5 Best Table Tennis Paddles for Intermediate Players

Best Table Tennis Paddles for Intermediate Players

If you’ve been playing table tennis for some time and you’re looking to upgrade your equipment to help enhance your abilities, it may be time to start looking online. Today, in this article, we’re taking a closer look at some of the best table tennis paddles for intermediate players, helping them dominate their competitors. It should be noted that as players become more familiar with the game of table tennis, they often start to acquire preferences, whether it be how they hold the paddle, returning a hit with a spin,  or playing closer/farther away from the table.


5 Best Table Tennis Paddles for Intermediate Players

In this section, you’ll find a list of some of the most highly regarded ping pong racquets for those who consider themselves to be beyond the beginner stages (intermediate or advanced).

STIGA Pro-Carbon:

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Pro-Carbon is similar in performance to the Killerspin Jet 800 N1 paddle, but with half the price. Made by a famous Swedish Company, STIGA, it provides much professional performance with a great value of money. The Pro Carbon will give you increased performance with increased spin and speed. Its heavy handle gives you a better grip on the paddle and lets you play without any discomfort.

The blade has made of five layers of Balsa wood, crammed between two layers of carbon, making it easier to use because of its less weight. The layering also provides rigidity to the blade, giving you a paddle with increased power and solid precision. It gives you a speed of 9/10, spin of 10/10, and control of 8/10. The weight is only 140 grams.

Pro-Carbon is an excellent paddle for advanced intermediate players, but beginners might have a hard time getting used to it. It is an ideal paddle for you if you are into smashing and looping.


  • Suitable for advanced intermediate players
  • Light weighed
  • More control
  • ITTFs approved
  • The heavier handle provides more grip
  • Best value
  • Best choice


  • Better for loops and smashes than soft shots
  • Beginners may get a hard time getting used to it because of its heavier handle


Butterfly Balsa Carbo-X5, Tenergy 80 FX Paddle

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This paddle had designed for professional and advanced intermediate players, who are more focused on playing rigorously without any fear of losing the game. Balsa Carbo-X5 makes it soft, making you feel playing effortlessly and efficiently.

It is not a normal butterfly paddle, it uses Tenergy 80 Fx i.e the ideal balance between the speed and the spin of the ball. This paddle helps to throw the ball at a greater distance and is best for smashes. Its implausible speed and immense spin are the features that make it very suitable for professional use. The combination of the spin and speed is more softly, and effectively making you feel like you are not applying much force. This ideal balance makes it suitable for far distance loopers. If you are going to use it for the first time, you may need some time to get used to it because of its high spin and speed. But once it becomes handy, it starts improving your spin control and the overall performance.

It utilizes Tenergy 80 FX for the rubbers and the Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 blade. The average weight of the blades is approximately 80 grams (this can vary), the racket becomes heavier once you add the rubbers. Generally, the paddle is available for the customers, in the assembled form. These are the high-quality parts of this paddle that improves its performance as well as the cost.


  • A perfect combination of Tenergy 80 FX and Balsa Carbo X5 Blade
  • Massive spin and high speed
  • Lightweight blades
  • Perfect for long-distance loopers and smashes


  • It is the priciest paddle.
  • Heavier in weight
  • Not suitable for beginners


Palio Expert 2:

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This table tennis paddle is for the beginners who want to master the game. It is a collaboration between the Chinese brand Palio and the Expert Table Tennis. Palio Expert 2 is an upgraded version of the famous Palio expert paddle, which was released back in 2013. This paddle is ITTF’s approved.

As a leaner and a beginner, you should not be interested in increased speed and power, so this paddle is best for you. The reason for it being the most suitable paddle is its medium speed. Several cheap premade paddles lack the quality of providing massive spin because they are made of low-quality rubbers, this is not the case in Palio Expert 2. The rubbers are CJ8000 and they remain unchanged giving you a huge spin with a proper grip. This paddle provides great control over the ball. Using this paddle, you will be able to produce great spins by keeping the ball on the table.

This table tennis paddle provides a speed of 6/10, Spin of 9/10, and a Control of 10/10. So if you are serious about learning and improving your game, this is the best choice available for you.


  • Best for beginners and learners
  • Massive spin
  • Great control and grip on the ping pong ball
  • Relatively cheaper than other beginner level paddles
  • ITTFs approved


  • Not for professional use
  • Doesn’t provide much speed


STIGA Evolution- One of the top five STIGA Paddles

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STIGA Evolution is a performance level table tennis Racket and is ITTF approved. It provides the best speed to control ratio while giving you a high-quality performance at a very rational value. It had originally designed for players who want to bring more accuracy in their strokes.

STIGA Evolution is different from other premade paddles because of its two new features i.e. a shock dispenser tube and premium rubbers.

The paddle has 2mm premium rubbers and 6 Ply blades. The rubbers had designed to assist you in learning a more professional way of the game, by generating massive spin and increasing the speed of the ball.

The blade contains a Shock Dispenser Tube, a hollow tube inside the handle that absorbs the shockwaves created by the ball upon hitting the paddle and distributes them evenly across the racket. This is a unique feature that is not present in other paddles, and you might need some time to get used to the sound the tube generates.

Performance ratings of this table tennis paddle are as follows:

  • 9.6/10
  • 9.4/10
  • 9.0/10


  • Great for defense purpose
  • It has a massive spin
  • This paddle provides the best speed to control ratio
  • Shockwaves absorbent qualities
  • Highly economical


  •  Too light in weight to attack the opponent


Killerspin Jet 800 N1 paddle

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This table tennis paddle is for the most earnest sportspersons. So, if you are looking for a lightweight high-performance table tennis paddle that brings out a competitor from you and gives your opponent a pressing game, then this one is for you. Jet 800 is an intermediate to advanced level paddle, having carbon fiber blades and nitrx rubber that makes the grip of the ping pong ball stronger and firmer. The exceptional grip on the ball and the heavy spins increase the overall performance of the player.

