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SCDKey is a company that owns a platform with the same name offering game keys and game codes for hundreds of games. They support three of the largest and most popular video game digital distribution platforms – Steam, Origin, and UPlay. Moreover, they support PC games as well and their product library consists of over 700 games.

The company’s success became possible through their prices which are often the lowest in the business together with an exceptionally fast delivery system.


How Does SCDKey Work? – Website, Products & Shopping Experience

The SCDKey website is the definition of interactive. In fact, the media may actually be a little bit too much. The second issue we found on the website is the searching environment. Yes, you can ideally use the search bar at the top and directly look for a specific game.

If you have not decided yet, however, the searching options are fairly limited. All you can do is click on the platform you want to look at and go through the bulk of products. Assuming you go to the website with a particular game in mind it will not be hard to find what you need. Otherwise, you can find great gift card options or become a member of their platform for amazing membership perks.

With this said, the product categories are the following:

  • Steam – Possibly the most popular and widely used digital distribution platform in the world. At SCDKey you can choose from over 500 keys including for the most popular games.
  • Origin – You can get keys for all Origin-based games.
  • UPlay – The keys for the video games from Ubisoft are limited but you can still find some of their most amazing games such as Assassins Creed and Far Cry.
  • Playstation – You can get a variety of PlayStation Network cards.
  • PC – Over 600 hundred available codes for your favorite games.
  • Gift Cards – Gift cards of different values are available for Steam, Apple, Nintendo eShop, and PlayStation Network
  • PLUS+ – You can become an official member of the SCDKey marketplace and get exclusive perks and deals.

Why Is SCDKey a Good Company?

To begin with, we have incredible prices. If you visit their website right now, you will see how practically every product is discounted. You can see the original price above and the price on their website below. Few companies in this niche can compare to these low prices and it is no wonder why they are so successful.

Second is the quick delivery. SCDKey claims that each customer will receive their key in less than 30 minutes. Having seen tenths of customer reviews, it seems like the codes usually arrive in shorter periods of time, in most cases in a matter of minutes.

Third, we have customer service. According to customer reviews, once again, their customer service is highly responsive and does their job impeccably. The easiest way to find them is through their live chat option.

Moreover, SCDKey has an incredible replacement policy. It is a common occurrence with these game key platforms that the keys do not actually work. This is why it is so hard to find a website that does not scam. In the case of SCDKey, if a code is non-working, they will simply replace it for you. This can happen under the circumstances that you have paid for the code already and it has not been activated anywhere. Besides that, they give you 36 hours only to contact them. If you try to get a refund or replacement above those time limits, you will receive nothing.

Last but not least, if you purchase a key for a game that has system requirements above the once your PC/Laptop possesses, you will not be refunded. Overall, you can get a refund or replacement as long as you follow the rules.



The larger majority of reviews we found summarized and overly positive shopping experience. There were those that were disappointed by their customer service and rules but it is written pretty clear that refunds and replacements are possible under specific conditions that have to be present.

Other than that, the majority of customers report that they received their codes very fast and without any particular issues. It seems, however, that despite the great prices, there is a lot more to be done before they are considered one of the best platforms for game keys and codes.


What is SCDKey Plus+?

This is the membership that anyone can pay a certain tax to be included. You can either pay weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually. Of course, longer memberships give you a lot more perks to play with.

Among these potential perks are:
• Preferred Mail Access
• Discount Coupon Codes
• Exclusive Activity Rights
• Bonus Points Return
• Birthday Present
• Pre-Order Rights
• Priority in Delivery
• Exclusive Customer Service

To be honest, for as little as $70 per year you receive some awesome membership perks. If you are interested, you can try out with one of the smaller membership packages before deciding whether this is your kind of service. Overall, it appears that SCDKey has room for improvement in terms of customer service but they truly have a lot to offer to their customers in terms of various services.


Final Thoughts

People always ask the same questions when they stumble across one of these platforms. Is it a scam?

Based on our research and evaluation, SCDKey is a legit platform for game keys and codes. You can choose from the lowest priced keys on the market and you will receive what you paid for in a matter of minutes.

If you happen to have a problem with your purchase and your keys do not work, you will have 36 hours to contact their customer support and either get a refund or a replacement. Bear in mind that the fastest way to contact them is through their live chat option via the website.



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