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When you think about it, finding the perfect mobile operator is really a hard job. In today’s modern world mobile operators are inevitable. There are many mobile operators who work in different countries and with a wide variety of choices, how can you know which one to choose? It’s not as simple as it seems. They all compete with each other to provide their customers with the best service and a lot also depends on your needs and requests. Wouldn’t it be great if one mobile operator stands out so much from the others and that choice is that simple? What if I told you that it actually exists? Having said that I present to you, one of the best mobile operators that exist.


Active Tello Promo Codes

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What is all about?

Although they may seem like beginners, since their company is only three years old, they are certainly not. With a mother company that has more than ten years of experience in the telecom industry, Tello has managed to satisfy its customer’s needs in every way possible. They are contract-free providers, who will offer you their high-quality service. Also, they have wireless carriers, awesome online service, and no hidden fees. Yes, that’s right – you only pay the amount you see on their website when you choose a plan for yourself which suits you the most.


Tello plans

First of all and the most important fact is that you can create your plan. You don’t have to pay for unused messages or data because you can create the plan that suits you the most and in that way, you will make the most out of it. The main idea behind this is that you choose how many minutes, messages and data you want and you pay only for that. Currently, they are offering an unlimited plan which you can combine in every way you like.

Let me explain it better to you. For every plan, you combine you will get unlimited messages, but you can choose how much data and how many minutes you want. You can choose among 1GB, 2GB, 4GB, 6GB, 8GB and unlimited data. This data you can combine with 100 minutes, 300 minutes, 500 minutes and unlimited minutes. When it comes to pricing it varies from 5 USD to 39 USD. What you can also do is to choose among some of their pre-made plans, whose price varies from 10 USD to 39 USD.

There are economy, value, start and data plans which each offers you something different. For example, in the Economy plan, you will get 1GB of data with unlimited texts and unlimited minutes. When it comes to Value plan you will get unlimited texts and unlimited minutes with 2 GB of data. The most expensive and the plan for which you will get the most is Data plan which offers you unlimited data, unlimited messages and unlimited minutes. What is also great about Tello is that after you spend all of your data you will get unlimited data in 2G. Also, your mobile phone can be used as a hotspot so you can share your data with your friends and family or your other devices.

Not only they offer you minutes in the US, but also in China, Canada, and Mexico. If you want to change plans or cancel, you can do it anytime because it is contract-free. They also offer you monthly billing and automatic renewal of the plan every month.


How stand out from the rest?

Unlike any other mobile operator, they offer you completely contract-free service. Not many operators have the possibility for you to make your own plan which will satisfy all of your needs for minutes, texts and data. What is also great is that you can order your plan online and now you are only one click away from the plan of your dreams. If you have made a mistake and you chose a plan which is not suitable for you, you can also upgrade it or downgrade it whenever you want and for free.

Their customer support is available to you 24/7 and their response time is really quick. If you decide to order a phone from their website, shipping is completely free for you. Are you tired of paying for minutes when your friends don’t pick up? Well, not anymore because tello starts to count minutes the moment they actually pick up. If you have a friend or family abroad, don’t worry because you can add texts and minutes for international calls, too. Their signal is also great, so you won’t miss anything!


Referral program

Tello also offers you a great referral program so if you have a friend who is not satisfied with their mobile operator, then you should definitely suggest them to buy a tello plan because you will both gain 10 Tello Dollars. That’s right, for every friend that you refer tello to, you and your friend will get 10 Tello Dollars. It is also very easy to do it because you only need to share your custom link which you can see on your dashboard and BINGO – your friend is invited to try out tello.


How to use is really easy to navigate. Their website is also mobile-friendly, so wherever you are you can buy one of their plans. On their website there are many drop-own menus such as plans, phones, get started, coverage, bring your phone and my tello where you can check your current plan. You can choose from various models of phones which you would like to buy and they offer you filters so you can easily search for what you are looking for. When you have a tello account for which you only need your e-mail and password, it’s easy to check out how much you have already spent and how much you have left. What you can also do is to check your coverage before buying a plan, so you will know in advance what to expect.


Final words 

If you are not satisfied with your mobile operator and you are looking for a change, then is the right place for you. With their amazing customer support, great plans and easy to navigate the website, you have never been closer to choosing the best mobile operator there is. So don’t hesitate to check them out and try some of their plans, because we guarantee you that it won’t be a mistake.



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