Top 5 Best Projection Clocks

best projection alarm clocks

Alarm clocks have been an important part of our lives for decades. Our work, schools, meetings, flights and many other important things will always have to be postponed if alarms were not invented. Although alarms are now a part of our phones as well, the importance of a proper alarm clock is still not diminished. I for one would never trust my phone alarm, especially for waking up because there are many risks involved if you rely on your phone only.


Modern alarms are nothing like when they were first invented. The primary focus is still waking you up but they now come with several bells and whistles that can make your life easier. Projection clocks are the new craze of 2019. Apart from aesthetics, the clocks tend to bring a certain level of convenience and futurism in your room. The technology behind projection is becoming really cheap and thanks to mass production and additive manufacturing, it is relatively easy to buy them.


Top 5 Projection Alarm Clocks

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What Are Projection Clocks?

Before we proceed, let’s take a breath and look at what projection clocks are? And how do they operate? In simple words, projection clocks are digital alarm clocks that come with the facility of displaying the current time and other information on a ceiling or a nearby wall. The resulting display is luminous but not too bright so it can’t disturb your sleep. Specially designed for people with chronic muscle and neck pain, these clocks allow them to know what time it is without moving and becoming uncomfortable. There are many variants that come with features like USB/wireless charging, battery backup, powerful speakers, and many more.

Projectors have been around for a while now. The same technology is used in these clocks, just on a smaller scale. Primarily, projection clocks either work with low energy scanning lasers commonly found in barcode scanners. The light from the lasers is harmless and is simply used for projecting the image on a given surface. Another popular method is using a small LED light and a focusing lens to disperse the image on a surface. This produces a more stable image and reduces the chance of flickers. The use of LED was costly before but that is not the case anymore. Now both of these methods fall into a very similar price range.


Important Features to Consider when Projection Clock Shopping

You may feel it’s silly to think about so many factors while buying a mere alarm clock. But these clocks are in the price range of 20$-30$, and rather than spending it on an inferior model, it’s smart to gather as much information as you can.

Here are some of the things we think you should consider before buying a projection alarm clock.

Overall Clock Design

Since the biggest focus of this product is the aesthetic factor, the design would naturally be your first consideration. There are several designs available in the market, pick something that would look good in your room and easily mix with the stuff you keep. If you get a lot of guests, you won’t want something completely out of place to be in your room.

If you like to collect designs pertaining to certain movies and TV shows, such designs are also available in the market. You can easily find designs with your favorite character designs or something eye-catching online.  

Build quality and material

Another important factor is the build quality of the clock. There are many models that are extremely fragile and can break even if they are slightly mishandled. Having a fragile alarm clock is the worst! Everyone reacts differently to waking up by annoying sounds and people usually want to turn off their alarms as soon as possible. Because of this, they may press the buttons carelessly, or the clock might even fall from the table. We would recommend buying something robust enough to sustain all that damage without any loss in functionality.

Projection angles

Rather than projecting on the ceiling only, the clock should give users the option of changing the angles. It’s very important for people like me who have a ceiling fan installed in their rooms.

Display options

In addition to the projection capabilities, it’s important to look at the actual display of the clock. Avoid single shades and flimsy colors, they look really bad. Try to select a clock with a backlit display that is easier to read in the dark.

Buttons and other controls

The control panel available to the users is another important factor that should be considered before buying a projection alarm clock. A limited number of buttons makes it hard to perform simple tasks like setting the time. Similarly, with additional features like AM/FM quite common in many models, a convenient and easy to use control panel is a necessity. 

Extra features

Competition among different brands is on the rise, so each model comes with a different set of features that makes it different from the other option available. As a customer, you’ll have to decide which features you’ll like to have. For example, USB charging and FM are one of the most common features in projection clocks but if you can get a model that also offers wireless charging, you’ll obviously go for that.

Some high-end models even come with a complete digital calendar and event reminder so you may never miss something important.

Audio Capabilities

The main purpose of any alarm clock is to wake you up and for that, it needs a set of powerful speakers. Additionally, if it comes with a radio, the quality requirement of the speaker increases. Many models also include an audio jack in their design rather than putting high-quality speakers in the clock.


In this section, we’ll take a look at some of the top brands that have the best designs and features at an affordable price.

Mpow projection alarm clock

This is perhaps the sleekest model in this list. The Mpow clock focuses on both design and functionality. It comes with an adjustable projector, LCD display and the ability to change the alarm sound between FM, bird sounds, music, etc.

Ecwin projection alarm clock

This entry focuses on functionality. It comes with a powerful projector that can optimally project up to a distance of 10 ft. The projection clock also allows users to set the brightness of both the projected time and the main screen to enhance their experience. Another thing that sets it apart is the addition of a powerful USB charging port that even allows fast charging. Although the design of this projection clock is a bit old school, its functions make it a great choice for your room.

La Crosse Technology projection clock

The La Crosse projection clock is another stylish entry that combines both functionalities and looks. It comes with features like automatic temperature detection, auto time adjustment, powerful projector display, USB charging port, and many more. Alarms periodically get louder after every snooze interval to ensure you get up on time. The projection arm comes with the ability to rotate 900 so you can set it up wherever you want.

If you are looking for an alarm clock with futuristic and user-friendly features, it’s time to give projection clocks a try. There are multiple options in the market and each of them has the capacity to serve your needs.