Best Portable Camping Toilets

5 Best Portable Camping Toilets

It is an estimation that in the united states almost 40 million people go camping. This number is huge, but do most of these people know the basics of camping? We do not think so. There are a few essentials that every camper should have. No one forgets to bring a tent, pillows, dealing bag, kitchen, bug repellent, flashlight, and lighter. Some people even carry heavy kitchen wear and that is indeed useful. But what most of the campers forget to get is a portable toilet.

If you think a portable toilet is a luxury and not an essential then you might be wrong. And here are the people who should get a portable toilet for their own benefit.


The Best Portable Camping Toilets to Buy

Best for Budget – JAXPETY 5 Gallon 20L Flush Outdoor Travel Camping Portable RV Toilet

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Finding convenient, clean, and accessible toilet arrangements is one of the biggest hurdles for campers and other outdoor enthusiasts. The JAXPETY Travel Toilet is a great choice you can try out for a very reasonable amount. This budget outdoor toilet is perfect for many situations and will prove to be your best friend for long trips to remote areas and camping sites.

Being reasonably priced doesn’t mean that the manufacturers did a bad job in maintaining the quality and durability of the product. The seat and lid of this portable toilet are adult-sized and quite sturdy enough to be used repeatedly for several years. In addition to camping sites, the portable nature and small frame of the toilet makes it a perfect choice for RV’s as well.

This portable camping toilet also ensures that you get a clean and hygienic environment whenever you feel the need and for that, it comes with a flush function similar to a regular toilet so you can clean up afterward. The storage tank is also completely sealed and does not let any smell to get out.

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Another product designed for users of all ages and sizes, the portable camping toilet comes with all the features that can make your stay somewhat closer to your home. Its portable nature and light weight allow you to use this toilet in various environments like fishing boats, camping sites, RV campers, etc.

The entire product is made up of polyethylene that is quite sturdy and is very easy to clean. The sturdiness means that in areas of rough use like boats, the toilet will not fail and continue to work perfectly. It’s also very easy to empty the 5-gallon waste tank and its watertight seals prevent any leakages or unpleasant smell.

For flushing, this toilet comes with a large 3-gallon reservoir that does not need to be filled after several uses. On average, the tank allows you to flush at least 70 times before you’ll have to refill the freshwater reservoir.

Editor’s Choice – Alpcour Portable Toilet – Compact Indoor & Outdoor Commode

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Our choice is the Alpcour Portable Toilet that is compact, convenient, hygienic, and durable. This portable toilet is made up of high-quality clean plastic that does not let any bacterial growth and eliminates any type of unwanted smell from affecting anyone.

The portable toilet comes with a very large 5-gallon waste tank that allows you to keep using the toilet for a very long time without needing to empty the container. When you decide to empty it, the rotating sprout installed will help you ensure that you leave the tank completely cleaned.

The seat is designed to easily accommodate adults and users of any size and the toilet can be easily flushed through the large freshwater container that can last for about 50 to 60 flushes. The toilet also comes with an easy to carry case as well, so you can pack it up and easily take it with you.

SereneLife Outdoor Portable Toilet

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The SereneLife Portable Toilet is another incredible option for campers and other outdoor enthusiasts that are designed to make their life easier. The toilet comes with a carrying case, a large waste tank, a durable body, and a state-of-the-art cleaning system to maintain excellent hygiene standards at all costs.

The entire body of the SereneLife Portable Toilet is made from premium quality plastic that is hard to find anywhere else. The durable build quality of this product makes it a great choice for application in areas where the chances of it getting roughed up are greater than average. The body is also completely corrosion-resistant so you’ll know that after purchase, it will last a very long time.

The waste tank is completely sealed with the best standards of the manufacturers so the chances of leaks occurring and unpleasant odor are extremely unlikely. Finally, the toilet comes pre-assembled from the manufacturers so you won’t have to use any tools or spend time building it. Simply take it out of the packaging and it’s ready to be used.

Camco 2.6 Gallon 2.6-Gallon Portable Travel Toilet

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The Camco Portable Travel Toilet is another cheap, but reliable option for any situation where you don’t have access to a regular toilet. While it is a great product when it comes to functionality and usage with its adult-sized seat, portability latches, and polyethylene construction. This toilet has a small waste tank of only 2.6-gallons which means that you have to empty it more frequently.

A unique feature of this portable toilet is its extremely lightweight nature. When empty, the entire setup including the waste and flush tank weighs only 11 pounds which is an ideal weight for carrying the product around without much hindrance.

