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The Best Shotgun Recoil Pads

This is going to interest all the passionate shooters out there. When it’s your first time holding the gun, you may have experienced the equally strong blow-off force once the gun goes off.

To cope with this, nothing serves as the best option other than a recoil pad. Since we are going to be more specific, shotgun lovers need to upgrade their must-have list by adding a shotgun recoil pad.

Before we head-on with the elaboration, let us tell you that a recoil pad is equally essential to save you from the injuries or minor shoulder pain. Above all, it gives you the stability to get a better grip to shoot your winning shot. Keep reading to get a closer look!


The Most Effective Shotgun Recoil Pads

Budget Option – Magpul Rubber Butt-Pads

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The Magpul Rubber Butt-Pad is a basic accessory that replaces the standard non-absorbing butt pad at the end of your rifle to give you a better and less painful shooting experience. Over time, using a shotgun or any other rifle can affect your shoulder and cause severe pain or discomfort. If you have a health condition that affects your bone strength, you will be even more vulnerable so you need to start taking this problem seriously before it gets too late.

The Magpul Recoil Pads are not suitable for every rifle so you must make sure that it fits the one you own. You’ll have to attach the Rubber Pad with your gun through screws so it doesn’t come off during use. For stabilizing your aim, the recoil pad even comes with grooves that prevent the gun from slipping from your shoulder and gives you a better grip. The rubber body can not absorb all the recoil so you’ll still feel a significant backlash from the gun so its recommended to postpone using the gun if you already feel any pain or discomfort on your shoulder.

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Whether you are a hunting enthusiast or someone stockpiling guns for the oncoming zombie apocalypse, the LimbSaver Recoil Pad is a must-have for your arsenal. The product most popular on all e-commerce markets is Amazon’s bestseller in its category. The recoil pad’s convenient installation and long-lasting material are some of the biggest reasons for its popularity. The LimbSaver Slip-on recoil pad is designed with the company’s proprietary NAVCOM material that lasts for ages and is unmatched in its effectiveness at absorbing shockwaves. The finishing of the recoil pads is weatherproof and ensures proper stability under all conditions so you can easily take successive shots without messing up your shoulder or your aim.

The slip-on recoil pad is designed with the one-size-fits-all approach so you can use it for any rifle you have. You won’t have to remove any component or damage your gun when you are using this recoil pad so it’s easier for you to use the same recoil pad for multiple rifles. The price of this best-selling recoil pad is also very reasonable given its incredible durability and absorbing capabilities. So, what are you waiting for? Get this incredible product and say goodbye to the annoying shoulder pain you get after every session at the range.

Editor’s Choice – Recoil Eraser – Slip-On Recoil Pad, Gel Filled

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Successively firing from a rifle not only hurts your shoulder but also lowers the stability enough to distort your aim. With proper recoil pads, you can keep yourself safe from unnecessary pain and improve your performance in the shooting range.

The Recoil Eraser by TinyPrice is a slip-on recoil pad that is a perfect fit for almost all the rifles available in the market. The recoil pad uses gel technology to absorb the reaction of your shot and is scientifically proven to reduce the impact by at least 70%. Installing the recoil pad is also a piece of cake. Just slip it over the butt of your rifle and you are done. The convenient procedure means that you don’t have to buy multiple pads for all your guns. Simply remove the recoil pad and slip it on the other one in a matter of seconds.

Some reviews indicate that the Recoil Eraser starts to lose its effectiveness after 5 years of use which is a very long time. Especially when you consider the overall price of the product, a 5-year lifespan would sound like a bargain.

Pachmayr Decelerator Slip-On Recoil Pad

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The Pachmayr is another slip-on recoil pad that focuses on ensuring your convenience during adding and removing it from your gun. It made from synthetic rubber that does not perform as well as gels but can last significantly. While most gel recoil pads can absorb shock by 70% or more, the Pachmayr’s absorbing ability will be half of that.

The cost of the Decelerator Slip-on recoil pad is slightly lower. However, the drop in absorbing capability is quite significant relative to the decrease in price. This Recoil pad is popular among customers who focus more on the ruggedness and lifespan of the product where this product shines better. Other than that, the Pachmays Decelerator Slip-on Pads are not that different from other products on this list. This Recoil pad comes with all those features like stability improver and the ability to give you a custom fit. The Shotgun recoil pad comes in 3 different sizes and two colors as well so you can choose one according to the gun you own.

Shooterpads Gel Filled Recoil Pads

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Our final product is yet another gel-based Recoil absorber that comes with incredible capabilities and is available at an affordable price. The Recoil Pad by Shooterpads is an excellent energy absorber that can be used on any kind of rifle without needing any detailed installation procedures. You also get three mini gel pads in addition to the internal absorbing mechanism so you can adjust the length or choose the best area where you might need more protection.

