5 Best Storage Clipboards

best selling and most popular storage clipboards for professional and personal use

A storage clipboard is an indispensable part of students, lawyers, nurses, doctors, coaching staff, etc. As the name of the product indicates, the clipboard can be used to store various items such as important documents, stationery items, tablets, calculators, and sports gears.


The clipboard can also be used for keeping the papers at a place when writing on them just like an ordinary clipboard. The storage space can be used by pulling the lid of the clipboard upwards and then back to its place just like a trunk. Mostly storage clipboards are made up of high-quality plastic which is unbreakable. While some of the storage clipboards are also made up of wood. They are an important product for many professionals because they are used to carry important information which can be immediately accessed in case of any emergency so that they do not lose a beat while performing their tasks.

Another benefit of the storage clipboards is their durability and ability to protect the important documents and stationery items from water, dust and unfavorable environmental conditions. A single purchase would last many years even if you are a rough user. There are several compartments for storage of different documents, stationery items, paper pins, memory cards, batteries, etc. The hinge of the clipboards is also made up of stainless steel which can be used for keeping the papers at their place while writing or working on them.


Best-Selling Storage Clipboards

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Storage Clipboard Designs

A storage clipboard is similar to an ordinary clipboard just with an added feature of the storage compartment which can be accessed by pulling the upper part of the clipboard just like the lid of the trunk. They are often made up of high-quality unbreakable plastic and are available in different colors to suit your working environment. Simple storage clipboards offer multiple storage compartments for the storage of papers, documents, manuals, stationery items, business cards, etc.

The build material is always decided carefully so that the clipboard can withstand harmful weather conditions and can protect the important papers or equipment stored inside it. The hinge of the clipboard which is used to grasp the paper while writing or working on them is often made up of high quality rustproof stainless steel. Given the ergonomic needs, most of the storage clipboards are offered with a handle making it a small briefcase that can be used to carry a few documents, stationery items, and tablets, etc.

A few modern storage clipboards offer multiple story storage compartments to separate out the papers from stationery items to protect them in case of any ink spill. These clipboards are few inches more in width than the simple ones and are a little heavier as compared to the simple ones. The material of the storage clipboard can be transparent as well as translucent depending upon the type of usage.


Who Uses Storage Clipboards?

These clipboards are suitable for students who want to carry important formula sheets, stationery items, calculators, etc. to the examination hall. Storage clipboard removes the need for a bag or some pouch that otherwise is used to carry these items. Moreover, storage clipboards can also be used by nurses and paramedical staff to note down information regarding the patients and to store them. Doctors, coaching staff and law enforcement agencies can also use storage clipboards to carry important information which can be accessed in case of any emergency to prevent the sloppiness in the work of these highly skilled people. This product is specially designed for the people who want storage space and mobility without compromising on the basic function of the clipboard. Some storage clipboards are specially designed for nurses and paramedical staff who have specific instructions on their back and front which can be used by paramedics in emergency cases. Moreover using this sturdy device, you can get rid of those heavy notebooks which are always a problem to be carried around. Just carry few papers, a pen and some paper pins inside a storage clipboard whether you are a student, a lawyer, a doctor, engineer or belong to any field of life who readily need some pages to note down important stuff.

Best Selling storage clipboards in the market

There are many storage clipboards available in the market but here we are discussing some of the bestselling products when we talk about storage clipboards:

Officemate Portable Clipboard Storage

The officemate clipboard storage provides you with ample storage space to carry your important documents, stationery items, etc. The lightweight enables you to carry this product to the desired place without any problem. The built quality and material prevents the passage of water, dust, etc. to your important documents. Another thing that separates this product from similar ones in the market is its separated stationary storage compartments which protect important documents from ink stains. The hinge is made up of high quality rustproof stainless steel which is used to grasp the paper while working. The size of this clipboard is 14.50″ x 11.80″ which makes it a suitable product to store and work with letter-sized documents.

Saunders Recycled Aluminum Storage Clipboard

This storage clipboard manufactured by Saunders is made up of recycled aluminum and is a suitable product for those who prefer metallic products over regular plastic products. The aluminum provides adequate protection to your documents and other important product. This storage clipboard features a dual-storage system which can be accessed like a tray. Metallic hinges allow easy opening and closing of the storage lids. Talking about the size of this innovative product, it is available in two sizes which are 8.5″ x 11″ for letter-sized documents and 8.5″ x 14″ for legal documents.

Officemate Slim Translucent Clipboard

This product is again manufactured by officemate and is readily available in the market. It is made up of translucent plastic which makes it easy for the user to ensure whether the required stuff is available with him or not. As with all officemate storage clipboards, there are separate storage compartments for stationery and paper to protect the papers from ink stains. The size of this clipboard is recorded to be around 14.50″ x 11.80″.


Concluding Remarks

So, this sturdy product is best suited for you if you are tired of carrying bags on your shoulder for keeping only some papers and stationery items. This product provides you with ample storage space with the basic function of clipboard too.