The Killerspin Jet 800 had composed of a blade with seven layers of wood sandwiched between two layers of carbon, to achieve a boosted speed for a better play. An increase in the number of layers in the blades, increases the speed and the power of the paddle, the same is the situation in this case. The combination of layers of wood and carbon keeps its weight down and provides rigidity, hence making it easy for use. The Nitrx rubber assists you in controlling the spin of the ball. The handle has flared, its thickness at the bottom makes it handy for the player.

Jet 800 is ITTF’s approved and can be used in official games, with a speed of 9.5, a spin of 9, and control of 8. Its weight is 190 grams and has used for aggressive and some dangerous attacks.


  • Increases speed and power
  • ITTF’s approved
  • Suitable for aggressive attacks
  • Weighs Light


  • Small handles make it difficult for use by a player with large hands
  • Quite expensive
  • Not suitable for beginners


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A Buyers Guide to Table Tennis / Ping Pong Paddles

Finding the right Ping-Pong paddle that perfectly suits your style of play and advancing ability in the game is hands down the most important investment you will make in order to enjoy this very popular sport. If you do not take into consideration that a correctly suited Ping-Pong paddle will have any effect on your game, then you are sorely mistaken. A paddle that compliments your caliber and supports your technique will allow you to advance quickly with your skills and game technique. An incorrectly suited paddle will result in your capabilities seriously suffering and even hindering you in progressing in the sport.

Thankfully, the market is flooded with hundreds of different Ping-Pong paddle options available, each adapted to slightly different styles of play which in the end creates that aforementioned perfect fit for you. Having played Ping-Pong and considering yourself above the ranks of a beginner, you should understand a little something about your style and technique in the game, which will provide you with key information on choosing a Ping-Pong paddle which will only support your play, rather than inhibit it.

However, it can be a little overwhelming when it comes to choosing a Ping-Pong paddle when the options seem endless. Knowing that you can be making a huge mistake in buying an incorrect paddle can leave you feeling helpless and lost when wanting to purchase your new paddle. So we have pulled together a few key elements that you need to consider your own game style and the resulting paddle features that will complement these styles. We will continue in the article to show you a few of the most popular intermediate Ping-Pong paddles available so that you can confidently make a decision that is best for you and the quality of your game.

Ping Pong paddles can come available with ratings up to a mark of 10 or 100, based on spin, control, and power. To begin our shopping guide, we recommend that as a general rule of thumb, you should look for a paddle with a rating of 8 or 80. These quality paddles enhance your game, rather than inhibit it and can be seen as all-rounders in design. Lower ratings will compromise your gameplay and you may feel the paddle to be cumbersome, heavy or not responding how you wish it to. Higher ratings are also recommended, but obviously, the price starts to increase exponentially and as an intermediate player, you should not be expected to pay for a professional Ping-Pong paddle as of yet.

The first and most important priority you should consider which choosing your new Ping-Pong paddle is to understand the style in which you play. You may be an aggressive and powerful player that works far from the table. You may rather hit calculated and exacting shots that focus more on spin and speed rather than power and attack. One paddle that is designed to provide excellent soft shots will not provide the power needed if you are an aggressive player. Once you can place yourself in a general box relating to your style, you can begin to search for models of paddles that are specifically designed to complement and aid in the advancement of your techniques.

Next, it is a wise idea to look at the materials that the paddle is made of, as these affect the power, control, and spin that the paddle provides. Again these factors provide the basis of the overall performance rating of the paddle and should be taken into account.


Power is not necessarily based on the hard material that is used on the blade and handle of the paddle. All blades are wood laminated and some contain thin layers of fiberglass or carbon fiber which reduces the weight and absorbs the impact of the shot. It is important to choose good padding between the surface of the paddle and the blade. Power is measured by the returning shot. Basically, if the absorbing ability is high, then the paddle power is less. It is important to keep a healthy balance between absorption and returning shot power, even if you tend to play only defensively or only on the attack.


Control is measured in striking power and hitting time. Materials to keep a note of when measuring control is the rubber quality, padding thickness, and direction of the pips on the rubber face. The stickier the rubber, the more control one has on the ball with their shots. If your paddle contains foam, you will have easier control of your power. Pips assist in giving you a strong strike and when positioned on the outside, allow one to play spin. A highly controllable paddle with sticky rubber is more desirable for defensive players.


The last feature that is important for beginners up to professional players is the ability to make shots difficult for your opponent to return by adding a spin on the ball in your shots. Spin is dependent on the quality and fitting of the rubber on the blade. Powerful spin is given from paddles with rubber pips that face toward the blade. Light paddles and in particular light blades will also improve the quality of your spin technique.


Best Ping Pong paddles for Intermediate players

The STIGA Evolution is an excellent choice for players who have mastered the basics and are looking for a paddle that complements their advancing abilities. With an excellent performance score of speed at 96, spin at 94 and control at 90, nothing is compromised and at an extremely affordable price of around $50, we recommend the STIGA Evolution as the best Ping-Pong paddle for intermediate and defensive players. However, this paddle is not preferred by players who play at a distance from the table.  The Killerspin Jet500 may be more suitable in these instances, as reviews suggest you may find yourself over hitting the ball at times since it is designed for more aggressive play.

We believe that with your style of play and performance scores of power, control, and spin kept in mind, you will be able to easily find the perfect Ping-Pong paddle that suits your needs and fits in your budget in order to keep you playing Ping Pong for many enjoyable years to come.