7+ Best Robot Vacuums for Thick & High Pile Carpet

If you’re interested in picking up a new robotic vacuum that will automatically vacuum up your messes but not sure where to begin, we’ve got your back. This specific post is looking at the best robot vacuums for shag carpets or other thick/high pile carpets. Truth be told robot vacuums are getting quite popular and there are many brands and models to choose from, making it hard to decide on the best robotic vacuum. Additionally, some people are looking for their specific needs to be met (for example, some people might be looking for the best robot vacuum for their shag carpet).

Today, we’re going to take a closer look at the rise of robot vacuums, what features you should look for, the relative cost for these robot vacuums, and break down some of the most popular brands in the automated vacuum market (especially those with thick and long carpet, such as shag carpets).


Best Robot Vacuums (For Shag/Thick/High Pile Carpeting)

if you’re specifically in the market to find a robot vacuum and you find yourself having shag carpet, it can be a difficult search. luckily, we’ve done the research for you. Below, you can find some of the best selling and most popular shag-carpet-friendly robot vacuums:


Bagotte 2200PA Robotic Vauum Cleaner

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This Bagotte robotic vacuum is a newer model to hit the market and its quickly gaining popularity. Thanks to its super strong and powerful suction (2200PA) people have been raving how powerful and effective this automated vacuum actually is. This robotic vacuum cleaner is power-concsious and prides itself on being super efficient, saving you money. The device itself can be controlled via wifi and an app, which is extremely easy to use. oh, and the voice is Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant compatible 🙂

The Bagotte 2200PA robotic vacuum offers 3 levels of suction – auto, low, and max. not only does it do an incredible job of cleaning, but its super quiet.


GOOVI 1600PA Robot Vacuum

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This GOOVI robot vacuum is also a newer member of the community with upgraded intelligence and design. the device itself is quite slim, at a height of 2.83 inches. For those who want to do minimal maintenance on this vacuum, the device offers a self-cleaning ability to keep it effectively cleaning as best as it can.

The device is powerful and works great with medium and thick carpets. The device is managed via an included remote control. There are additionally a few other items that are shipped with this product including four side brushes, a main-purpose brush, a remote control (WITH BATTERIES INCLUDED), a filter, a cleaning brush, charging adapter, and a charging dock.


Coredy 1400PA (Super-Strong Suction/Self-Cleaning) Robot Vacuum

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This Coredy robot vacuum is loved around the world due to its ease of setup and daily use, effective cleaning abilities, and integrated intelligence to understand the floor. The device cleans itself daily and has proven itself effective at cleaning medium and high pile carpets. Additionally, the Coredy robotic vacuum is super energy-conscious and quiet to the ear. To control the robotic vacuum, simply use the included remote.


eufy BoostIQ RoboVac 11S (Slim) Robotic Vacuum

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The eufy BoostiQ RoboVac 11S (slim edition) is one of the most popular robotic vacuums sold online. This device is rated as one of the top recommendations from Tom’s Guide and works tirelessly to keep your home as clean as possible. The device may be slim (2.85 inches tall) but its extremely powerful and effective at cleaning thick and dense carpets, such as shag carpets. The RoboVac is quiet and can be operated with the included remote control.


Other Notable Robotic Vacuums for Thick Carpet & High Pile

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Automated Robot Vacuums Shopping Guide (For Thick Carpets)

Like all great inventions, a robot vacuum is intended to make your life that little bit easier. Designed to perform either when you’re at work or whilst you’re asleep, or perhaps to provide some entertainment as you watch it zoom about the house in pre-determined patterns, these glorious inventions can vacuum, mop and dust all at the single press of a button. Giving you more time for things that are important to you, such as spending time with your family, relaxing or working on that hobby that will one day help you quit your 9 to 5.

But when it comes to shopping for these somewhat new inventions, like anything, it can be a little overwhelming. Never fear, for you have come to the right place. We have scoured our sources and present to you a neat and compact must-have guide for when you are considering buying one of these robotic servants of your own, so read on and discover what exactly you need to know.

