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The 7 Best Slip-N-Slides

Simple slides get unbearably hot in summers and are not comfortable for summers when its the high time to enjoy them. Taking children to amusement parks every Sunday is hectic and costly. People have been improvising this situation by putting a turned on gardening pipe on the slide to keep it insulated and usable.

However, this practice takes a lot of hassle, as well. Finding a solution is what it takes to have a perfect slide option that gives all the features of an amusement park slide at home. Also, its fun to have an integrated version of a slide with a water splash to keep the hot slide insulated throughout the usage.

In a quarantined summer or summer holidays, when it gets too hot to even go to an amusement park, arranging some fun in the backyard can suffice well. Kids demand fun, and engaging them somewhere in summers is a challenging task for parents. A swing or a random slide in your backyard might be suitable for winters, spring, and autumn, but doesn’t fit for summers. You do have a budget-friendly option that involves water that can be a dream-come-true situation for your children. Not only this, but the  A water slide is a slide with the slipping option and built-in water sprinkles that makes a fantastic fun time for children.


The 7 Best Slip-N-Slides to Own & Use

Budget Pick – Wham-O Slip N Slide Wave Rider Double With 2 Slide Boogies

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Do you know what’s better than a single slip n slide on a hot summer day? The answer is two slip n slides. The Wham-O Slip n Slide gives you just that with its durable design, unmatched quality, and an unbelievable price. While many slip n slides are usually of a similar price bracket, this one is significantly lower than the usual standards but is in no way inferior to any other alternatives available in the market.

The slide area is nearly 15 feet which is quite impressive and you also get a mini pool in the end which will be loved by your kids. You can also expect the slide to last for a very long time because of its superior quality materials. The manufacturers have also included a patching kit along with the product to make some repair to the slide when needed. However, a lot of reviewers feel that the performance significantly drops after the repairs so it’s better and economical to be careful with this product.

Setting up the slide is extremely easy. Just select the place and connect the slide with your hose and you are done. The time required for the jets to start is, however, more than you might expect. The slow warmup period means that you’ll have to wait for a while after setting up the slide.

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You will notice that most slip n slides available in the market are intended to be used by children. But what about teens? Why shouldn’t they join the fun and relieve their stress on a hot day? Well, they can do it now with the incredible slide by WOW Sports. The long and wide slide comes with a powerful water sprinkler system and an extra-thick layer of PVC which gives this slide the ability to sustain heavier loads and easily handle your teenagers even they are using boogie boards.

While you always get to enjoy great slippery slides because of the powerful waterjets installed. Some users, however, feel that the jets are too strong, which creates a lot of mess and mud in your backyard or anywhere you use it. The length of the slide, while being a positive factor can be too much for most sliders to cover in one go. Some people go around that by creating a slight incline to facilitate their slide and let gravity take over.

Best for Children – BOUNTECH Inflatable Water Slide, Double Side Park

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This product is not solely a slip n slide per se. It comes with several other advanced features that make it a top option for parents who want to ensure a pleasant experience for their children without leaving the comfort of their homes. The heavy-duty BOUNTECH Water Slide is a combination of several activities loved by kids throughout the world.

Although the price of BOUNTECH Water Slide is a bit steep it surely is worth every single penny you spend on this product. With unmatched durability and premium quality material, the water slide will continue to work years after the purchase. In the long run, you are saving a lot of money with this incredible water slide. The recommended age limit is from 3 years to 8 years and we guarantee that you won’t have to buy another replacement at this time.

Can’t leave your house and go to the water park? Why not bring it to your backyard. The BOUNTECH Water Slide comes with a couple of curved water slides along with a mini splashing pool at the bottom. Your kids also get a climbing wall to get on top of the slide. The safety design ensures that no injury takes place even if the kids fall from the slide as they’ll land on the ultra-soft mini pool at the bottom. Moreover, the water slide comes with sprayers on top to keep the slides wet and slippery the whole time.

Intex Surf ’N Slide Inflatable Play Center

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When it comes to looks, nothing can beat the Intex Inflatable Play Centre. The slide is designed with a natural incline and comes with beautiful whale graphics that can make the experience more suitable and exciting for small children. The side rims are also beautifully designed to keep all the water inside which means no cleaning up and the muddy environment in your backyard after using this slip n slide for hours.

