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The 5 Best Pulse Oximeters

In this era of technological advancement, one can have various health facilities at their reach. Along with being easy, manageable, and benefits, this factor helps with an efficient first aid as well. As with the eating out trends and stressful urban lifestyles, heart diseases, blood pressure, and diabetes have become so common that the majority of middle-aged people have at least one of these.

So, to cope up with any health turbulence and as a backup first aid, you got to have a personal diagnosis as well. Devices like blood pressure checker, glucometer, and thermometer, all of these falls under the same diagnostic category.

However, breathing problems have increased over the period due to excessive urban and industrial air pollution. The need for devices to nebulize and check the oxygen level is rising alongside. So, another medical instrument that can make your life easier and better by saving you from all the setting-up-apparatus hassle is a Pulse Oximeter.


The Best Pulse Oximeters to Consider This Year

Best for Budget – Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter with Plethysmograph and Perfusion Index

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The Innovo Deluxe Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a state-of-the-art device for maintaining a record of some important parameters while hiking and other intensive activities. The device is not only extremely accurate and reliable but it is also available at a very reasonable price. All Innovo products are known for their consistent quality and reliable results and have a proven track record of performing better than other brands due to the superior quality of their products.

The pulse oximeter comes with several features that make it a unique option you can purchase. The oximeter comes with a pulse rate meter, a perfusion index meter, an Oxygen meter, and other superior qualities that will make it a perfect partner for your climb.

For sports enthusiasts, the design and size of this handy device are extremely convenient. You don’t have to carry it around in a specially designed case or something like that. Simply make it a lanyard and you are good to go. With the lanyard capability, you can access the device immediately whenever you want. The Innovo pulse oximeter does not need you to spend a lot of time assembling anything. Simply put in the included AAA batteries, and you are good to go.

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The Coocal Fingertip Pulse Oximeter is a popular option of obtaining your heart rate, oxygen level, and other important information swiftly and accurately. The device gives you accurate and reliable results in only 8 seconds which is one of the fastest response times of such devices available in the market.

Using the pulse monitor does not require any extensive knowledge about the product or going through the extensive manuals. The ‘one-button’ operation will tell you everything you need to know in a matter of seconds. The OLED screen that comes with the Pulse Oximeter is also of the highest quality and performs excellently for people who are short-sighted. With the large HD fonts, you’ll be able to see the results even if you are not wearing your glasses at a particular moment.

The Coocal Fingertip Pulse Oximeter also comes backed with the excellent after-sales services by the manufacturers. Every single model sold goes through extensive testing to prevent any faults from affecting your experience. Even if it does, the manufacturers offer a free replacement so you can spend your money with confidence.

Editor’s Choice – Health Ring Tracker, Oxygen Levels Heart Rate Monitor with Vibration Feedback

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Our choice is the incredible heath ring by VIATOM and introduces a constant monitoring system that is not available in many other common oximeters. The accurate and continuous results it gives are accepted by medical professionals throughout the world without any problems. With this wearable meter, you can constantly monitor your heart rate, blood oxygen levels, pulse, and other important parameters.

This wearable ring is designed to fit perfectly on your finger and is guaranteed to not fall off when you are not noticing. The compact shape and material are quite comfortable so you won’t be bothered by the ring at all and will be able to do all your tasks without any hindrance. For immediate monitoring, the ring has a small LED screen that will display your results but if you want detailed analytics, you can get them by the mobile and PC application by the manufacturers. If you want to send the data to your doctor, you can export the history in the form of a pdf or CSV file.

The batteries inside the heath ring by VIATOM are quite powerful and allow the device to operate for a long time without any issues. The overall battery time the device gives is between 12 – 16 hours which is quite an impressive feat for such a small device.

Facelake FL-350 Pulse Oximeter with Carrying Case & Batteries & Lanyard, Black

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The Facelake is another premium product that comes with various capabilities that make it a good choice for you. The device comes with multiple sensors that allow you to monitor important parameters like oxygen level and pulse rates. The testing time is only 10 seconds which is not the fastest but is still quite impressive, given the portability, weight, price, and other factors of this product.

Although the device gives you accurate and precise results in a very short time, it’s not designed for medical use. The target audience for this device is sports enthusiasts and people interested in knowing their pulse rate and blood oxygen levels during exercise, hiking, and other sports activities.

The pulse oximeter comes with a premium screen that displays all the results you need. Its one-button operation also makes it very easy to use for anyone. Additionally, the pulse oximeter comes with a lanyard and carrying case to allow you to use the device in any manner you prefer. The oximeter also comes with a one-year international warranty so you can make your purchase in confidence.

ViATOM Wearable Oxygen Monitor, WearO2 Rechargeable Blood Oxygen Saturation Monitor

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This is another wearable pulse oximeter that gives you continuous and precise results for greater insights. The oximeter comes with a very soft and comfortable ring holder that keeps the device on your finger but does not cause any issues. The shape, however, is a bit conspicuous and can be a little compact for the greater convenience of the users.

