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Top 10 Best Sponge Holders

Are you tired of soggy sponges lying in the water on the sink countertop, not only does it look bad, but it’s also against the rules of hygiene. Do not worry, all you need is a sponge holder, designed for the customers who are worried about the hygiene and neatness of their kitchen. There are different styles of sponge holders which can be used for the storage of cleaning sponges before and after washing the utensils. They are available in different shapes, colors, and materials according to your usage. The most readily available sponge holders are the ones made up of plastic which can easily be attached to the sink walls or the kitchen walls by suction. Similarly, there are magnetic sponge holders available that can be attached to the sink walls.


The design of the sponge holder gives proper aeration to the cleaning sponges and drains the water from the sponges, thus increasing the lifetime of the cleaning sponges by keeping them bacteria-free. Apart from storing sponges, modern sponge holders provide adequate space to store brushes, soap dispensers, towels, etc. These sponge holders can be disassembled and can be cleaned easily. Another thing which sponge holder provides you is the increase in the kitchen’s aesthetics. The sturdy and attractive designs not only provide you with storage space but also the required beauty and cleanliness to your cooking place.


Top 5 Best Selling Sponge Holders

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Common characteristics of sponge holders

As the name indicates, sponge holders are storage racks that are primarily designed to hold your cleaning sponges. The simple sponge holders are often made up of plastic and are available in different colors to match your kitchen’s aesthetics. These offer two or three compartments to hold cleaning sponges, brushes and hanging for the towels. Some sponge holders can be hung on the sink dividers, while some can be attached to the wall through suction cups. Few of the models available in the market are magnetic and can be attached to the sink through a magnet. Most of the consumers prefer sponge holders with drainage holes, to drain the dirty dishwater out of the cleaning sponges to prevent the growth of molds or bacteria.

Another thing which modern designs offer is air passageways. Modern manufacturers design sponge holders in such a way that an adequate amount of air can be passed through drying the sponges and other utensil cleaners. Some sponge holders also provide the compartment for soap dispensers, soap scum, and foams, etc. Sponge holders are also known for their durability whether made up of plastic or steel. The plastic sponge holders are light in weight and are unbreakable, while the ones made up of steel are rustproof, adding to the lifetime of the product.


Sponge Holders can be used by?

Sponge holder can be used by a restaurant owner and also can be used for domestic use. They not only hold your utensil cleaners but also provide air passageways to keep them dry and bacteria-free. This product is available in different sizes and compact shapes so people having less storage space in their kitchens can also use it. Some sponge holders are also multifunctional, they can provide the user with the option of storing the utensil cleaning items and provide separate space to use soap dispenser and scum. Thus you do not need any additional product to store the soap. Moreover, sponge holders can also be used to increase the aesthetics of your kitchen. They are available in different colors and materials which can suit your kitchen’s environment and aesthetics. They can be attached to the walls through suction cups or can be placed on the countertop according to your need and ease.


There are many sponge holders in the market, few products are discussed below:

SimpleHuman Brushed Steel

Simplehuman Brushed steel provides the sponge holders which are best suited for the people having scarce storage space in their kitchen and have smaller sinks. This sturdy product offers you two compartments to store different utensil cleaners and a hanging bar to hang the towels. The extensible silicon bottom can be extended to store brush inside the compartments.  Simplehuman brushed steel also provides the drainage holes at the bottom to drain all the sponge water from the bottom to keep them bacteria-free. It is made up of metal and the metallic look of the frame adds to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

Eunion Plastic Saddle

This sponge holder is made by renowned company Eunion. This is also a small storage rack and can be hug on the sink dividers to store sponges, clothes, foams, etc. The perforated compartments ensure that no water is stored inside the compartments preventing the mold formation on the sponges or clothes. It is made up of high-quality unbreakable plastic and its unusual shape can be useful to store the long brushes, utensils, etc.

ODesign Kitchen Sink Caddy

ODesign is a trustworthy company which is manufacturing metallic domestic products for many ages. It has recently introduced a kitchen sponge holder made up of stainless steel. This sponge holder can fit in almost all kinds of cleaning products inside it. Moreover, it provides separate space for storing soap dispensers and scum. It also provides with drain pan which keeps the countertop dry. This drain pan can be easily removed and cleaned. This product also weighs less and can be transported from one place to another without any problem.


Final thoughts

Sponge holders are a great choice that can be added to your kitchen to provide storage space to the utensil cleaners. In addition to providing storage space, it also adds to the overall cleanliness and tidiness of your kitchen. So, do go for a sponge holder if you want to stay away from smelly bacterial sponges.

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