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5 Best Portable Bidets

A bidet is a device which is used for the purpose of hygiene in the restrooms. When you are traveling longer distances, you will definitely feel the urge to use the restrooms. Most of the restrooms do not provide bidets, instead, they provide toilet paper due to which people feel unhygienic.

A portable bidet is designed for this purpose. It includes a bottle to store some water and a jet to spray the water in order to remove the unwanted material from the body to cleanse you. As the name suggests, the bidet is small and can be carried inside a handbag or the dashboard of your car but can be of great importance in the case when you are using a restroom of a motel or a petrol pump where toilet papers are offered only.


Bidets are mostly used in Europe and Asia but it is not getting much popular in America due to various hygiene and cleanliness benefits it offers. Moreover, it can also be used to carry the disinfectant and can be sprayed over the affected area by the elderly people. Some modern portable bidets also offer the drying feature which is in addition to its basic cleansing feature.


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A portable bidet as the name suggests is designed so that it can be easily carried to places where the bidets are not offered. It usually contains a bottle which can store water or disinfectant up to 450-700ml. And a sprayer is attached on the top of the bottle for cleaning on disinfecting the sensitive body parts. Some bidets do not offer a sprayer and the bottle is supposed to be squeezed in order to clean the body after aiming.

The material of the bottle is robust and it can be cleaned to be used again. Some manufacturers also offer storage bags to store the portable bidets when not in use. Modern portable bidets are operated by batteries. The switch is used to control the position of the nozzle and the pressure at which the liquid is supposed to be sprayed. Usually, there are two options for the pressure i.e. regular and soft. Some designs have specialized rubber pads to improve the grip of the bottle. Some manufacturers have added the feature of dual sprayer which can cleanse a large area effectively.

The nozzle size is also adjustable in most of the portable bidets which makes it a suitable product for the older people and the back pain patients.


Whos Best Suited to Own a Portable Bidet?

This product is best suited for the people who are used to the bidets when using the restroom. Most of the people in the West are familiar with bidets but often use toilet papers to clean their genitals after using the restroom. So the public restrooms often do not offer bidets. Thus it is a suitable product for you if you are traveling and using a public restroom. The high health and cleansing benefits are making this product quite much popular in East and West. The product can also be used by the elders and disabled people who cannot use the restrooms.

If you put in some disinfectant instead of water, it can be used to disinfect the sensitive areas. Some portable bidets offer to dry and warming facilities after washing the sensitive parts which are a suitable product for the older people. The portable feature makes it easy to be carried in handbags or glovebox to a motel, workplace or any other place where the presence of bidet is a problem.

The pressure is also adjustable in electric portable bidets so it can be conveniently used by the elder people who have undergone any surgery. Thus this product offers more hygiene and cleanliness in lesser money.


Things to Look for When Buying a Portable Bidet

There are many choices available in the market when you are going to buy a portable bidet which makes it difficult to buy one. However, there are certain characteristics which can be helpful in making the selection of a portable bidet which is as follows:


Portable bidets are available in different sizes. The sizes may differ in the bottle’s storage capacity or the nozzle’s length. If you are a frequent traveler and carry a long distance, then you might need a bigger bottle bidet. But if you want to use it for daily day usage, a small or medium bottle can also serve the purpose. Similarly, if you are healthy and fit a small nozzle can be used to clean the sensitive parts. The long and adjustable nozzle size is specially designed for older and disabled people. So do look for the type of your usage and do not throw your money on extra-large portable bidets.


Design is another factor which can differentiate between different portable bidets. Some bottles are curved which provide extra grip. While some have rubber grip which also aids in gripping but wear with the passage of time. Similarly, the sprayer design might also differ. Some sprayers are flat while some offer separators to increase the flow of the water. Furthermore, some bottles are operated with the help of batteries while some portable bidets can simply be used just by squeezing the bottle.


Also, make sure to check the insulation of the bottle. Some portable bidets contain bottles which are not well insulated. As a result, the hot water becomes colder relatively quickly. This causes problems when the portable bidet is used for the cleaning purpose in winters.


There are many portable bidets available in the market which are not charged according to their quality. They are mostly made up of sub-standard material which will wear with the passage of time resulting in the wastage of money.

So do keep these points in your mind which will definitely make the choice of buying one such product relatively easier.


Final Thoughts

So if you are conscious about your hygiene or an adult who has undergone some surgery, this product is the suitable choice for you. This not only can be used for cleanliness but also to disinfect any area of the body.

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