When it comes to capabilities, this wearable oxygen monitor gets full marks. The device comes with high-quality oxygen sensors, pulse meter, and heart monitor that records all the readings and directly sends the data to the cloud for you to access through the manufacturer’s mobile application or computer software. The data can also be shared with anyone with a single tap and exported to a PDF file for printing.

For health monitoring, the device also gives off a beep and vibration alarm in case any value gets out of the regular ranges. The lithium-ion rechargeable battery included in this product can run the device for more than 16 hours and charges in half of the time with any USB-C cable you have for charging your smartphones. For immediately viewing the battery status and current reading, you don’t even have to go to your mobile app as the device comes with a small display screen that can give you all the readings you need.

Other Excellent Oximeters to Check Out

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What Purpose Does a Pulse Oximeter Have?

Air pollution, increased smoking habits, and drinking routines affect people’s respiratory systems, creating a blockage, malfunctioning, and breathing diseases. The rectification requires subtle checks and diagnosis at times regularly in case of slightly severe cases that need daily treatment.

So, people with any such disease of dysfunctional breathing have to have a device in hand that can indicate the elevating problem before it gets worse. That’s where the need for Pulse Oximeter arises. This device helps to analyze the flow of oxygenated blood through your body and is a necessity in dealing with severe cases.

Pulse Oximeter is often used by doctors and paramedics in hospitals to check if the patient has a sufficing flow of oxygen through the body. This device is mainly used by people suffering from the following diseases:

  • Pneumonia
  • Lung cancer
  • Heart attack
  • Heart failure
  • Bronchitis
  • Pulmonary obstructive disease
  • Asthma


Use Cases

It has common usage in hospitals, as there are several cases about which it is necessary to know if they are having the right amount of oxygen flow in their body. A pulse oximeter is a device that is required to keep a check on the oxygenated blood level of the patients that we talked of above.

Its first and foremost usage can is in surgeries that involve sedation of the patients to know if the body is accepting the change or not. Secondly, it helps to check if the body needs an artificial harness like a ventilator. Thirdly, its use is also mandatory to check if the lung medicines that are rendered are working or not. This helps to check the person’s adaptability to the medicines as well. Moreover, Pulse oximeter indicates the falling oxygen levels and therefore, helps with ensuring treatment on time.


Functionality & Look

It is a clip-like device that has an LED indicator on its front that works as an oxygen saturation monitor with a start and a stop button, which makes it quite easy to use. You just have to clip it to your soft muscle parts like your finger or your earlobe and push the start button and it indicates the oxygen level in less than ten seconds.


Convenience Considered

It is the easiest way to measure if the oxygen flow is sufficient enough for your legs and arms just with a clip on your finger. So, its usage is quite easy in any unfavorable of necessary situations. Besides, it’s a necessity for people who have severe diseases or are bedridden due to old age to maintain medication and treatment. It helps in the abrupt indication of a need for some extra oxygen to a person which helps save lives.


Where Is This Useful?

A few years back, this device was only used in hospitals and medical clinics by doctors and paramedic staff for assistance. However, these days its commonly found in many households, not just with patients but normal usages as well. As people have become a little more concerned about health issues, it is good to keep a check. Likewise, individuals who have had a medical history of lungs or breathing.

  • Folks commonly use it when climbing the mountains to make sure they don’t overexert and get sick on the track.
  • It is used by persons who exercise a lot or go to the gym to check if their oxygen level goes low.
  • It is used when people have to make a chart of reading to ensure the right intake of daily breathing aid medicines.


Is It Reliable?

Yes! It is a reliable medical device but technology has a certain limitation when it comes to accuracy like glucometer and blood pressure instruments just have an accuracy of 80%. Though you can rely on it most of the time, if not exact the results are more or less near to what is indicated by the pulse oximeter.

Likewise, it is an aid to know whether there’s a need for extra oxygen or not so the device suffices to indicate that. However, there’s a user manual to follow to obtain the nearest results. As there can be situations that may become a reason for you having an inaccurate reading from a Pulse Oximeter. Those reasons include:

  • Bright lighting around you can cause your Pulse Oximeter to bring out a rather inaccurate reading.
  • Press-on fake nails or nail polish can hinder accuracy.
  • A wrongly fixed clip can also result in an inaccurate reading.
  • Constant movement while taking the reading can also obstacle accuracy.



In light of the facts above, it is clear that this device assists people suffering from any sort of dysfunctional lung or respiratory disease. Besides, Pulse Oximeter helps you with daily life oxygen measure, health routines, exercise safety, and much more. It’s portable and convenient to use a device that is also being famous in the COVID-19 pandemic situation for checking the coronavirus at home.

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