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Rosegal Review

Rosegal is one of those shady online fashion stores that somehow often have their entire selection at a discounted price. If you are here, the chances are that you saw one of their advertisements online and you were wondering whether it was a legitimate store or a scam.

In this review, we will cover their legitimacy, their store selection, and prices.


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Is RoseGal Legit?

Although RoseGal definitely has quite a few negative sides, it is actually a legitimate fashion store and it actually has an incredible amount of customers. It all depends on your perception of a scam. For example, the website is real and you will experience no problems while browsing and ordering products.

However, there are a couple of negative aspects that are unfair but sadly common when it comes to online stores. If you see the page with customer reviews, it is a diverse mixture of positive and negative opinions. Some people believe that RoseGal is one of the best places to get nice cheap clothes online while others claim that they are disappointed with the goods.

All in all, their selection is absolutely enormous but there are a few things that are terribly misrepresented on their website. For example, price and quality. RoseGal operates and ships products from China. What you may not realize is that the majority of their products come from Aliexpress which is not necessarily bad.

The real problem is that the prices on their website are significantly higher than the ones on Aliexpress and it is not hard to find the same items there at literally a 50% lower price even after the “Discounts” on the RoseGal website.

Of course, it is normal for re-sellers to inflate the prices on goods but RoseGal sometimes goes too far. Later on, we will discuss a few other problems that customers have reported.


Product Quality From RoseGal

As we already specified, the majority of RoseGal products come directly from Aliexpress. Without a doubt, even if you have never ordered from the Chinese market you have seen or heard that sometimes, the goods are really bad.

RoseGal once again misrepresents the quality of their products and this has been one of the most common topics of customer complaints. Simply said, you may get lucky and receive something great for the price or something really bad.

Basically, you can never expect high-quality clothing for this low price but RoseGal can still be useful if you need something specific that you will wear just a couple of times.


Product Sizing

Sizing has been the largest issue among customers next to quality. While there is a size chart for each product, there is one curious fact that comes along with it. Since the clothing is manufactured in China, it has been cut in Asian sizes and they are quite smaller than the regular American or European.

Many people report that they have received clothes that do not fit in any way. In order to prevent this from happening to you, you should take a careful look at the size guide that is also available and initially purchase a larger size than you would normally wear.


Shipping From RoseGal

RoseGal can ship your order to any country in the world. However, people often fail to realize that deliveries from China often take much longer than usual. For instance, deliveries from RoseGal often take up to a month or even more and this has been a common problem for customers who did not know the simple details.

This is another one of the negative misrepresentations by RoseGal as the company does not make it clear that they are shipping from China. If you held hopes that you will receive something fast, now you know that it could take up to 6 weeks to reach your doorstep.

This prolonged period of shipping has been the most common reason for people to question the legitimacy of the website.


Accepted Payment Methods

One of the positive sides of RoseGal is the variety of payment methods that you can use. We will not go in-depth with any of them but rather list them so that you have the information.

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card & Debit Card
  • Western Union
  • Wide Transfer
  • PayPal Credit
  • Ideal
  • Boleto Bancario (for customers from Brazil)
  • RoseGal Wallet


Customer Service

The RoseGal customer service has also been a subject of discussions with both positive and negative customer reviews. Some claim that they have had an incredible experience with customer service. Others claim the exact opposite.

Unfortunately, the larger portion of reviews regarding customer service is negative. RoseGal claims that unsatisfied customers can request a full refund through their customer service representatives but it appears that it is often quite hard to reach them.

It would be best if you do your homework in advance to purchasing from RoseGal. Not that you can be sure about the quality of the products but rather make sure that the size you choose is right.


The Bottom Line & Conclusion

Honestly, there are too many online fashion stores like RoseGal nowadays and the majority of them should be avoided. When it comes to RoseGal, it is true that there are some great deals and sometimes the products are really good for their price. However, you can easily find the majority of clothing on Aliexpress at a lower price plus buyer protection, and faster shipping.

Our advice is to get as much information as possible before purchasing anything from online fashion stores like RoseGal. Also, you should go to more than one source of information as there are review platforms that cannot be trusted.

All in all, RoseGal is a legit store with too many negative problems. The good thing is that you are now prepared and can make the decision knowing all the possibilities. If you are fine with going through a prolonged period of waiting and the possibility to receive clothing with the wrong size, you may find some great bargains. Nevertheless, the negatives should make you think twice before you finalize any purchase.



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