5 Best Puzzle Mats

In this article, you will find everything about the puzzle mats, guides, comparisons, recommendations and much more. In addition, you will find it worth knowing information about puzzle mats. How to take care of them, which different materials are available and what you should consider when buying them. Enough with the intro, let’s get going.



Puzzle Mats for Adults

Becko Puzzle Roll Jigsaw Storage Felt Mat

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The Becko puzzle roll puzzle mat is an extremely popular puzzle mat, which is offered in a nice felt fabric. The roll-up can hold up to 1,500 pieces and is environmentally friendly. It also comes with a box and a drawstring bag for easy storage and portability.

LAVIEVERT Jigsaw Puzzle Roll Mat

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Another popular option is the LAVIEVERT Jigsaw puzzle roll matt, which offers an alternative solution. The device has hundreds of positive reviews online and is considered a fan favorite due to the ‘no-fold crease’ design. Additionally, it comes with a draw-string bag.

MasterPieces Puzzle Roll

MasterPieces Accessories - Jigsaw Puzzle Roll-Up Mat & Stow Box, 42" x 24", Fits...
Package Dimensions: 10.2 L x 20.6 H x 20.6 W (inches); Package Weight: 1.2...

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The Materpieces Puzzle roll is a unique solution that comes in a variety of solutions. The product users can purchase are stackable trays only, a  puzzle roll & stow box, or a jumbo matt and a stow box. The jumbo mat doubles the storage limitation, allowing for up to 3,000 pieces.


Puzzle Mats for Children

Tadpoles 36-Piece Floor Mat

Tadpoles Soft EVA Foam 36 Piece ABC Playmat Set, Pink/Purple, 74x 74 (36 Sq...
SET CONTAINS: Includes 36 foam pieces with removable shaped centers and 24...

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This floor mat is designed with children in mind. The soft foam pieces come together and offer a nice learning environment for younger children. Also, the puzzle mat comes in a number of colors and designs. The mat itself is safe and extremely durable for continued use over the years!

BalanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Exercise Play Mat

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The BallanceFrom Kid’s Puzzle Mat is a multi-purpose mat that kids love. This matt comes in a variety of sizes and shapes depending on your taste. The foam pads are non-toxic and can easily be cleaned. It should be noted that this product is backed by BallanceFrom’s 2-year warranty.


Other Puzzle Mats

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What is a puzzle mat?

A puzzle mat is a jigsaw puzzle that can be used similar to a play mat. They are intended for smaller children, which is why they are often called baby puzzle mats. The Baby puzzle mats come in a large format and can, therefore, be easily grasped and used by the little ones. They look like a toy carpet, but unlike this, they consist of different individual pieces that can be taken apart and put together like a puzzle.

Many of the puzzle mats can also be designed in different ways. puzzle mats are usually in bright colors and can be designed with the most diverse motifs. The puzzle mats are especially popular with the little ones if they have animals or streets as a motif. Somewhat older children especially like puzzle mats with numbers or letters, with which they can playfully make their first experiences with counting or spelling.

In this way, a puzzle mat is not only a nice way to spend your free time but also offers a great learning effect and can also be used as a practical floor mat. If you choose a high-quality brand product, you will get a puzzle mat that offers very long durability. In this way, it can be used for several years. So the puzzle mats are a very good investment.


What are puzzle mats needed for?

puzzle mats consist of numbers and letters or of motifs or colors. They can always be put together differently. This encourages the creativity of the children. In their appearance, they look very similar to a play mat.

They are not only suitable for puzzling but also for playing and learning. Babies and smaller children can use baby puzzle mats as comfortable underlay while playing. Older children can add numbers or letters to it, learn to read and use it for understanding numbers. So the children can not only learn the allocation with the puzzle mats, but you can also teach them the colors as well as the numbers and letters in a playful way. The puzzle mats for smaller children often have fruit or animal motifs.


Special features of puzzle mats

puzzle mats are especially suitable for children who like to play on the floor. It is suitable for playing and also as heat insulation. Children learn to do jigsaw puzzles with the baby jigsaw mat in a playful way, they can sit comfortably on the floor. Gymnastics and romping as well as crawling around on it is no problem with the puzzle mats.

puzzle mats are non-slip and heat-insulating. They also offer a very soft surface. So the puzzle mats can also be used as a carpet in the children’s room or as heat insulation in the play corner. However, they can also be used universally and thus offer a varied activity for the children. The puzzle mats can even be used to build houses or other structures like cubes and then be used for playing.


