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In the blink of an eye, the lives of most officers in the field of law enforcement are at risk, all because of the danger and unpredictable situations. This is why investing in high quality, and innovative protection gears are highly recommended. In law enforcement, the officer’s gears are important, even the smallest details of it, because lives are at stake. One of the most reliable producers of essential gears is the Safariland Group. Together, We Save Lives is the mission statement of the company. Safariland Group does not just provide the safest products in terms of body armors and holsters but as well as commercial products for law enforcement.


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Safariland Group: What Can You Expect?

The Safariland Group excels in the production of sporting and law enforcement goods. With more than two thousand employees, the company is well equipped in designing, engineering, researching and delivering protective gear to consumers. The company lives by its values of innovation, excellence, performance, and legacy. Expect only the best product lines from this company, that have saved many lives in times of danger. For 55 long years, the company is well versed when it comes to the production of life-saving types of equipment to different types of consumers ranging from police officers, military, other law enforcers, outdoor and personal users. The growth of Safariland Group is massive and it’s all because of its customer-centric attitude. The products are divided into different categories such as the following:

  • Holsters & Gear
  • Body Armor
  • Armor Systems
  • Forensics
  • Comms & Hearing Protection
  • Defense Technology
  • Survivability Systems
  • Automotive
  • Last Chance Gears


How Safariland Started?

Safariland was first established in 1964, and it began from the small garage of Neale Perkins. The idea to go into this kind of business was given birth when Neale Perkins was asked by his father to create a custom holster that he gladly did in Sierra Madre, California. The name of Safariland was taken from the father and son’s trip to African Safari and Neale’s first holster design was a hit that led him to create from hundreds more to thousands in such a short time. It was in 1970 that Neale’s company saw the lack of commercial equipment and it was also during this time that the company won their first contract with LAPD. Since then, the Safariland Group was unstoppable doing massive growth in succeeding years. Expansive growth started in 1999 up to this point.


What is a Holster?

Because law enforcers need guns for protection reasons, a holster is much needed. It acts as a holder for a firearm or handgun which is usually made of high-quality leather and is usually placed on the hips as a belt or also under the arm. There are different holsters & gears available on the Safariland website such as:

  • Duty Holsters
  • Leather Holsters
  • Concealable Holsters
  • Competition Holsters
  • Tactical Holsters
  • Military Holsters
  • Belt Holsters
  • Sporting Holsters
  • Kenda Len Siegne Products
  • Cowboy or Western
  • Merchandising


What is Body Armor?

Body armor is otherwise called a personal armor or coat of armor. It serves as a protective gear used to deflect any physical attack. It can also be bullet-resistant that prevents penetration of firearm bullets to a person’s body. The Safariland Group made sure all its body armor are made of high quality, with its state of the art fabrics and other materials, the company made sure to offer a design that surely comes with impressive ballistic and human performance. The website offers body armor in different categories like the following:

  • Concealable Carriers
  • Overt Carriers
  • Tactical Carriers
  • Hard Armor
  • Armor Technologies


What is an Armor System?

An armor system is widely used by government facilities, corporations both by private and public, along with the military and original equipment manufacturers. It serves as a protection for different types of threat like fragmentation, ballistic and blast. The Safariland offers different Armor System such as:

  • Bullet and Blast Resistant System
  • Machine Gun Mounts
  • Gunner Shields
  • Marine and Aviation Armor Solutions


What is Forensics?

To help in solving a crime scene investigation, the Safariland provides customers with different forensic products helpful in the collection of evidence, equipment used in crime laboratories, identification of narcotics, fingerprinting and more. Under forensic category, there are a variety of products to choose from such as:

  • Scene Protection
  • Crime Scene Documentation
  • Evidence Packaging
  • Field Drug Tests
  • Fingerprinting
  • Magnifiers
  • Light Sources
  • Latent Print Processing
  • Safety Gear
  • Educational Supplies


What is Comms & Hearing Protection?

Undeniably, the use of comms & hearing protection by law enforcers is a must. It helps in the communication process that makes it more effective for people to achieve a faster result especially in saving lives. There are different products under this category such as:

  • Headsets
  • Hearing Protection
  • Push to Talk Assemblies
  • Replacement Parts
  • Speaker Microphone Handsets
  • Antenna Relocation – Mast


Is the Website Easy to Navigate?

Yes, the Safariland Group can easily be navigated. Also, creating an account is fast and easy. If you are a new user, you have to provide a valid email address and password. With your account, you can easily shop, and check out faster to purchase your gear. You can also view your order history, and receive newsletters along with exclusive offers such as special promotions, new updates on product’s availability and more. The website is simple, with options to find a dealer on the upper right corner of the page as well as your wishlist! Products, brands, training, resources and holster finder options are shown on the main page. There are blog articles available too. If you want to search for something, the search button is readily available on the upper right corner too.


Why Shop with The Safariland Group?

The website is user-friendly, enabling users to navigate smoothly and easily. Aside from its easy interface, it also offers a lot of great advantages for customers such as free shipping for orders more than $100. Checking of your order status can easily be done too, and the same goes for payments, returns, and any warranties. Payment terms are offered as well as tax exemption. Safariland users simply have to create an account online, email the company using the subject of Tax Exemption or Payment Terms Application, including the certificates and other documents needed. Processing only takes about 2 business days and a maximum of 4 business days. So hurry now and make sure to purchase safety gear from Safariland Group. Quality-wise you will never regret it.



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  • What is Forensics?
  • What is Comms & Hearing Protection?
  • Is the Website Easy to Navigate?
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