for adults to add in their collection. This particular toy represents different characters in the anime series which are liked by the audience worldwide. Many Pokemon toys are available in the market which fans are buying in order to add them to their collections.


5 Best-Selling Pokemon Toys Right Now

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Pokemon Toy Shopping Guide

Common Features of Pokemon Toys

Pokemon toys are similar to other types of toys. There might be stuffed Pokemon toys, puzzle toys, electronic toys or computer games related to the story of Pokemon series. Anime fans and children specifically of the era in which pokemon were aired on the television are a huge fan of the series and are attracted towards the pokemon toys. The pokemon toys are a source of entertainment as well as an addition to the collection of pokemon toys for the fans. There are various types of pokemon toys available in the market varying in size, quality, type, and prices.

Things to Look For When Buying  Pokemon Toys

When you are going in the market or searching online for the pokemon toys, there are several options available which make it difficult for you to make a choice. Following are some of the things you must consider when you are going to buy a pokemon toy:

  1. Size of the toy: There are several pokemon toys available in the market ranging from stuffed toys to electronic toys to puzzle toys. All these types are available in different sizes. When buying a pokemon toy, make sure that you have storage space available to store that toy and decide the size accordingly. Moreover, look for the toys missing in your collection and then go for the toys which will complete the collection.
  2. Quality of the material that comprises the toy: There are various qualities of the pokemon toys available in the market. Different qualities are available for different types of Pokemon toys. Thus when you are buying a pokemon toy, do look for the quality and the warranty available so that the toy might get replaced if it is substandard. Quality of the toy is also important because children will play with the toy. Do look for the age limit tag provided with the toy to make sure that the toy is suitable for a child of that age or not.
  3. Price Overall: Some pokemon toys are not worth their price. Some toys are expensive as compared to their quality of built. Counterparts of some pokemon toys are not available in the market and are expensive if available. Thus do look for the price of the toy when buying one.

One thing you must keep in mind while buying such a thing is that it is only a toy and there is no need to get into the specific details of the product. Just go for the toy which you feel is of the best quality and will complete your collection or is a durable toy for your children to play with.

One more thing we should mention here too is that if the toy is for a child, please make sure the child is old enough to play with the toy and isn’t a hazard.


As stated above, there are a lot of choices available in the market when you are going to buy a pokemon toy which makes the choice very difficult. Following are some common choices available in the market with their brief features:

Tomy Hero Figure

The tomy hero figure pack offers the duo characters of ash and Pikachu in the series. The pack also contains tiny pokeballs and poke-desk which are the devices used in the series by the pokemon trainers. The toys are made up of high-quality plastic but do contain multiple joints which makes them unsuitable for the rough style of play. Moreover, due to tiny accessories, the toy is suitable for children with age 4 and above.


  • The toys are made up of high-quality resins and high built finish adds to the aesthetics if used for display purposes
  • The toy set contains multiple accessories at a low price


  • The toys are really tiny and can be threatening if in case swallowed by children
  • The toys possess multiple joints which makes them unsuitable for rough play

Hedbanz Game

Hedbanz game is a board game including the pokemon characters and is suitable for children with age 6 years or above. The game contains extensive characters from the series and requires knowledge about the series to be played. The board and the other accessories of the game have been manufactured from high-quality plastic resins and have a high quality finish making it a durable product for the customers. An instruction manual is also available with the game on which all the rules are explicitly mentioned.


  • The board and all the other accessories of the board game are built from high-quality material and are long-lasting and durable
  • The game covers the story of the pokemon up to the last series


  • If you want to play this game, you must have extensive knowledge about the pokemon series and their characters
  • Some accessories are tiny and can be life-threatening if swallowed accidentally

CRE Mega Pikachu

It is an 8 inch tall stuffed Pikachu toy in an adorable costume. It comes with a Charizard cloak attached to it at the back with its mouth open. The set also contains stuffed pokeballs. The stuffed toys are made up of cotton which is easily washable and the washing instructions are given with the toy. The quality of cotton is also high which makes the toy durable and suitable for rough play.


  • The toy is made up of high-quality cotton which makes it suitable for rough play
  • The toy is washable and washing instructions are given with the toy


  • Charizard cloak attached to the Pikachu’s back cannot be removed and Pikachu cannot be played alone with


Final Thoughts

So if you are a huge fan of pokemon series and fond of collecting anime characters, do go for the pokemon toys which are widely available in the market and on other e-commerce websites. If you are buying the toys for your children do remember to check for the age limit tag given with the toy.