The 10 Best Soundbars under $200

best sound bar under $200

Soundbars have changed the fate of regular TV watching, as now with this device, people can have cinematic sound effects and clarity. Usually, LEDs, laptops, or any other machine that you watch your favorite shows on does not have enough sound if you are watching with a bunch of your friends or your family. To cater to this problem, a device that is popular for a few years is the Soundbar.

It isn’t just efficient with sound but resonates with clarity and without any distortion. Watching TV can get annoying if it isn’t loud and clear enough. In this case, the background noise makes it hard to get the human voice of the characters. To stay focused on the TV or any screen watching your sitcom, movies, or your favorite shows, you got to have a top-notch quality sound result.

Most TV brands do not come along a decent sound quality, it might be loud but is not crystal clear. To compensate that this device comes with a premium quality sound with high and low notes clarity and perfect resonance with the screen, giving you all the joy, you’d possibly have in a cinema. Soundbars are portable as well. If you are traveling to a place with no TV, this is the solution you might want to go for.


The Best-Sounding Soundbars For $200 & Under

Best for Budget – Soundbar for TV, Wired & Wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Speaker, Home Theater Surround Sound System

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Affordable and incredible, the soundbar by BYL check all the boxes when it comes to providing you with the required sound quality for movies, music, shows, and other entertainment activities. The soundbar is 28 inches in length and comes with 2 stereo speakers that come with such capabilities that can put many premium products to shame. The speakers can deliver up to 95 dB of audio output that comes with less than 1% of harmonic distortion which is quite impressive.

We always focus on recommending a product in our budget category that performs the same or as close as possible to the most premium models in the market and this incredible soundbar by BYL does that superbly. For connectivity, the powerful soundbar comes with Bluetooth capabilities in addition to all the regular methods. You can now be free from an unorganized clutter of wires without compromising the sound quality.

BYL puts great emphasis on making your entire experience as convenient and smooth as possible. Moreover, the manufacturers have a very credible name in the market due to their excellent after-sales services. As all BYL products, this soundbar also comes with a 45-day free assurance which allows you to return the product without any questions if you don’t like the performance.

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The 100-watt Soundbar is one of the most popular products in its category due to its simplicity, excellent performance, and the highest standards of customer service by the manufacturers. The high-quality soundbar comes with powerful speakers capable of delivering an impressive 105 dB room-filling output with unmatched quality that is completely unmatched by any other soundbar in this price range.

The soundbar comes with different sound modes that are designed to make your experience more immersive and incredible. There are different sound modes for movies, music, news/dialogue with the appropriate sound settings to make the entire experience better for you. For connectivity, the soundbar comes with all the modern and older options and all of them perform the same so you can easily choose the option that suits you the most.

For the user’s convenience, this soundbar by Megacra comes with the option of two sizes. You can either select the 40-inch model or the 28 inches one according to your TV’s size and other factors. You also get a free 18-month warranty and access to one of the best technical support services with the purchase of this soundbar. So what are you waiting for? Click the button above and check out this great product on amazon!

Editor’s Choice – JBL Bar 2.1 Home Theater Starter System

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Our choice is the incredible 2.1 Home Theater Starter System by JBL that comes with state-of-the-art capabilities. The entire sound system has multiple compatibilities and can work with Dolby digital as well. The system comes with 300W surround sound speakers with crystal clear audio along with a wireless subwoofer for giving the best experience when you play music.

The soundbar comes with the capability of both wired and wireless connections so you can enjoy your entertainment content with convenience. The soundbar can also be controlled by your TV remote which saves you from the hassle of keeping another remote with you for the soundbar only. The proprietary SoundShift technology allows you to connect multiple devices with a powerful soundbar and shift between them easily. You will see that buying the JBL Soundbar with subwoofer was the best decision you ever took. Its incredible performance coupled with the build quality that is expected from a top brand like JBL will make this product last for years without ever needing any repairs or replacements. Even then, if you face any issues, JBL with its multiple certified service locations across the US will only be a single phone call away.

Rockville ROCKBAR 40″ 400W Soundbar

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The Rockville Rockbar 40” 400W Soundbar is an incredible choice that comes with a subwoofer and does not put a dent in your pocket. The soundbar comes with both wireless and wired connection capabilities that do not affect the performance irrespective of the type of connection you have. The extra subwoofer included is also connected wirelessly and provides a stable and incredible output that covers a large area.

Similar to many other similar products, the Rockville Rockbar also comes with different modes for movies, music, and shows. The immersive sound experience will truly be out of this world as it will cater to your every requirement automatically. Additionally, to control the soundbar, you will also get a remote controller so you won’t have to get up every time you need to change something.

