5 Best Sponge Mops To Own

best sponge mop to own

Maintaining and keeping your home clean is a big hassle, but who likes dirty floors. The easiest, convenient, and most cost-effective way to clean and wipe off all that dirt and grime from your floor is using a sponge mop. Read below to know about all sponge mops for your everyday cleaning purpose.


The Best Sponge Mops to Own

Best for Budget – Quickie 051TRI Sponge, Super Squeeze Mop

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Designed for customers that are looking for a powerful cleaning product at a limited budget, the Quickie Super Squeeze Sponge Mop is an ideal product that you can get for a fraction of price when compared with other products of similar nature. Available in about $20 only, you can enjoy a powerful cleaning experience with a 48 inches long steel handle that is easy to use and comes with features like hang-up so you can store them easily in a small corner or a broom closet.

The cellulose sponge you get with this cleaner is extremely efficient in cleaning tough and hard to remove stains. Additionally, with the scrubber strip included in the product, you won’t have to get another tool or scrubber for even the toughest stains out there. Simply get your favorite cleaning solution and start using this awesome sponge mop.

Some reviewers comment that the sponge included in this product is not too durable, and starts to disintegrate after some time. While it’s true but considering the affordable prices of the sponge mop and the refill sponges, you still are getting a good deal.

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The Rubbermaid Commercial PVA Sponge Mop enjoys a lot of popularity on Amazon and other online and offline marketplaces because of the convenient cleaning experience it provides. The Sponge Mop helps you achieve and deep and effective clean that work on all surfaces like tiles, marbles, hardwood floors, etc.

People who usually clean up different items know that alternating between wet and dry mop is a time consuming and hard job. But with this awesome sponge mop, drying out the sponge would take a few seconds only and would not need you to dirty your hands. Simply pull the lever on top of the cleaning sponge and all of the stored water will be extracted from the sponge leaving it clean and dry.

A very short lifespan is a major problem among common sponge mops. The Rubbermaid Commercial Mop However comes with an industrial-grade PVA spring that is resistant to the chemicals in regular cleaning formulas and lasts a very long time. You can also purchase a separate sponge later after some time to renew your sponge mop’s performance.

Best for Convenience – Poly Mop PVA Sponge Mop Bucket – Wash, Dry and Store Floor Cleaning Solution

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Every product has a unique selling point that the manufacturers focus on excelling at. In the case of Poly Mop, their USP is the customer’s convenience. Every single aspect of this product is made to enhance your overall experience and make cleaning something you look forward to.

Let’s start with the basics, the Sponge Mop comes with a mop bucket that facilitates your cleaning process and allows you to cover more area at once. Additionally, the Mop Bucket comes with a powerful 3-in-1 feature that washes, rinses, and dries the sponge to ensure that every stroke you take is effective and cleans the surface properly.

As for the sponge itself, the material it is made up of is a premium quality PVA that resists the chemicals used in cleaning detergents and surface cleaners. Additionally, the shape of the sponge at the bottom also facilitates deeper cleaning so you achieve better results. The handle of this Sponge Mop is 45 inches long and can be adjusted according to your requirements. The metal handle allows the product to last a very long time. As stated before, the manufacturers place huge stress on ensuring your convenience and happiness with the quality of their product and their superior after-sales policies. If you feel that the product does not deliver on its promise, simply give a call and you will be fully refunded without any questions.

MR. SIGA Sponge Mop with Super Absorbent Sponge Head and Telescopic Handle

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Presenting Mr. Siga Sponge Mop that is designed to make housework easy and comfortable for you. The Mop comes with an extremely powerful super sponge that is great for a variety of surfaces and gives of an unmatched cleaning experience that is hard to match by many other common brands available in the market. Most people who prefer to use a sponge mop over a regular one is because of the enhanced cleaning it provides and the fact that a regular mop itself gets extremely dirty and needs a lot of time to be cleaned. Sponge mops, on the other hand, can be cleaned with a simple rinse and the only problem you face is with squeezing the sponge. The Mr. Siga Sponge Mop comes with a pull-and-lift lever that squeezes all the water out of the sponge without touching it and allows you to continue the cleaning process with more simplicity.