Do puzzle mats help children and babies in their development?

puzzle mats are also educationally valuable. Equipped with numbers and letters, children can learn arithmetic and the alphabet in a playful way and thus support the child in its development.

The puzzle mats also offer a warm and soft surface. They are non-slip and can be quickly assembled and disassembled even by small children.


The easy-care makes the playmat almost maintenance-free.

A further advantage is the easy cleaning. The individual mats of the puzzle mats are washable. Some manufacturers even offer cleaning in the washing machine at home.

Another advantage is easy storage. Once assembled, the puzzle mats can function as a carpet and does not need to be stored with effort.


Besides the learning effect, the puzzle mats are also suitable as crawling mats or play mats for the little ones. At a later age, they offer valuable pedagogical help due to the learning effect. With the puzzle mats, children can also develop their motor and intellectual abilities. They train the coordination between eyes and hands, they are conducive to the development of spatial thinking and they also promote the creativity, concentration, and logic of the child.

Another great advantage of the puzzle mats is that they can be extended anytime.


What should be considered when buying?

When buying puzzle mats, you should, first of all, make sure that the material is free of harmful substances. Among the materials that should not be in toys are softeners. These can have an effect on fertility and they can also trigger diabetes or other diseases.

Formamide should also not be included. Formamide can have an effect on fertility and also has a mutagenic effect. Heavy metals should also not be contained in children’s toys. These can affect the immune system as well as various organs such as the liver, intestines or kidneys. Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, on the other hand, are suspected of being cancerous.


For what age is the puzzle mats best suited?

The age recommendation of the manufacturer also plays a major role in the purchase decision. Some puzzle mats have small pieces that can be removed. Such small pieces may be swallowed by very young children. The puzzle mats with numbers or letters are also more suitable for children of kindergarten or preschool age. For smaller children and babies, on the other hand, puzzle mats are recommended which contain motifs or only colors. However, such mats can already be too boring for older children.


What is the first thing you should look out for?

The puzzle mats should also attract very little dust and they should be as easy to clean as possible. puzzle mats with an appealing design and beautiful colors bring a good mood to the children’s room.

The size of the puzzle mats also plays a role in the purchase. If it is to be used not only as a puzzle but also for building, it should have sufficient pieces. puzzle mats with up to 86 pieces offer the possibility to build several cubes or even your own playhouse.


Which material is used for puzzle mats?

puzzle mats can be made of different materials. The most commonly used material is EVA foam. EVA, ethylene-vinyl acetate is colloquially known as foam rubber. Sponge rubber is a closed foam material that consists of various basic materials.


This includes a rubber. Rubber is a natural product that, like hard, emerges from the rubber tree from a viscous substance.

Chlorophen or neoprene

Chloroprene is one of the other raw materials. This is a completely synthetically produced raw material, better known as neoprene. The chloroprene rubber used in sponge rubber is produced by polymerization.

Nitrile rubber

puzzle mats made of foam rubber Material Another basic material is nitrile rubber. This is produced by the polymerization of acrylonitrile. By foaming these three substances the sponge rubber is created. Sponge rubber is an elastic and open-cell foam which offers a number of useful properties. These useful properties include high flexibility, high water resistance and a high degree of versatility. Sponge rubber immediately returns to its original position after use.

Sponge rubber

Sponge rubber used in the manufacture of puzzle mats does not usually contain any plasticizers or solvents. So there are no pungent chemical odors to be found on the puzzle mats. However, the foam rubber used for the puzzle mats may contain formamide. Formamide can be absorbed into the body both through the skin and the respiratory tract and is classified as harmful to health.


In addition to cellular rubber, polyethylene, which is classified as harmless, is increasingly being used in the production of puzzle mats. This is a thermoplastic material, which is by far the most frequently used.

Polyethylene is characterized by high chemical resistance, good electrical insulation, and good sliding properties. Polyethylene can be produced with pre-defined properties by the correct choice of the production process, by certain production conditions, by the proportion and type of comonomers and catalysts.

In addition to hard and soft plastics, waxes, greases and oils are also possible. Polyethylene is produced by the polymerization of petrochemically produced ethylene gas in a high-pressure or low-pressure process.


Are puzzle mats safe for babies?

puzzle mats have attracted attention in the past due to the use of odorless harmful substances such as formamide. This is a solvent that is odorless. It is used as a reducing agent in industrial chemicals.

