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SPAMfighter is a European protection software developer that provides various services such as their most famous Anti-Spam tool for emails. All software and tools are available in both a trial version and a paid full version. If you have issues with viruses, spyware, slow performance on your PC, and many other common problems, SPAMfighter has a solution for everything. The company is known as one of the best in the business with over 9 million users worldwide.



The SPAMfighter services are divided into Security and Optimization. Different ones are available for PC and MAC. In addition, the company offers packages for Business companies at discounted prices. Currently, Apple product users are limited to only the Full-Disc Fighter tool that will clean the system from all unnecessary “garbage” files. You can read more about this tool below. PC services, however, are far more abundant and we will now look through them all.


The original tool created by the company gets installed as a plug-in and reviews all the emails you receive in real-time. It has the purpose of detecting spam and unsafe emails. It then transfers them to your spam folder.

The tool can be customized by the user itself. If you feel like you may get important emails lost, you can change the sensitivity of the tool into five levels from Very Soft to Very Hard. Besides that, SPAMfighter will also protect the user from all sorts of malware threats that can occur.

Currently, SPAMfighter is not compatible with all webmail services but you can use it with MS Outlook and Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Windows Live Mail, Apple Mail, and Mozzila Thunderbird.

Compared to its competitors, this software has the highest success rate in detecting spam and at the same time, comes at a very affordable price.


Next comes their Antivirus software, VIRUSfighter, which effectively deals with all types of viruses and malware that can get attached to your machine.

You can get the full version for free for 30 days before you decide whether it is good enough for you. It is completely user-friendly and will not require anything but a simple installation. Once it is ready, it will always keep your system up to date with the latest forms of malware and viruses. Expect up to several updates per day. Once it detects a threat it removes it quickly without any assistance from you.

Available in more than 15 languages, the software has almost no system requirements.


Our computers are at a never-ending risk of various malicious software. Such threats can interfere with your overall usage of the PC or slow down its performance. With SPYWAREfighter, you can rest assured that your PC will be automatically cleaned by all spyware, malware, and every other type of threat.

Once again, your software will get daily updates. As soon as you install it, it will instantly clean your system. From then on, it will scan all future files and in the case of a threat, store them under quarantine. You can set the program to scan in real time, manually, or by schedule.

Anyone can try the pro version for 30 days without paying. The installation is as easy as it gets and has almost no system requirements.


The Optimization services by SPAMfighter deal with repairing your PC and boosting the performance. The first software is SLOW-PCfighter. It works by scanning your machine, making all the necessary repairs, and optimizing the performance.

Ideally, finding all the broken files and deleting everything unnecessary can be frustrating and a simple mistake can cause a negative effect on your PC. With software like SLOW-PCfighter, you can rest assured that nothing will be required from you, and your PC will be working at its full potential.


As already mentioned, this is the only software that is available for both PC and MAC users. It deals with all the unnecessary files that get stored in your hard disc daily and slow down your PC. For example, such files are:

  • Duplicate files
  • Old Windows Update files
  • Temporary Internet files

These were a small portion of all the possible unnecessary files that keep getting stored in your hard drive. If you want to try this software, it is available as a trial version and a pro version that has to be paid.


Not updating your drivers can result in poor performance and hardware malfunctions. With DRIVEfighter, you can rest assured that all your drivers will be updated. This software allows you to look for any update requirements, download them, and update them as fast as possible.

You can try a trial version of DRIVEfighter by simply downloading it from their website. However, the pro version has an enormous database of drivers that gets updated daily. This way, your PC will always be up to date.


Using SPAMFigher Site

The SPAMfighter website is as user-friendly as all their software. They haven’t wasted time on catchy ads. Everything is straightforward, explained in detail, ensuring that you get enough information before you make your final decision.

The front page of the website gives you everything you need. Shortcuts to every single service is provided, including a brief explanation. You will easily find what you are looking for. As soon as you have chosen a particular software or tool, you can go to its page and read about it in-depth.

As soon as you get familiar with the particular software, you can either choose to get a free trial or pay for the full package on the spot.


Final Thoughts

SPAMfighter is a company that has satisfied millions of customers. In the abundance of protection software available to us today, it is one of the few that are actually worth trying. Furthermore, you can simply try every service for free in the beginning.

There are available solutions to basically any potential threats. Whether you need a tool for spam emails or anything that slows your machine, you can find a solution on the SPAMfighter website.



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