The mop itself comes with a telescopic handle that can extend up to 48 inches you a user of any height can start using it effortlessly. The construction material of the handle is also of high quality so you can easily keep using it for a long time after purchasing.

Mr. Clean 446642 Magic Eraser Squeeze Mop

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Mr. Clean 446642 comes with top of the line features and unmatched quality standards. The Sponge Mop is designed to be used on any smooth surface without any issues. The entire body of this product is made from high-quality plastic material that is extremely flexible and does not break that easily. The sponge mop is the recommended tool with any Mr. Clean surface cleaner because of its ideal properties and the ability to cover hard to reach places and grooves.

Working with the sponge mop is also very convenient the highly absorbent sponge comes attached to a durable handle that does not break under force. The handle of this sponge mop even comes with a comfort grip foam that lets you grab the mop with more force with greater comfort. The foam is also placed on exactly the middle of the handle so you can grab it and apply more pressure to remover any tough stain from the surface you are cleaning. Overall, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser will truly make you a cleaning wizard with its awesome features and the ability to leave a spotless and squeaky-clean floor.

Other Sponge Mops You Might Like

Recommendation No. 1
Rubbermaid Reveal Cordless Battery Power Scrubber, Gray/Red, Multi-Purpose Scrub...
  • FAST SCRUBBING POWER: Power scrubber tool designed to clean up to 2x faster than a...
  • TIME SAVINGS: Oscillating head scrubs 60 times per second, Water resistant design
  • WATER RESISTANT: Liquid resistant assembly for durability you expect from Rubbermaid
Recommendation No. 2
Rubbermaid Reveal Spray Microfiber Floor Cleaning Kit for Laminate & Hardwood...
  • MULTI-SURFACE USE: Safe to use on all floor types including hardwood, vinyl, laminate...
  • 50% MORE DIRT PICKUP: Microfiber cleaning pad picks up 50% more dirt and dust per...
  • WON'T HARM SURFACES: Non-scratch scrubber for stubborn spots
Recommendation No. 3
Stardrops - The Pink Stuff - The Miracle All Purpose Cleaning Paste
  • WORKS LIKE A MIRACLE ! -The Pink Stuff paste made cleaning easier like never before,...
  • GREAT FOR ALL SURFACES -Remove stains,Grease or grime from just about anything,...
  • NO SCRATCHES -Stardrops Paste wont leave any scratches or any streak. Works Instantly...
Recommendation No. 4
Clorox ToiletWand Disinfecting Refills, Disposable Wand Heads - 30 Count...
  • TOILET BOWL CLEANER: Clean and disinfect with Clorox ToiletWand refills that kill...
  • DISPOSABLE SPONGES: These toilet scrub pad refill heads click onto the ToiletWand to...
  • DISINFECTING CLEANER: Preloaded with Clorox cleaner these disposable scrubbing pads...
SaleRecommendation No. 5
O-Cedar EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop, Bucket Floor Cleaning System, Red, Gray
  • HANDS-FREE WRINGING: Our exclusive mop bucket design features a built-in wringer that...
  • MACHINE WASHABLE: The EasyWring Microfiber Mop Head is machine-washable and reusable!...
  • DEEP CLEANING MICROFIBER: O-Cedar's EasyWring Microfiber Spin Mop & Bucket Floor...

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Sponge mop and its advantages

A sponge mop has a spongy material attached to the head and features a wringer system. These mops have great water absorbency without getting heavy so they don’t strain your back or hand while cleaning. You can easily dip the sponge in the floor cleaning solution or disinfectant for smooth and easy application. Another great benefit of using sponge mop is that it is safe to use on all types of floors and tiles including wooden, linoleum, or uneven floor surfaces. Unlike other steam, string, and dust mops that have a rough surface, a sponge mop with a smooth soft surface won’t leave marks or scratches on the hard floor due to its gentle cleaning action.

Plus, it is an excellent cleaning tool to remove any type of dirt, spills, grains, or grime stuck on the floor, windows, and walls. Many sponge mops come with a removable head for easy rinsing and drying while some have a self-wringing system. It is lightweight, easy to use, and doesn’t any batteries or electricity that one requires for steam mops.