As all slip-on models, you can use this product on multiple guns and install them in just a few seconds. While the absorbing capabilities and the convenience of this recoil pad are according to the standards, the overall lifespan is the department where these recoil pads lose some points. According to many reviewers, the performance of these Recoil Pads will start to drop after 3 years which less than many other gel-based shotguns recoil pads in this list. However, given the overall price of these products, the lifespan of 3 years when coupled with its other capabilities justify this product’s position in our list.

Other Great Choices

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What makes shotgun recoil pads more critical?

This is the essential aspect that you may have to conquer before mastering this whole concept. It was the handgun recoil pad that made it first to the market, and the manufacturers sought inspiration from this. These recoil pads are smaller, lesser compact, and provide just a bit of support because majorly, it’s all about your hand positioning.

With the shotgun, instead of your hand, the whole arm participates in maintaining the correct posture. The shotgun recoil pad is capable of lessening the recoiling effect so that despite the huge force, you don’t feel much. Moreover, if you are a layman, you may need it the most to pass through the never-ending practicing days.

These pads let you hold the gun with the same grip for a longer time. Your shoulders would thank you for this godsend since they are at the least pressure exposure. It is because these pads act as a barrier between the recoiling mechanism and the shoulder muscles. An expert may consider it insignificant, but for a beginner, this is irreplaceable.

For all these reasons, the shotgun recoil pads are a little bigger, sturdier, and more reliable in comparison to the later ones. They provide a huge degree of support and the best help to rule the shooting world.


Features of the shotgun recoil pad:

Let us share with you some of the excellent features of an ideal shotgun recoil pad so that you don’t waste bucks on the cheap ones. The first core feature is that the best shotgun recoil pad doesn’t feel rubbery. Yes, you heard it right; those pads that feel rubbery are just the imitations that don’t have much significance.

That is why your recoil pad should give leathery vibes that make it feel tough and resistant to the outside damage. Other than this, let us make it easier for you. When you go to the market instead of boggling your head with the minor details, just check the number of inserts mentioned. These inserts are responsible for making a shotgun recoil pad thicker and stouter.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the case always; a thicker insert may not work for the shooting competitions. In this scenario, you need something that is thin but has an incredible force resistance. This is where the number of inserts doesn’t matter, and the quality of padding takes over the limelight. These competitions require you to wear the thinnest shotgun recoil pad with quality padding.

Thirdly, the air and water play the key elements since the force converts into heat, which results in expansion. This heat moves towards your shoulder muscles, and that is where the recoil pad comes to the rescue.


How does a shotgun recoil pad work?

To understand the working of a shotgun recoil pad, one may decode the initial stage first. Suppose you are holding a shotgun without wearing any brace or recoil pad. When you aim the target and pull the trigger, you apply the whole-body energy in shooting closest to the target. You may not hit the bull’s eye every time, but the force that you spend comes back in full glory.

That is the reason that there is a major push when you pull the trigger of a shotgun. This push can even injure your shoulder in the worst scenarios, or you may fall because of the excessive pressure. If you survive both the scenes, this inevitably disturbs your second shot. Now you may know the cause behind all the emphasis regarding a shotgun recoil pad.

Let us share one more tip; if you adore hunting, a shotgun recoil pad can improve your hunting experience to a greater extent. A recoil pad saves all the time that you otherwise would have spent in composing yourself after the initial backward force. This might make the animal escape your target until you recover from the shock caused by the first shot.

Simply put, all this backward force does zero harm when you have a shotgun recoil pad. A better position, an improved target, and greater expertise; they all come with just one tiny innovation.


Advantages of a shotgun recoil pad:

Let us glance through all the advantages that a shotgun recoil pad has to offer. Primarily, you get incredible support that lasts for a good period till you have your shotgun in your hands. This support protects the body from the opening shock and keeps the muscles in a calm state. You may not encounter any flinching or arm straining, which is just another benefit.

Secondly, the under-practice shooters would fall in love with it at first sight. Your arms don’t move an inch and you can maintain the perfect balance scale. This makes you better at shooting with every rising sun and a very precise effort. As we have just mentioned precision, you can finally achieve the precise accuracy in the target shooting game in a matter of days.

Then we have the vibrations that recoiling force produces. These vibrations can hurt your shoulders in an irrecoverable way and may become the biggest hurdle in winning the shooting shield. The best shotgun recoil pad decreases these vibrations up to 70 percent and takes away the harming potential.

Lastly, a shotgun recoil pad lets you shoot in succession i.e., fire one shot after the other without losing the focus. Your shoulders have better sustenance, and you won’t feel the muscle cramp which shotgun is notorious for. Hence there are infinite advantages that you get to relish by making this simple purchase.



In a nutshell, the shotgun recoil pads are the mandatory safety equipment for both an expert and a layman. They have become more crucial rather than just declaring them as a luxury. The thriving industry has made many manufacturers come up with fake pads that do more harm than good. That is why we have given you this bird’s eye view to make the shooting safer than ever.

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