The power consumption of the Rockville Rockbar Soundbar is also ideal. It can easily run on any wall socket without problems. Even if you are buying from the outside USA where a different voltage is available in the grid, you won’t need to invest money in a convertor as this model comes with an auto-switching power supply.

Sound Bar for TV, Soundbar with Built-in Subwoofer, Wired & Wireless Bluetooth

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The vmai soundbar for TVs and home theaters is truly excellent in every manner. With several ‘top of the line’ features, you might think that this elegant soundbar will cost a lot but that’s not the case. The soundbar is quite affordable and works perfectly in any condition. The design of the vmai soundbar is quite elegant and gives you the complete option of either keeping it on the TV stand or mounting on the wall.

The vmai soundbar comes with one of the best overall speakers that can cover a small or mid-sized room with high-quality audio and crystal-clear results. The speakers give a 110 dB intense audio output and the exclusive Power Bass capabilities that give you a more immersive experience for your music.

For connectivity, the soundbar comes with wireless Bluetooth capabilities in addition to common wired ports like the HDMI, Aux, USB, etc. The device is also compatible with various multimedia electronic options like TV, DVD players, tablets, smartphones, gaming consoles, and many other things. The versatility it gives you is truly unmatched so you can easily sit around and enjoy premium facilities at the fraction of the cost.

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Improve Your TV’s Audio and Grab a Soundbar

A soundbar allows you to go to a maximum degree of sound quality fascination with any eloquent difference. You probably would be just used to a low volume because the sound of your LED TV doesn’t come with such high quality. This sound device is everything you look for in a home theatre sound set, to cope up with the gap.

Now going for the home theatre sound equipment can be very expensive, ranging from 799$ to 1200$, which might be even higher than your TV. How about having something way cheaper with almost the same quality sound and depth note features?  Also, it makes you want to spend more time watching TV and attract your family and friends to it.

Soundbars provide you with a sound so clear that one enjoys it. The focus and depth of sound effects render more eloquence to the sound effects and its attraction in comparison to other sound devices. To raise all of it to a level where it feels like the cinema, you can use your Bluetooth connection and control it with your phone. You can also just put it on alongside your phone, laptop, and PC and have cinematic sound effects in your personal space.

  • You can use any connecting cable or a Bluetooth connection to turn your random home TV into a cinema with a quality soundbar.
  • Its efficient dual speakers give you an all-in-one sound factor that you might not get from your TV speaker.
  • Soundbar has extraordinary eloquence for high and low note clarity, unlike many other speakers and sound systems.


How is a Soundbar Better in Regards to Price?

Speakers and a suitable quality device is a necessity when it comes to watching movies or having small music parties at your home. Now speakers, home theatre sound systems, and any other sort of external sound device are expensive because generic engineering of those is for professional usages. Typically, sound systems come in a quite higher price range like ranging from 650$ to 1500$, and speakers are even more expensive, which doesn’t suffice or, at times, are too much.

The middle way and a better choice of watching TV or home theatre category is a soundbar. A soundbar from a good company like Samsung, Sony, LG, and Phillips come in an inexpensive and moderate price range of below $200.

It is an essential thing, and people get attracted to it just because of the price difference and futuristic features. Not only this, in this minimal price you can enjoy your musical night or home cinema every day.


What are the Overriding Features a Soundbar Should Have?

Soundbars of different brands come with various features like you have to look for the main ones that a brand is good at giving. Another thing to keep in mind is checking the look cautiously if it matches your TV set. The most amazing and quite common features a soundbar has are:

Built-in woofers (Bass)

It is the standard features that can be found in most soundbars, as it gives you an option of deep bass if you are playing music or watching a horror or adventure movie.

Virtual surround sound

Soundbars provide you with a fantastic sound feature that it creates a real lifelike 3D sound for your most favorite movies and shows.

Sound clarity

Soundbar provides you with an enhanced voice frequency range, ensuring the clarity in all the dialogues that you hear.

Bluetooth connection

Many soundbars give an option of sound Bluetooth connection that allows you easy control over the volume and changing options.

Extensive delivery range

A standard soundbar has 15 to 33 feet sound delivery range, which enables you to have a small gathering or an event with a suitable sound device playing music. You can have a movie night with a bunch of friends, and the delivery would be just the right amount across the hall.



Soundbars are efficient working devices for home appliances, TVs, Laptops, etc. However, these devices are a little inefficient to pair with one of your professional sound systems. Also, these devices, in comparison to speakers, are available at an excellent price of under 200$.

Everyone can have this device to boost their watching TV experience and fill it with realistic loud cinema-like sound. A soundbar is a good option when it comes to TV sound as it comes with portability and controlling convenience.