The waste tank of this portable toilet comes with an incredible sealed gate-valve that does not release any odor and prevents all kinds of leakages from occurring. The packaging comes with the separated waste tank that can be attached with side latches so you have to be careful while attaching it in order to prevent any leakages and unpleasant smells from coming out.

Other Great Portable Toilets to Use for Camping

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Who Typically Purchases a Portable Camping Toilet?

  • Many campsites in the USA have installed public toilets and bathrooms on the government’s order. But if you are planning on camping at a remote location, there are high chances that you will not see a toilet anywhere near. To prevent this situation, it is best to take a portable toilet with you.
  • Most of the time at campsites during peak days, finding a vacant toilet is difficult. In this sort of condition, adults can handle their intestine, but not children. A high percentage of people do not go camping alone, it is either with friends or family. If you are planning a trip with small children then you will need one of these camping toilets.
  • Let’s be honest, how many times have you walked into a campsite toilet and it was looking like a complete disaster? Like a piece of art, painted with the shade “unspeakable brown”? Using filthy toilets can spread different types of viruses and infect you. This is why it is recommended to always check the ratings of a campsite. Doing research beforehand can prevent such accidents. But, if you have to visit a campsite and you cannot find the reviews, what to do? Take a portable toilet as a precaution. You can use it if you need it or otherwise, it will sit in your car taking little to no space.
  • Yes, the name of the product is a “portable campsite toilet”. But who said you cannot use it unless you are going camping? With the increase in popularity of mobile homes, a portable toilet can provide the comfort of home on the road. If you are one of those nomads who love to explore the world in their tiny houses, get a tiny toilet.


How Does a Portable Camping Toilet Work, Anyway?

Well, this is no rocket science. The concept is simple and most of the time design is minimalistic. All you need is a feces collecting system, a seat to sit on, and a structure that holds the body above the ground.

No matter which camping toilet you choose, all of them require to use a plastic bag of some sort. This bag holds the excrement and makes disposal easier. There are some toilets that need no bags but saying that “cleaning them would be unappealing”, is an understatement.


A Few Points To Think About When Portable Toilet Shopping

There are several portable camping toilets readily available in the market, you should never buy the first one you see. Before adding anything to your cart, consider the following features. Because these are the main characteristics that make a camping toilet worth your money.

Portability & Versatility 

It is an obvious fact and common sense that a portable camping toilet should be portable. But is it enough portable? For example, many toilets claim to be mobile but they are either massive or do not have handles to carry the unit. So, when buying a toilet for camping ask yourself these two questions. Does this toilet has carry handles and can it fit in my car or cabin? If the answer to both of these questions is yes, then the unit is enough portable.


This factor also affects the portability of the unit you are purchasing. So always keep in mind, your portable toilet should not stimulate pain in your joints. When it comes to camping toilets, the lighter, the better.

Sturdy Built

Yes, the above paragraph says the toilet has to be lightweight. But that does give it a free pass to be weak. You are not going to use this toilet at home. It is instead going to sit on rocks and soil. This is why the unit is not allowed to have wobbly legs or a flimsy body.

Simple Design

It is not the job of your camping toilet to blast the music or share the pictures over social media. Which is why it is better to have a minimalistic approach towards a portable toilet. The reason behind this is that having smart features give a high risk of malfunctioning. Just get a unit that does the job, there is no need for your camping toilet to have a wifi connection. Having a simple design also indicates that the price of the product will be much lower and affordable.

Low Maintenance

Camping is all about fun and game until you have to scrub your portable toilet for 20 minutes. And even after that, it is looking suspiciously brown, gross. You can get away with not cleaning the toilet at home for a week because those units have several self-cleaning features. But a camping toilet does not have any lubricated later or turbo flush. So, it is better to get a toilet that will be easy to clean and let you enjoy your trip.


Advantages of Having a Portable Toilet

  • Body systems are most of the time actually incomprehensible. You used the loo in the evening but now it is night and you have an emergency? A toilet in your tent can save you from chilling wind and mosquito bites.
  • Yes, you can find a clean toilet but what if you do not? Portable toilets save you from using those repulsive toilets that make you gag. A clean and private seat will give you the feeling of a home and provide comfort.



Buying a nice portable toilet is not that hard if you know what you are looking for. It can save you from infections, insects bite, and emergencies. In addition to the useful features, you should always check the customer reviews before buying the product. And It is even better if the product comes with a warranty.

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