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Top 5 Best Portable Closets

Everyone needs some space to store their clothes and shoes. Closet serves the purpose of storage and also offers a hanging place for the clothes along with shelves. A portable closet is light in weight and can be carried easily to places to serve the purpose of storage where a wall wardrobe is not available. So a portable closet is what you need in your home or office to hang your clothes and to store your shoes.

5 Best Portable Closets

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Portable Closet Shopping Guide

Common Features of Portable Closet

The portable closet is made for homes and offices for hanging clothes and storing shoes where inbuilt wardrobes are not available. The low weight of the closet allows the user to carry it anywhere with ease. The closets are designed such that they keep the treasured garments fresh and keeps them safe from moisture, dust, and bugs, etc. The closet can store garments for any weather ranging from summers to winters to clothes and shoes for a special occasion. Moreover, closets are easy to assemble without any tools by just following the instructions given in the instruction manual. Some closets come with a steel rod while some are equipped with an aluminum rod for hanging the clothes.

Things to look when buying a Portable Closet

There are so many portable closets available in the market that it makes such a difficult choice for you to select one. Following are some of the things which must be kept in mind while purchasing a portable closet:

  1. Storage: There are many portable closets available but the main thing differentiating them is the storage space. Some closets offer double hanging rods, and multiple shelves to store the garments and the shoes. Portable closets also offer adjustable shelves and security drawers for storage. Storage, therefore, is one thing you must keep in mind while selecting a portable closet.
  2. Design: Design is another aspect which you must consider while buying a portable closet. The design of the door, the shelves, and the rods are the defining features of the closet. Therefore it is imperative that you ensure portable closet is made with strong materials that are mended together securely.
  3. Price: Some portable closets do not offer the features as compared with other closets at the same price. The parts of the closet might be made up of cheaper material as compared to the price. The price is another factor you must consider while buying a portable closet.

The portable closet is just meant for storage of clothes and other garments, so do not indulge yourself into the specifications. Just look for the key features and buy one which is serving the purpose of storage and quality.


There are many choices available when you are considering to buy a portable closet. Some of the bestselling products are enlisted below with some of their features.


This compact closet gives an aesthetic look to the room or the office and also occupies less space. It is made up of top quality resins which do not contain hazardous chemical substances. The material is dust and waterproof making it a long lasting product for the customers. Moreover, the product supplies enough space to store clothes and shoes.


  • The product is water and dust proof making it a long lasting product for the customers
  • Occupies less space as compared to conventional inbuilt wardrobe


  • The product is only delivered to limited areas
  • The instruction manual is difficult to read and understand


Blissun 59-Inch Portable Closet

This closet is lightly weighted thus can be used in different rooms and offices. It is easy to use and easy to assemble. Sophisticated and compact in design but the product offers large storage space with two hanging bars and nine shelves to store garments and shoes. In addition to this, the product is available at quite an affordable price.


  • The product is lightly weighted thus can be transferred to different places
  • The design is compact but offers a large storage space
  • The product is available at affordable price


  • The product quality can be improved by improving the quality of resins used.


LANGRIA Portable Closet

The product is made up of heavy duty rust proof metal sheets and can support weight up to 420 pounds. Assembly instructions are provided with the product which makes the assembly very easy. The product provides a large storage space with three shelves and 2 hanging rods. The product also comes with an eco-friendly cover which is resistant to tear and wear.


  • The product is made up of rustproof heavy metal sheet making it a durable product for the customers
  • It is easy for you to assemble the LANGRIA Portable Closet
  • The closet can support up to 420 pounds of weight


  • The closet is a bit heavy to carry as compared to other products in the market
  • The shelves in some cases bend due to misuse


Whitmor Portable Closet

Whitmor Portable Closet is made up of heavy-duty fabric cover protecting the garments from dust and humidity. The product can support 50 pounds of weight which is quite less as compared to other products available in the market. Due to fewer parts, the product can easily be assembled without the usage of any tools.


  • The product is easy to assemble due to fewer parts
  • The product is available at affordable rates and is delivered to most parts of the world


  • The product is not attractive thus does not increase the aesthetics of the room or the office
  • The portable closet also supports less weight as compared to similar products available in the market


KOUSI Portable Closet

KOUSI has produced several outstanding products and this time has introduced a portable closet. The product is easy to use and provides a large storage space. It is made up of high-quality resins and with stainless steel hanging rods making it a durable product for the users.


  • The product is extremely spacious and simple to use
  • The product has high built finish thus adding to the aesthetics of the room or the office
  • It is easy to assemble without any tools


  • No flaws


Final Thoughts

A portable closet is an innovative product providing storage space for your garments and shoes and adding to the aesthetics of the room and your office. The portable feature of the closet makes it easy for you to transfer it to places making it a useful product.

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