best portable dvd player for toddler

5 Best Portable DVD Players for Toddlers

While embarking out on a tedious task with a little one, it’s important to have activities lined up so the child doesn’t become bored. One of the most effective ways to keep a child busy while you’re out completing some time-consuming task is to let them watch their favorite movie or TV show. One of the most effective means to do this is by picking up a portable DVD player. Below, we’ve compiled a report of some of the most popular and best selling toddler-friendly portable DVD player brands and models. And, in case you’ve just recently started shopping, we’ve created a concise and helpful shopping guide to get you framed right.


5 Best Portable DVD Players for Toddlers

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Portable DVD Player Shopping Guide

A portable DVD player with dimensions similar to a hardback novel and a bright TFT screen can be a brilliant asset when it is time to entertain yourself or friends. Portable DVD players are lightweight and compact enough to be seamlessly stored in a backpack, yet still, let you watch your favorite movies and listen to your choice tunes.

When appropriately selected, a portable DVD player can become extremely versatile, offering a link up to the television and any other entertainment systems in the home. Thanks to a mix of technological advancements and consistently falling prices, a portable DVD player is now financially within reach of numerous domestic consumers, which has, in turn, made it a viable proposition.

Below is a list of considerations which will ensure you pick the right portable DVD player for your needs.

Important things to Consider when shopping for a Portable DVD Player

Battery power

It is important to remember that portable DVD players get used mostly away from home. For this very reason, you have to know just how long the battery can power the device while you are out and about. Battery life is an essential consideration for almost every handy tool, not just a portable DVD player.

You should remember that while the majority of portable DVD players come with an additional AC adapter or even a car adapter to help with charging while you are on the road, battery life is the most critical aspect to consider.

Generally, battery life on a device that lasts about 5 to 6 hours is a device to consider. Nevertheless, battery life estimate depends on how you intend to use the device, but it should stay on for longer than a couple of hours before it needs to be charged.

Types and connections

Apart from playing DVDs, the most recent portable DVD players can play media from other sources such as MP3s and CDs. You are also able to play your favorite tunes on the DVD player, as you would do with a portable mp3 player, as long as you have headphones or use the portable DVD’s inbuilt speakers.

The majority of the recent portable DVD players are equipped with a USB port, which lets you plug your iPod or MP4 player to it. Others have an AV output connection that enables the device to be connected to a TV. It is essential to consider the kinds of connections required from the device before purchasing one. This helps you get a device that is sure to meet your requirements and every different form of media that is going to be played with the device.

Screen size

Screen size also plays a determining role as it dramatically determines the total device size. If a smaller screen is wanted, it is best to know that the size of the portable DVD player will be a similar size. Nevertheless, should you choose one with a bigger screen, the total size of the device would be bigger and would weigh more.

If the purpose is to purchase a portable DVD player to use while traveling via trains or airlines, it would be smart to buy something that isn’t too large or small — logging around a massive gadget while traveling can become extremely tiresome.

Nevertheless, it is common logic that a bigger screen makes watching media enjoyable than compared to a tiny screen. It is imperative to understand just how you want to use a portable DVD player. These devices come in numerous sizes ranging from the smallest 5 inches to the largest 20 inches.

DVD Regions

What most people might not be aware of, is the fact that DVDs employ a regional coding system when they are produced. These regional codes mean only portable DVD players that have been coded to that region can play the disk. However, portable players that have been designed with universal sensors can pay all DVDs from anywhere, regardless of region.

These sort of portable DVD players that aren’t restricted to one single code are known as Region free players.

Screen Resolution

Screen resolution is not the same thing as screen size. Screen resolution refers to how many pixels appear on a screen horizontally and vertically, also the picture quality grade. A device with a terribly rated screen resolution is going to make for a terrible watching experience.

Supported Media

It is also important to consider what media the portable DVD player can handle. The bulk of these players do not play Blu-ray disks, but that’s fine. Nevertheless, it is best to make sure the most common file formats are supported. A couple of these file types are VOB, AVI, DIVX, MPEG, WAV, MP3 and JPEG.


It might be necessary sometimes to connect the device to the home screen when you are at home. To do this, an AV or even an HDMI output port is essential. An AV link also helps you connect two players to view the same video. Auxiliary jacks should also be checked, in case the player is to be connected to a  car speaker or headphones.

Kid-Friendly Considerations

Finding a DVD player your child can use requires that you consider one that has the features below:


Children, especially the younger ones tend to bump and drop their toys, which is why it is imperative to select one that has been sturdily built to outlast this kind of abuse.


Since kids are the target audience, the controls have to be easy to use, preferably with big buttons to teach children how the DVD player works.


All DVD players make use of optical media, and that be at odds with the way children handle their toys. This technology feature helps to eradicate skipping, as well as other issues associated with the player being jostled.

Battery Life

Generally, battery life if most portable DVD players range from about 2 and a half hours to 5 hours. This number is dependent on usage. It might be best to look for a DVD

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