Especially in puzzle mats, which are made of EVA, it can be formed from blowing agents. The blowing agents in the production of foams are used to form gases with which the plastic is inflated. The pollutant formamide can be formed as a by-product of these blowing agents so that the puzzle mats can be contaminated with formamide. Gradually, the formamide can then be released.


Cleaning of puzzle mats

puzzle mats are very easy to clean. They offer high water resistance and can be wiped off quickly and easily with a damp cloth. Some manufacturers also offer the possibility to clean the puzzle mats in the washing machine or dishwasher. If you want to do this in the washing machine, however, you should definitely turn off the spin cycle.

In addition, the puzzle mats should only be washed at 30 degrees in the handwashing cycle. More gentle cleaning is offered by showering the puzzle mats in the bathtub or in the shower. The individual pieces can then be dried on a tumble dryer.


  • Haptic world of experience
  • Setting pedagogical incentives
  • Offer good cold insulation on the floor
  • Quick assembly and dismantling
  • Easy to clean
  • Can also be used outside



  • Only quality goods are safely free of pollutants
  • Individual parts may wear out
  • Cannot be combined and extended with other manufacturers


Boys or girls?

puzzle mats can be played on by both boys and girls. Preferably they are used by several children. You will not only find them in private children’s rooms but they also have a firm place in kindergartens or at children’s birthday parties.

Since the puzzle mats are not only suitable for indoor use but also for outdoor use, they can also be used on the terrace, balcony or garden. Here, too, the following applies: with smaller children, playing should always take place under the supervision of adults.


What is the difference between the puzzle mats for children?

Before buying puzzle mats you should know something about puzzle mats. They usually consist of different individual pieces, which are offered in sets of 9 to 86 pieces.

The individual puzzle pieces are flat mats with a height of 1 cm and often have a square shape with 30 x 30 cm. The puzzle mats are made of foam rubber or soft PVC foam, which makes the mats soft, elastic, heat-insulating, hard-wearing, noise-reducing, and water-repellent.


Size and thickness may vary

Even if the floor is too hard or cold, these mats are the perfect solution. In no time at all, every room becomes a true play paradise for babies and children.

The puzzle mats or also called play tiles to encourage the child to learn to handle large shapes, numbers or letters and the colors. It learns to sort and build things. With the puzzle pieces, it is also possible to build houses and figures.

In this way, the little ones learn in a playful way and their imagination is encouraged. The puzzle mats do not slip, do not crease and absorbs no liquids. The mats can be spread generously on the floor and quickly cleaned up again.


What should you pay attention to when buying puzzle mats?

If you want to buy puzzle mats, babies and children can play wonderfully with it. puzzle mats are versatile, they can be extended as desired and can even be laid out in the entire room or apartment. This means that the baby will be softer and warmer when crawling.

The material that makes this possible is called ethylene-vinyl acetate or EVA. As a foamed plastic or sponge rubber, it has the advantage that NO questionable softeners have to be used in its manufacture.

When buying puzzle mats, you should always make sure that no solvents have been used in their manufacture. The odorless compound formamide is often used as a solvent for cheaper products. Formamide has been classified as a fruit-damaging hazardous substance.

If you want to buy puzzle mats, make sure that a test seal confirms that the puzzle mats are “formamide-free” or has been produced by “tested EVA”.

The advantages of a puzzle mat:

  • Training of the coordination between eyes and hands
  • Pedagogically valuable are puzzle mats with numbers and letters
  • Development of spatial thinking
  • Development of motor and intellectual abilities
  • Promotion of creativity, concentration, and logic
  • Later, small houses, cubes or other figures can be built from the parts.
  • puzzle mats are wonderful crawling mats, game materials, and learning materials


You can do that with a puzzle mats

puzzle mats are equally enjoyed by young and old. No wonder because they transform tiled or parquet floors in the home into soft and warm playgrounds for babies and children. Due to the quick assembly and disassembly, the mats can be used in any room where babies like to crawl and children like to play.

They are available with numbers and letters, with animal figures or printed streets. The use is versatile because they can not only be laid flat on the floor. You can also build figures, shapes, houses, and cubes from the individual puzzles.


What to look out for when buying the puzzle mats?

Let us now come to the most important criteria when buying puzzle mats, namely the assessment of quality. Because here too the motto applies that expensive does not have to be equally good, but cheap can also be junk. We recommend that you always invest in quality. Nobody wants puzzle mats that fall apart or does not fit together.


You should pay attention to the following points when buying a puzzle mat:

  1. Size or dimensions
  2. Design
  3. Material
  4. Processing
  5. Letters, numbers or single-colored


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