For enhancing the experience of your kids, the slip n slide also comes with a couple of inflatable boards for free. As all slip n slides, this one also comes with internal sprayers that keep the surface wet and slippery for you. Moreover, the slide’s ability to keep the water in its place also saves the amount of water you are using in addition to keeping the area free from mud.

While the Intex slip n slide comes with many advanced capabilities, some reviewers have commented on the weakness of the material this slide is made from. The overall material used in this slip n slide is vulnerable to punctures and the manufacturers haven’t given any puncture kit with this product to help you in making the necessary repairs.

TEAM MAGNUS Slip and Slide XL

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Another product that is designed for both children and teenagers alike, the Team Magnus Slip n Slide is an ultimate product that comes with almost all the things your child will need to have a great sliding experience. Designed to last a very long time and sustain large weights, the slide is ideal to be used with boogie boards and is large enough for a great time. The slip n slide is over 31 feet long and 5 feet wide which is extremely large when compared to other products of this size.

The product is ideal for teenagers who want to go wild and dive headfirst from the slide because you’ll see an excellent crash pad at the end which comes with the ability to absorb the impact and cushion you. You’ll also spend very little time setting up this slide because of its convenient process and durable connectors. You’ll also get a natural incline with this slide which would allow the sliders to cover the entire length of the slip n slide in one go. Some reviewers have however complained that the slide does not remain hydrated all the time which sometimes might hinder your experience. However, other than that, there have been no noticeable flaws in this product, which makes it a great choice for your homes.

More Slip-N-Slides Worth Looking At

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Who should use it?

As the hottest season approaches and kids get off from school, they require fun activities to do at home. The adventurous thing they can do in their backyard is slip n slide. The best exercise to do in summer vacations is to roll on a slide and splash it everywhere. Slip n slide was initially being made for children, but seeing the fun of it under such heated weather, the elders can’t ignore the temptation of giving it a go.

A kid can do all the fun with his parents keeping a watch on him. The set up for a slip n slide is the easiest of all, with just a few things you can arrange a proper summer splash party. The primary purpose of a slip n slide is to provide kids with a water ride and enjoyment with their friends. An amusing slip n slide summer party they can write about in their summer vacation essay.


Is it safe?

No children’s toys are entirely injury-proof. However, each of them comes along a set of rules and instructions to follow to avoid any inconveniences. Slip n slides aren’t safe for children below three and should be used with parent supervision until the age of 5. Now, as the name suggests, these slides are slippery and sloppy, so while sliding down along with other children, falling off may occur. That’s why most instructions suggest that one kid goes on it at a time.

Also, there are rules that more older children shouldn’t go on as the slide would not lubricate it enough for them because they can fall and get injured. Moreover, this slip n slide is for children between the ages of 5 and 12. If the safety precautions are followed, this is an entertaining and safe toy to embellish your backyard with.


Can adults slip n slide as well?

Slip n slide was made for kids, but seeing kids having such relief, its hard to resist the urge of sliding for even an adult. The manufacturing companies of slip n slide have prohibited the adults and teenagers from sliding on it. Some accidents have happened in the past. Due to adults having taller bones and massive bodies have encountered severe neck and back injuries. As one jumps to slide, they can acquire a sudden hit from the ground spraining their neck or, worse, injuring their spinal cord. A happy dive can turn into the worst nightmare of an adult.

In some cases, a person with a substantial body can slide too far, having himself unable to stop and can wallop himself into something. In short, slip n slide is dangerous for adults because previously several cases regarding spinal injuries, muscle compressions, and even paralysis were reported in a significant number. Therefore, move n slide is not advised for adults.


Advantages of slip n slide

Slip n Slide is a homemade amusement park. A combination of simple items can lead to a bright and wet sunny day. All you need is a top plastic sheet, some detergent or washing soap or choice, and water. Few items, and you’re ready to rock n roll. One can invite friends and play along.

A perfect water splash party with a pool, water balloons, and water guns having slip n slide as a cherry on top. You can engage your children in fun activities without going to any amusement parks. It is a fantastic and enticing gift for slip n slide as well. Its a big surprise and a dream gift for kids of all ages and can satisfy any kid by making their summer slumber go all cool.



Saving you from all the hassle of taking your outrageous kids to an amusement park in summers, this toy is mesmerizing summer activities for all kids. Its in-built water splash system makes it distinctive among the regular slides and makes it unique for the kids as well. To make your children love to stay at home this summer, a slip n slide water slide is a fantastic option. Save your time, money, and energy because you have an alternative even better than a swimming pool for your kids.

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