Who should buy a sponge mop?

If you have a home with wooden, marble, or linoleum flooring, then a sponge mop is an ideal cleaning device. No matter if you have to clean up tile floors, sponge mop is still a great option. Not only it is easy to use and maintain, sponge mop is perfect to clean all those difficult to reach areas, corners, and edges without having to bend down on your knees. For all who want a lightweight, affordable, and simple-to-use solution to mop all your home flooring, sponge mop is the thing for you. No problem if you can’t purpose those pricey steam mops, just buy a sponge mop to get similar desired cleaning results.

Sponge mops like Superior Performance Mop also come with a scrubbing brush to get rid of stubborn floor stains. However, if the built-in scrubber isn’t your requirement, there are options like Rubbermaid Commercial Sponge Mop. Besides, almost all sponge mops in the market have an easy-squeeze feature that makes clean-up a breeze! Thanks to the sponge mop’s smooth surface and texture, it is a perfect choice for all homeowners who worry about scratches and marks which other cleaning tools leave.


Main features to consider

Even if you are really fed up with conventional mops, don’t just buy sponge mop in a hurry without considering some following things. Choose the one that suits your needs and requirement perfectly.


The first and most important thing to look at is the handle material and adjustability. A mop handle made of the telescopic pole is the best choice. It offers a great firm grip so your hands don’t slip off while cleaning. Sponge mops that have single non-adjustable handle height may not be ideal for everyone. As each person prefers a different handle height and angle for their comfort. If this is the case with you, look for a sponge mob that features adjustable pole height and angle to suit your height and is comfortable to use. That is why many people prefer telescopic poles as they not only rotate but are adjustable in height as well. No back or neck pain as you can extend the handle as per your height need.

Easy pole adjustability offers many conveniences to store the sponge mob under the cabinet or hang it on the wall via handle loop. Those with limited storage space must go for adjustable pole height, compact, and lightweight mob.

Easy usage and mobility

In order to reach hidden areas, an extendable rod and rotatable head are necessary for sponge mop. A mob that is not easy to maneuver will not be a good choice if you plan to clean difficult areas or corners under furniture. Plus, it is better to look for a heavy-duty yet lightweight sponge mob that’s easy to carry around home without causing back or wrist aches.

Sponge Material

The material of sponge is another important thing to consider as not all mobs use the same quality and type of sponge. Sponge material is the thing that determines cleaning efficiency, so buy the one that suits cleaning requirements. They are made of synthetic sponges, cellulose, or microfiber material. For more tear-resistance, durability, and far more water absorbency, PVA (synthetic) sponge is a great option. It has quick and higher absorbance capacity than ordinary sponges.

On the other hand, microfiber also offers great cleaning efficiency and doesn’t require cleaning chemicals. It cleans dirt and grime spots with water only but may leave marks on laminate floor and windows.

Likewise, microfibers get heavy when absorbs water. So, super absorber PVA sponge is best when it comes to sponge mob for deep cleaning. Examples of top-selling PVA sponge mobs that are highly absorbent have strong flexibility, and wear-resistant include:

  • Rubbermaid Commercial
  • HomsHug PVA Sponge Mop
  • SIGA
  • Casabella Original

Wringing mechanism

Another feature to look for easy usability is squeezing technology. So you don’t have to use your hands to squeeze water from the sponge mob. Nobody wants to touch dirty mob surface to wring out sponge for cleaning purpose. So it’s better not to go for a manual wringing method.

To avoid the hassle, look for a sponge mop with a hands-free wring system. After you clean the floor, all you have to do is dip the PVA sponge in water and squeeze the dirty water out with a push of lever or button. Some models are equipped with an easy-grip wringing handle that provides easy wringing while keeping your hands and clothes dry.



Sponge mops offer effortless deep cleaning on all types of smooth surfaces and floorings like laminate, wood, linoleum, and tile. Using sponge mop is not only easy but it leaves your floor clean and dry quickly with just back and forth movement. How simple is that! So, when are you buying one to lift dirt, mud, and spill stains from your tiles, floors, windows, and even carpets?