The Best Portable DVD Players For Kids

portable dvd player for kids

Are you looking for the best portable DVD players for your kids? Then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at some of the best options on the market and help you decide which one is right for your family. So whether your child is a movie fanatic or just needs something to keep them busy on long car rides, we have got you covered. Keep reading to learn more!



Great Portable DVD Players For Kids & Families

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1)DBPOWER’s 11.5″ Portable DVD Player



2)IeGeek’s 11.5″ Portable DVD Player



3) JEKERO’s 16.9″ Portable DVD Player



4)Wonnie’s 10″ Portable DVD Player




Shopping for a Kid’s Portable DVD Player – A Quick Guide

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When selecting a DVD player, it is important to consider the type of screen that it has. I recommend a swivel screen. I suggest that you find one with a swivel screen because this will allow for greater versatility in terms of viewing angles.The best way to select the right DVD player that will provide your kids with endless hours of entertainment is to take into account their age and interests. If they are really young, then you could get them something like a portable DVD player because it doesn’t have all of those games and other things that make them more interested in playing with the buttons.

Single Screen

Below are some examples of single-screen DVD players. The Goolu DVD Player only has the one screen, but it does have two speakers for good sound. It also includes an FM radio and a built-in games system. Furwill offers a similar player that has all of the features that you might be looking for.

Two Screens or More

There are multiple varieties of dual-screen DVD players on the market today. For MP3 players, MP4 Players, and ebooks, Apeman’s Dual Screen Car Headrest Mount Player With Built-In Child Seat is an excellent choice because it supports all of these formats. The screen rotates to allow you to watch content from any angle which is great. Another dual-screen player is AAA’s 7″ Swivel Headrest Mount Car DVD Player, which also has two speakers along with USB and SD support.


Battery Power

Rechargeable Battery? AA-Battery Powered?

It is important to remember that portable DVD players get used mostly away from home. For this very reason, you have to know just how long the battery can power the device while you are out and about. Battery life is an essential consideration for almost every handy tool, not just a portable DVD player.

You should remember that while the majority of portable DVD players come with an additional AC adapter or even a car adapter to help with charging while you are on the road, battery life is the most critical aspect to consider.

Generally, the battery life on a device that lasts about 5 to 6 hours is a device to consider. Nevertheless, battery life estimate depends on how you intend to use the device, but it should stay on for longer than a couple of hours before it needs to be charged.


Apart from playing DVDs, the most recent portable DVD players can play media from other sources such as MP3s and CDs. You are also able to play your favorite tunes on the DVD player, as you would do with a portable mp3 player, as long as you have headphones or use the portable DVD’s inbuilt speakers.

The majority of the recent portable DVD players are equipped with a USB port, which lets you plug your iPod or MP4 player to it. Others have an AV output connection that enables the device to be connected to a TV. It is essential to consider the kinds of connections required from the device before purchasing one. This helps you get a device that is sure to meet your requirements and every different form of media that is going to be played with the device.


Screen size

Screen size also plays a determining role as it dramatically determines the total device size. If a smaller screen is wanted, it is best to know that the size of the portable DVD player will be a similar size. Nevertheless, should you choose one with a bigger screen, the total size of the device would be bigger and would weigh more.

If the purpose is to purchase a portable DVD player to use while traveling via trains or airlines, it would be smart to buy something that isn’t too large or small — logging around a massive gadget while traveling can become extremely tiresome.

a great video review of a popular portable DVD player for families and kids use.

Nevertheless, it is common logic that a bigger screen makes watching media enjoyable than compared to a tiny screen. It is imperative to understand just how you want to use a portable DVD player. These devices come in numerous sizes ranging from the smallest 5 inches to the largest 20 inches.


Screen Resolution & Display Output

Screen resolution is not the same thing as screen size. Screen resolution refers to how many pixels appear on a screen horizontally and vertically, also the picture quality grade. A device with a terribly rated screen resolution is going to make for a terrible watching experience.

Screens & Default Number of Simultaneous Display Outputs

The number of Outputs is another common question. If you desire a single HD display/monitor you shouldn’t have anything to worry about as most of these devices come with 1 output. However, if you’re looking for a kids portable DVD player that offers more than one screen, you may need to look a little harder.

Supported Media

It is also important to consider what media the portable DVD player can handle. The bulk of these players do not play Blu-ray disks, but that’s fine. Nevertheless, it is best to make sure the most common file formats are supported(imagery and video included). A couple of these file types are VOB, AVI, DIVX, MPEG, WAV, MP3, and JPEG. The reason this is included within our list is simply due to the fact that some abilities and functions are limited, not just due to compatibility reasons, but also based on country standards.


