Top 5 Best Portable Air Tanks

If you are a travel freak and like to travel to remote locations with your family and friends, a portable air tank is easy to use the unit in which you can store air and can carry it with you. A portable air tank can be filled with compressed air with the help of a compressor and can be used to inflate tires, swimming float rings, pools, air mattress, and different balls, etc.

A typical air tank is made up of steel or aluminum and is designed to store the pressured air inside it without any leakage. The weight is kept at minimum and tires are installed in most of the portable air tanks to carry them easily.

A portable air tank is a necessity when you are traveling to remote areas where there is no other source of compressed air other than the tank you are carrying with you. A portable air tank has tank similar in size to that of a compressor but weighs much less and is portable.

The portable air tanks can also be used in industries when there is an electricity shutdown and there is no source of energy to run a compressor.


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Common Features of a Portable Air Tank

A portable air tank is specially built to be used in homes to fill up your mattress or a pool and also can be carried to remote locations to inflate the tires or float rings etc. The air tank is the same in size as the tank of an air compressor but is light weighted. A portable tank can store from 5-10 gallons of air inside it depending upon the size of the tank.

Manufacturers use materials such as aluminum or structural steel for weight reduction and to prevent leakage of high-pressure air. The air in the tank is supposed to be filled with an air compressor. Some portable air tanks also come with gas-powered compressors but the weight of these air tanks increases and make it difficult to be carried.

Modern portable air tanks are compactly designed to be carried in the boot of a car. But some air tanks are a bit larger in size and cannot be carried in the car but can be carried in the back of a truck or an SUV. A portable air tank also features pressure and a rubber pipe with a nozzle is attached with the tank to inflate a tire or any other inflatable accessory.

The pressure range can be up to 135psi which makes this device suitable for most of the operations such as inflating a tire or using with spray paint, etc. The tanks are available to be used in a horizontal or vertical configuration as per the requirement of the user.


Product best suited for

The portable air tank is specially designed for frequent travelers who travel to remote areas where there is no source of energy to run a compressor in order to inflate the tires or other accessories. The lightweight material makes the tank to be carried anywhere without any difficulty.

In addition to this portable tank can be used in industries to use a paint sprayer, sander or nail gun, etc. when there is electricity shutdown in the industry. The portable air tank is easy to use for every type of user.

You just have to connect the nozzle or air hose to the point of usage and turn on the valve. The pressure gauges on the top of the air tank prevent leakage and any accident. The gauges and nozzle pipes can be assembled and disassembled accordingly so that the tank can be carried easily. The tanks are made compact to be carried in the car by the users but some tanks are larger and can only be carried in a truck back.


Things to look when buying a portable air tank

There are many choices available in the market when you are going to buy a portable air tank making the choice difficult. Following are some characteristics which can help you help you in making a decision when buying a portable air tank:


A portable air tank is available in different sizes. It generally varies from 5-15 gallons. The size of a portable tank will depend upon the type of usage. If you need to travel long distances, you will need a slightly bigger air tank due to a greater distance. Similarly, if you are using a portable air tank in your home to inflate mattress or a pool, a smaller tank will also fulfill your purpose. However greater the size of the tank difficult it will be to carry it around, so this thing must also be in your mind when buying a portable air tank.


Different materials are used to make a portable air tank. It might be made up of aluminum or steel. The material will decide the weight and durability of the tank. A steel tank will be heavier than an aluminum tank but will be more durable due to its properties. Similarly, an aluminum tank will be less in weight and will be more effective against corrosion. Thus the tank’s material will directly be defined from the area of usage or your application.


Price is another factor which will be helpful in making the decision of an air tank. There are some portable air tanks available in the market which are made up of sub-standard material and the quality is not according to the price. A better and durable air tank might be available in the same price bracket if proper research is done. Thus do some market research before making a final decision.

Thus taking a look at these points will make your decision making really easy.

Final Thoughts

A portable air tank is an inexpensive solution to the problems faced by you when there is no compressor available, whether in a journey or home or industry. This lightweight and compact design of the product is increasing its sales and making it a handy tool to have.

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