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SmartBuyGlasses is an online eyeglass retailer known for one of the largest selections of product in this market niche. With over 80 000 frames from more than 180 designer brands, there is simply no way that you will not find a piece for yourself.

Besides the frames alone, you can get them with prescription lenses or get regular glasses, sunglasses, and practically every type of eyeglasses. Besides the exceptional product selection, SmartBuyGlasses is known for the incredible warranties they grant their customers and their constant discounts on designer frames or glasses.


Shopping Experience (Process)

The SmartBuyGlasses website has room for improvement. I believe they are using an outdated interface that is simply not interactive enough. Other online eyeglass stores often have high-grade websites that make the experience as if you are shopping from an expensive online boutique.

If we put the website design aside, it is fairly easy to move through the different pages. If you have a lot of time on your hands, you can go through the hundreds of pages of frames before you decide which ones to customize. If, however, you already know the frame number or brand you are looking for, you can use the filtering options. It will substantially decrease your time on the website and you will be able to quickly continue with the next part of the process.

There is a really smart addition to the shopping section. For each frame, you can see how many there are left until they become out of stock. This is something you rarely see and it is a good technique to convince potential customers that they need to order the frame they like before it gets sold out.

With this said, let’s now discuss the ordering process from the beginning to the end. We will not discuss the regular glasses on the website. Our focus will be entirely on the process of customizing your pair of glasses from scratch.

Before we get to the process, you need to know that without a prescription, you cannot order glasses from SmartBuyGlasses. Even if you try to purchase, they will request a scanned copy of that prescription. If you have it in your hands then we are ready to move on.

Step 1: Frames

A selection of over 80 000 frames is pretty unbelievable, right? Well, you will find pretty much every existing option in existence. Whether you are into designer glasses or you have a tighter budget and simply want a nice high-quality pair of glasses, it does not matter. There is no way to leave the website empty-handed.

One of the strengths of SmartBuyGlasses is its pricing. Simply open their front page and you will already see that almost every frame is discounted. Even their regular price is comparatively low for this particular market.

Once you find the perfect frame, you can, in fact, try it on through the 3D Virtual Try-On which is an amazing new addition to the website. If the first one does not match, you can try the next frame.

Step 2: Lenses

This is the part that sets the difference between SmartBuyGlasses and their competitors. You will rarely find a company that gives lenses with triple coatings for free with your frames. Of course, you can choose to pay for the more advanced lenses as the free ones are pretty much made from standard plastic. However, they are still manufactured perfectly and will do the job if you are on a budget.

The free lenses that you can get have the following features:

  • Scratch Resistant Coating – You know what this is, it decreases the risk of scratching your glasses and completely ruining the glass.
  • UV Protection Coating – Protects your eyes from the dangerous UV rays coming straight from the sun. Regular plastic does not have UV protection by default unlike polycarbonate, therefore, here comes the coating.
  • Anti-Reflective Coating – Allows more light to pass all the way through to your eyes. It significantly improves the overall vision as it reduces reflection.

Now, once we have gone through the coatings of the free lenses, it is time to discuss the types of lenses that you can choose from.

  • Single Vision (Distance & Reading) – This type of lens has one single power throughout the entire glass. These lenses are from the free ones and are divided into lenses for distance and reading.
  • Progressive – These lenses, however, come at the price of $119. There are far advanced compared to the single vision ones and can be used for both reading and distance problems.
  • Non-Prescription – As always, you have the option to get non-prescription glasses. It is a common accessory nowadays, so if you need a stylish pair of glasses, this is your chance.

Step 3: Upgrades?

Whether you stick to the basic lenses provided for free or you upgrade to an advanced option that comes at a certain price depends on your budget, your needs, and your prescription. We, however, will discuss each one of the upgrades in short.

  • Flash Mirror Coating – Provides additional protection from glare. If you want to know how it looks, think of the last time you saw glasses that looked like a mirror. This is due to this coating.
  • Transitions – These lenses are really interesting as they turn dark under UV rays which means when you go outdoors and turn back to normal when you get indoors.
  • High-Index Lenses – You can choose from a range of indexes that differentiate with thickness and weight. The index you need depends on your prescription.
  • Polarized Sunglasses Lenses – Reduces glare reflections from horizontal surfaces and protects you from UV Rays.
  • Non-polarized Sunglasses Lenses – Similarly protect from UV rays but do not reduce glare.

With this, you will be at the end of your customization and your pair of glasses will be added to your cart.


Warranty & Return Policy

As already mentioned above, SmartBuyGlasses has an incredible warranty policy which gives you a 24-month warranty period. Besides that, you can return your products if they remained unused and undamaged. This option is active in the first 100 days after your purchase. You will receive a full refund.


Final Thoughts

SmartBuyGlasses has the largest selection of frames in the market. They also have an incredible approach to their customers. You get incredible discounts and moreover, free lenses if you choose not to upgrade.

If you are unsatisfied and want a refund, you can request one in the first 100 days. What more can we say? This is definitely one of the worthiest online eyeglass stores we have ever seen and their reputation is well-deserved.



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