Why do I even want a robot vacuum cleaner?

Because the future is now, and we have robots plying to our every need. Slow cookers make our food, dishwashers clean them, cars can drive themselves, and we use our phones to turn our lights and TVs on so that we can look like we are home when we aren’t. Why not get a robot to clean up a little after ourselves as well?

If you’re unsure whether the hassle of programming the thing is worth the trouble, or if it will do such a terrible job that you have to go over missed bits when you get home, you’re not alone. Many people have not succumbed to the future yet and prefer to clean up the old fashioned way, and that is OK. But if you’re like me, with children and pets, then at least every second day the vacuum cleaner needs to come out, and if I can forestall that hassle to once or twice a week, then this is one not-so-big investment worth looking into.

Now, honestly, a robot vacuum cleaner does not compare to a hefty upright or deep cleaning machine, but it does have a few advantages that your regular vacuum cleaner doesn’t. Their sleek and small designs allow them to fit under some furniture such as couches and beds, saving you the hassle of moving furniture around if you ever do, and getting rid of all those dust bunnies from eons ago if you don’t. They perform well at picking up little scraps such as dust, dirt and pet fur, generally have sensors that prevent them from tumbling downstairs and most are so quiet that you are supposed to use them whilst you are asleep.

What Features should I consider?


Firstly, think about what type of floors you have. Most robotic vacuums can handle shifting between hardwood and carpeted floors, but lower-end models may get caught up in rug end tassels or you might come home to find it struggled to ascend onto the carpet. The Roomba 650 boasts large wheels that can climb carpet edges and the Neato Botvac Connected is a higher-end model that boosts power when it senses carpet, switching back down again when it returns to hardwood flooring. The iRobot Braava jet can mop your tiles and vinyl floor after it sucks away any dust or the Eufy Robovac 11 is a great lower-cost option if you simply need to keep on top of the pet fur from your hardwood floors.


If allergens are of concern to you, consider purchasing a vacuum with a HEPA filter. HEPA filters are high-quality filters designed to reduce allergens by removing 99.97% of particles larger than 0.3micrometers. Remember that HEPA filters should be changed after 6 months to continue working effectively.

What shouldn’t I consider?

Don’t worry too much about battery life unless you have a massive floor space to cover. Many high-end robot vacuums will brag about their long battery life but unless you have more than 2 hours of robotic vacuuming, most vacuums will be able to cover your home from a full charge and if not, you can simply program it to return home to charge before setting out again. Many vacuums are self-charging, some reach full charge after only 2 hours and most come available with companion apps so you can monitor their performance.

What about my shag carpet?

Shag carpets are soft, luxurious, deep and warm. They unfortunately also have a tendency to attract fur dust and dirt which can move deep into the shag making it hard for many vacuums to remove, let alone robotic vacuums. Specific vacuum cleaners are designed to work on shag carpets to avoid problems such as getting stuck for the wheels simply won’t move on the carpet or the suction is either too powerful or too weak to effectively remove fur and dirt from deep down in the shag.

If you have a shag carpet, look for models that boast their ability to handle not only carpets but carpets with long piles, such as the Robovac 11+ and the Roomba 980. Expect to pay more for the high-end models that are capable of maneuvering over this difficult surface and can also deliver results. Although at the high end of the price scale, the Roomba 980 outcompetes the competition with its carpet boost mode, delivering 10 times more suction than on ordinary mode.

Be aware that all models have been reported to have a lesser battery life whilst vacuuming on carpets as opposed to simple hardwood floors.

How much should I expect to pay?

If you are looking for a simple vacuum that works well on hardwood floors, sweeps, and mops, and can work on low pile carpets, then you can find models under $300. However, you will be missing out on features such as WiFi connectivity and detailed navigation routes. Up to $700 will provide you with these features, as well as additional perks such as data aggregation and receipts compiled onto these apps. There are many options available for $800 or more, but unless you really need such a machine for specific reasons such as a deep pile carpet, multiple rugs, and a large floor space, you might rather prefer cutting costs on this one.

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