It might be necessary sometimes to connect the device to the home screen when you are at home. To do this, an AV or even an HDMI output port is essential. An AV link also helps you connect two players for viewing of the same video. Auxiliary jacks should also be checked, in case the player is to be connected to a car speaker or headphones. In some instances, Users are interested in a portable DVD player for kids that offers dual headphone jacks. These types of ports do exist on some kids’ portable DVD players, but you’re better off buying an adapter. AV Cables should also be considered when looking at what is included with the initial product.

yet another important connectivity feature to consider is the tv remote control capabilities. If you have a particular need that includes a tv remote, be sure to check the product details.

Shipping Speeds

Another somewhat obvious consideration or trade-off to think about is how long you expect your product to arrive if you shop online.

Baked-In Functionality

A portable player that has built-in function and functionality is an important consideration. Built-in functions include a closed captioning feature, parental control and automatic brightness. Generally speaking, many devices now come shipped with a number of cables including an AV Cable,

The most well-known built-in function is the closed-captioning feature. This function offers the user the ability to caption certain visuals or words on-screen while viewing media that are not in their native language. Closed captions are typically supported by TVs that have text overlay, but since portable DVDs are just projected onto screens, they are not compatible with this function.

Brands We Like

There are many fantastic brands in the portable DVD player space (for kids), but we thought you’d benefit from a few of some really great brands.


The DBPower digital DVD player features a 12-inch screen that covers 9 inches of viewing field. The screen can also swivel 270 degrees with rotating 180 degrees to give perfect views anywhere placed in the vehicle. A rechargeable lithium batteries of 2500 mAH provide five continuous viewing hours. It is region free and has several disc formats including VCD and SVCD. It also supports Audio and Images formats. There’s also a SD reader slot and a USB port. Moreover the break-point feature lets you begin seeing where you left off. The package is well packed for the shipping thus eliminating possible damage upon arrival.


The Cooau Portable DVD Player boasts a 7.5 5″ eye protection screen. It also works with several disc formats or file formats. Blu-ray and MP4 files aren’t supported. Its 500mAh battery lasts 5 hours and is supplied with a car charger and AC adapter. The screen swivels 270 degrees and the player is fitted with two earphone jacks. The final memory setting protects the little boys against the whining. This rechargeable battery can last for up to five hours and has a USB port on board. Find the greatest quality DVD players on the world’s top seller on Amazon.

Sunpin with dual earphone jacks

Another Sunpin brand this compact DVD offers the best features and dual earphones. The screen rotates at 290 degrees to 270 degrees which makes it great for use at the car. It comes with a Li-polymer battery lasting 5 hours, an AC power converter car charger and a seat headrest mounted. This program supports numerous file types of data: USB and SD cards. It does not support Blu-ray. The player has an integrated AV port but not an input AV port. It also doesn’t support games. It also has anti shock and last memory which make it excellent to use all round.


Boifun offers other options for a budget-effective large-screen multimedia DVD player. Viewing is 15.6 inches or 1280×800 HD screen. Built-in breaking-point memory will keep track of where your last viewing left off. Batteries have an initial life of about 6 hours which includes a car charger and AC power. The anti-shock feature can be easily implemented within cars. This player is Region Free means you can play DVDs from other countries however this player doesn’t support Blu-ray. Keep a large screen and may be difficult to fit into some cars.


Apeman supports a number of formats including MP3 and WMA, JPEG and BMP, Nintendo (game format), and TXT for ebooks. It plays no Dolby Blu-ray HD MP4 or Dolby Digital. The lever screen rotates 360°. Battery life is 6 hours at a full charge and comes with an AC adapter and a car charger. USB and SD slot for SD cards are also included in multiple interface choices that provide children with play options that are accessed from the DVD player on a screen. The 15-inch display has a resolution of HD 1080p, also an USB gaming port.

Fangor Products

USB/SD support up to 32GB. Most CD-style format is compatible, except Blu-ray and MP4. . The screen does not swivel or twist but has a built-in backrest. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasts 4-5 hours in one user mode and 2-3 hours using the battery alone. It’s on two devices. There are two cradle straps along with two cradle straps. It also supports JPG and TXT files and JPG.


Sunpin’s DVD player for youngsters offers viewing space of 15.6 inches or 120 x 800 HD large screen. The screen can rotate allowing you to watch the screen from a number of angles. The dual speakers give an impressive sound. A high quality 5.0GHz battery with capacity 750 W lithium-polymer provides long play time at high power density. This player also supports an SD card and USB for playing your digital movie and MP3 files. It has a huge variety of disc formats including CD DVD and DVD+R(-R), DVD RW(-RW), VCD CD-R.




If you’re a parent who is looking for a portable DVD player designed to entertain your kids, it’s important that you take into consideration the various types of features and functionality. Some considerations include screen resolution, number of outputs, supported media formats, connectivity options such as remote control capabilities or dual headphone jacks. The other thing about children-oriented products is they are often not compatible with all languages which means closed captions may not be an option. Lastly, when considering these devices online it’s also worth noting how long shipping will take and if there are any built in functions like parental controls or automatic brightness settings.