Top 5 Best Portable Mattresses

most popular portable mattresses for you on the go

One of the greatest problems this generation faces is the extremely high prices of accommodation across the world. In our parent’s time, it was easy to buy a home and even at a minimum wage, rent was never an issue. Today, the housing crisis is crippling the economy and people are opting to live in small houses with minimum space.

Due to the limitation of space, the market for portable items one can put away when not in use is booming. One of the items gaining attention is portable mattresses. Unlike traditional mattresses, they are lightweight and allow users to store them properly without taking too much space. Additionally, portable mattresses are a great accessory for traveling outdoors, camping, and accommodating house guests.


Top 5 Best Selling Portable Mattresses

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Note – Sometimes people refer to these as inflatable mattresses as well.


Common uses of portable mattresses

Portable mattresses can give you a comfortable good night’s sleep in a number of situations. They are perfect for the following situations:

  1.     Lack of space in your home: As stated before, the trend of small homes is increasing in the urban environment. The main reason behind this is financial and in this situation, spending money on huge beds seems unrealistic. With portable mattresses, you can easily have a comfortable sleep at night and extra space in the room during the day. There are models that turn into a couch or a chair as well. Of course, they are not suited for traveling, but they are ideal for a room.This is an ideal setup for those who just moved out of their parent’s house and are looking to save money without compromising too much on their comfort.Similarly, even if you have space for your own beds, these mattresses can help you when house guests come over. You can accommodate multiple guests easily and in the morning, it will take you minutes to restore the room to its previous setting.
  1.     Traveling: Portable mattresses are available in different sizes and when folded, they can easily fit in your car’s trunk. If you feel uncomfortable sleeping on a hotel bed, you can just take out your mattress and sleep on it.
  2.     Camping: If you are camping, it’s better to sleep on a portable mattress rather than a sleeping bag. Whether, you are inside the tent or outside, these mattresses can easily keep you comfortable. The only drawback of portable mattresses is the fact that you cannot keep them in your backpack.

Characteristics to consider before buying portable mattresses

Before in a portable mattress, you must know that different brands have different features. Some might be useful for you and some might not. It all depends on the reason you need them for. For example, if you are buying a portable mattress for guests that seldom come to spend the night at your place, you can look for a foldable mattress that takes the shape of a couch when folded. This way, you’ll have a useful piece of furniture in your living room that may turn into a bed when needed.

In this section, we’ll look at some factors that you must consider when buying a portable mattress.


Build material and quality are extremely important factors to consider. A good night’s sleep is necessary to maintain health and function properly on the next day, so compromises are acceptable. Commonly, mattresses are either polyfoam or Memory foam. If you are looking for a moderately priced model, you’ll probably buy polyfoam mattress. They are however not that comfortable and lose their shape after a few years. Memory foams, on the other hand, are quite durable. They immediately become soft when in contact with a human body and return to its original shape when not. They will cost a little extra but will outlive any polyfoam mattress which means that it’s more economical in the long run.  


This is an important factor as it affects both comfort and portability. Thicker models will obviously be more comfortable while thinner models will weigh less and be more portable. The thickness usually varies from 3’ to 8’. As a customer, you must decide the thickness depending on your usage.


Almost all portable mattresses come with some sort of protective coverings that are usually waterproof. Some can be removed and washed in a machine while some are sewn and cannot be removed. It is important to decide the type of cover you want. For example; if you will use the mattress on camping trips, the covers must be waterproof, washable, and protected against allergens. In homes, padding to prevent slippage can also be useful. Materials like polyester and cotton are the usual choice for covers but other options like rayon are also available.


The length and width are important considerations before purchasing a mattress. Similar to regular mattresses, portable ones are also available in many sizes.

Overall weight

Weight is a huge factor when we talk about portability. If you are buying the mattress for camping or outdoor travels, it’s important to buy a model that weighs less

Size when folded

When buying a mattress for indoor use, it’s important to consider the size and shape of the mattress when folded. For example, a rolling mattress can be easy to store. Similarly, you can easily stack triple-fold or double fold mattresses on top of each other to save space.


Mattresses usually come with a warranty on the foam. Depending on the brand, warranties can vary from one year to several years.



As always, buying anything requires a certain degree of trust in the manufacturer and the sellers. However, as a customer, you can always be prepared. In this guide, we tried to inform you about some common characteristics that you must consider before making a purchase.