Saatchi Art Review

Saatchi Art Review

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Saatchi Art is the one place for every art lover and enthusiast to be. Founded in 2006 by Charles Saatchi,  it is a platform that takes the role of a direct-to-consumer medium. It is an online venue created for artists from all over the world to sell their art.

While there are refined and famous contemporary artists that make their living out of Saatchi Art, the website is completely free to any individual that has an original art piece for sale. The vastness of selections available on the website will be enough for any art enthusiast that simply wants to discover new artwork.

Understandably, art is not cheap. Price ranges on Saatchi Art may seem a bit in the clouds sometimes, but the website has provided a special type of service that may satisfy you. Instead of purchasing the original artworks, prices of which start at several hundred and can reach tenths of thousands, you can buy digital prints of the majority of the artworks on the website. Prices of those begin at around $40. Of course, it all depends on the artist. Some people prefer to have a single copy of their work and do not agree on this particular service.


The Saatchi Art Website

The Saatchi Art Website is simple and user-friendly. You will find your way around as soon as you spend a few seconds on the front page. Speaking about the front page, as soon as you open it,  you will see that everything has been made straightforward with the aim to ensure customer ease.

As soon as you have the front page opened, you can simply scroll down and look through the various quick access buttons to different categories or sections. Firstly, there is the Saatchi Art catalog, followed by specially selected art.

What makes Saatchi Art so easy to use and a great online market, is the option to shop by price range. Just below the selected art, you can choose between five price ranges starting from up to $500, to $10000.

What follows are images with quick access buttons to different styles, collections, and categories that simplify your browsing experience.

On the top of the home page, you have a menu directory which can be used to search for artworks depending on what type you really want. The available categories are:

  • Paintings
  • Photography
  • Drawings
  • Sculptures
  • Prints

From the main menu directory, you can not only select one of these categories, but also choose the style, subject, and medium of each one. As soon as you have selected a main category, you will be re-directed to the next page where you can start browsing. Have in mind that you can filter your search in detail as there are a lot of options. Here they are:

  • Style
  • Subject
  • Medium
  • Material
  • Price
  • Size
  • Orientation
  • Color
  • Artist Country
  • Featured Artists

Last but not least, if there are any promotions available currently on the website, you will be able to see them on the very top of the home page.


How Does it Work?

As mentioned above, Saatchi Art is a free website. Anyone can make an account and put their artwork for sale. However, the company needs to make money out of somewhere, right? Saatchi Art has special terms and conditions that give them 35% out of all sales on the website. Imagine that you sell artwork for $1000. In this situation, you will get $650 while Saatchi Art will get the other $350.

There are a couple of steps to fulfill before you can successfully start as a seller on Saatchi Art. As soon as you have started your artist account, you need to upload a photo ID. Such can be a drivers license or passport. After all, you need to be verified as a real artist. Your profile will need a lot of other information to be accepted and fulfilled.

An important section from your profile will be your artist statement. If you are not familiar with this term, it simply means explaining your work and the reason you create it. Finally, you need to photograph your artwork, upload it, and put a price on it.


About pricing on Saatchi Art

We mentioned the different price ranges above. While there are only five categories that reach a maximum of $10000, there are artworks that are far more expensive. How exactly do artists rate their work? Saatchi Art has support pages that suggest certain pricing tactics. Of course, nobody is obliged to follow such guidelines but they are presented from a professional point of view.


How good is it for artists and consumers

If you do not have spare money to spend on art, Saatchi Art may not be a necessity. Art is not cheap. If, however, you live and breathe from art, there is no better website out there. It has the largest collection of original paintings, sculptures, photographs. In fact, figures show that there are more than 500 000 pieces of art from more than 50 000 artists. No matter what you are looking for as an art enthusiast, you will find something that feels special.

From the other point of view, it is definitely not easy to be an artist. A website like Saatchi Art is a great chance for you to gain some recognition and some money from your art. However, seeing the figures we mentioned a few sentences ago, there are hundreds of thousands of other artworks on the platform. If you do not focus on a specific target group, it can possibly take time before you succeed.


Final Thoughts

Saatchi Art has the largest catalog of original artworks you can find online. As long as you have money and want to fill your life with art, it is the one online platform that you need to visit. Not only does it have the largest variety of artworks, but the buying process has never been easier. Finally, even if you cannot spend a thousand dollars on a piece of art, the majority of artists offer digital prints of their work. It is a contemporary solution to the momentary lack of funds.

Although there are thousands of artists on Saatchi Art, it remains an opportunity. There are endless possibilities in our modern days, and this is one of the ways for modern creators to succeed.




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