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Air, one of the basic needs human beings need to survive. Unfortunately, cleaner air seems impossible when you live in the heart of the city. It is why having good air quality is a must to avoid sickness, especially respiratory diseases and the most common is asthma. Isn’t it nicer if the world you live in is capable of purifying the air you breathe? Good thing Sylvane is just one click away to help you reduce negative indoor air and improve the quality of the air you and your loved one breathes. Sylvane is a reliable website that helps people live in a better indoor environment by solving humidity problems, airborne allergens, mold remediation, air temperature, and other comfort issues through high-quality air solution.


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Sylvane History 

Sylvane is a company that is dedicated to solving indoor air problems, an issue that affects all human beings every single day yet taken for granted. The company’s history came from humble and honest beginnings, with most of its founders are allergy stricken victims too. It all began when the founders couldn’t find any useful products to aid with their severe allergies and tone down their symptoms. Because of the urge to help themselves and other people suffering from the negative impacts of indoor air problems, Sylvane was born and online solutions were provided to curb air allergies and symptoms. Sylvane is an e-commerce website that has catered online consumers for nearly 20 long years. The goals of the company are to offer only the best products to resolve negative indoor air quality and to provide not just the best solution but the right product. From industrial dehumidifiers to HEPA vacuums, you are guaranteed that Sylvane is one click away.


Sylvane Group: Who Are They?

The company is comprised of product experts therefore you are guaranteed to deal with people who are highly knowledgeable of their products. The marketing people at Sylvane are considered gurus who know their crafts and the ins and outs of the business. Other team members are technology lovers therefore you can expect everyone at Sylvane to be the right professionals to consult with when it comes to products that could alleviate symptoms of allergies and improves indoor air quality. Whether you decide to simply call, or visit the website, you will surely experience the best customer service no matter who you are. The team assists customers who are usually asthma sufferers and construction workers and contractors.


Sylvane’s Products and Services

You will never be disappointed by what Sylvane has to offer. Expect a lot of products capable of providing air quality solutions such as air purifiers and filters, air quality testing, furnace filters, and ventilation fans. There are products intended for humidity control too such as dehumidifiers, humidifiers, bathroom fans, and even water removal air movers. In terms of heating and cooling, expect to have wide choices of products such as portable, window, through the wall and mini-split air conditioners. There are PTACs too, and choose between evaporative coolers or simply opt for fans and air circulators. To ensure different types of customers are catered, Sylvane offers household fans too, and there are heavy-duty ones to choose from. Enjoy heaters of different types. You can have heaters placed in fireplaces and stoves, garage and industrial types, even outdoor patio heaters and space heaters are present. All these amazing products are just one click away should you need to obtain one the soonest possible time.

Sylvane is not only limited to the above-mentioned products, in fact, the site also offers more. There are vacuum products to choose from along with some floor care products too. So if you are looking to purchase steam and vacuum cleaners, rest assured Sylvane site has it. If you are meticulous when it comes to the brand of the products, note that Sylvane offers a plethora of brands such as Aeris, Airdog, Airpura, B-Air, Boneco, Coway, Dyson, Haverhill, LG, Quest, Venta, Winix and much more. What’s great about Sylvane is the fact that it does not just offer brands, the team aims to provide real solutions to people suffering from allergies and sensitivities. At Sylvane, expect to encounter products that are capable of removing odor, fight against cigarette smoke, scrub air pollution, purifies it and more advantages than you can think of.


What is an Air Purifier?

These are products capable of removing air contaminants inside a room, to improve the air quality and prevent asthma attacks, allergens, odor, and more respiratory diseases. Air purifiers are classified into different types depending on what it is for such as:

  • Odor and Chemicals
  • Allergies
  • Asthma
  • Smoke
  • Chemical Sensitivity
  • Air Sterilizing


What is Air Quality Monitor?

These are products used to monitor the quality of air in an area. It measures air pollutants and its level. At Sylvane, get a chance to choose different types such as:

  • Air Quality Monitors
  • Radon Detectors
  • Mold Detectors
  • Air Testing Kits
  • Leak and Moisture Detectors
  • Weather Stations and other Gauges


What is a Furnace Filter?

Furnace filter acts as blower protection against dirt particles such as dust and hair. As opposed to what many people thought, the furnace filter does not purify the air but rather protects the blower from debris and other pollutants though it plays a role in improving your indoor air quality. At Sylvane, furnace filters come in different sizes such as:

  • 20 x 20 inches
  • 16 x 20 inches
  • 16 x 25 inches
  • 20 x 25 inches


What is a Ventilation Fan? 

The ventilation fan is used to improve air circulation in an area, whether it is at home or in a building premise. It is considered as mechanical ventilation that creates a slow movement of air. Different ventilation fans are available at Sylvane such as:

  • Shutter Fan
  • Radon Mitigation Fan
  • Crawl Space Fan
  • Air Supply Fan

There are many products to choose from and everything is all one click away. Sylvane is one of the trusted e-commerce sites when it comes to reliable air purifiers. So make sure to explore the website and never hesitate to purchase online.


How to Navigate the Site?

The site is user-friendly and very simple. As soon as you open the page, you are given drop-down choices of the products in different categories such as air quality solutions, humidity control, heating and cooling, vacuums and floor care and knowledge center for users wanting to know more. Under the Knowledge center category, you will find tons of useful articles that will help you decide on the best product to choose from. There is general information focused on an air purifier, dehumidifier, flood, heater, humidifier, mini-split, steam cleaner, vacuum and Wi-Fi products too.

Shopping at Sylvane is easy too, simply create your account login and all that is needed are a valid email address and password. At the bottom of the main page, you’ll find the directory of the site. You’ll find useful information on how to contact the company online, their shipping information, how to return an item, their return policy, and frequently asked questions. You’ll also find helpful information with regards to warranties, financing, sales tax, open box, and used products, replacement parts and more.


Why Shop With Sylvane?

Sylvane is one of the best websites committed to providing excellent products in just a few clicks. The site is comprised of sales reps that are quite knowledgeable of all items. The team also offers educational inputs to all its buyers, and there are great prices to take advantage of. There are 30 days money-back guarantee, excellent delivery service, secure way of shopping, free shipping for orders more than $35 and returns and exchanges are fast and easy. These are only a few of the many awesome reasons to shop with Sylvane. Hurry now and don’t hesitate to create an account with Sylvane.



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