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Top 5 Best Cake Carriers

best cake carriers and totes

After spending long hours on baking cakes for the party or for your friends, you might need a container that can be used to protect the cake from dust, air, unwanted heat and can also be used to carry the cake without damaging its sides. Cake carriers are such specially designed containers that are mainly manufactured from BPA free and high-quality plastic. People are quite unfamiliar with this product but it can keep the cake in shape while carrying it to a picnic or some other place. The specialized containers have carved ends which prevent the cake from a collision with the container wall or lid.

Mostly the container is made up of transparent material so that the consumer can be satisfied by looking at the cake without taking off the lid. Some cake carriers are available in the market which can serve the purpose of an airtight container along with carrying the cake. The container can also be used to store cakes and pastries in a cool place. Some specialized containers can also be used inside the ovens depending upon their manufacturing material. Multilayer cake carriers can also be purchased depending upon the type of usage. These have multiple storage containers that can be used to store and carry different types of pastries, cupcakes, and cakes ensuring their safety.


Top 5 Best Selling (and Most Popular) Cake Carriers


Who Should Own a Cake Carrier?

Cake carriers are best suited for the people who want to carry cakes, pastries, cupcakes, etc. of different shapes and sizes to picnic, workplace, school, etc. without damaging them. This product has specialized carved ends and trays which are used to support bakery items of different shapes and sizes avoiding their collision with each other. The BPA free plastic also makes this product suitable to be used in refrigerators, open space and vehicles without affecting the health of the consumer. There are multilayer cake carriers that can carry a different variety of products simultaneously. They have different layers of storage compartments with craved ends for specialized baked products such as cupcakes, pastries, etc.

The removal of items from these carriers is easy due to specialized design. The transparent plastic also makes it easy for the consumer to keep a look at the items without removing the lid again and again. The base of the storage tray is also made up of nonstick material and insulating material which prevents the cake from sticking to the layer. So these features of the product make it the best gift for your baking enthusiast friends who not only bake but also carry the items to different places.

Some common things to look when buying a cake carrier

Though many people are not aware of this product, still many manufacturers are offering cake carriers of different sizes, shapes, and materials which makes the selection difficult when buying one. Following are some characteristics which can be certainly helpful in decision making:


Cake carriers are available in different sizes for different baking items. If you are supposed to carry a birthday cake to someplace, you will definitely need a circular carrier of a bigger diameter. Similarly, if you want to carry cupcakes or pastries to someplace, a smaller container with pastry tray will serve the purpose. Thus the selection of size is dependent upon the type of usage of the consumer.


This product is made up of different materials with BPA free plastic the most commonly used one. BPA plastic is hygienic and protects the food from bacteria, so it is definitely the most recommended material for food storage products. But if the container is supposed to be used in ovens or refrigerators, then containers made up of different materials are available in the market which can serve the purpose.


There are some overly priced cake carriers available in the market whose features are minimal as compared to the price tags. Thus do look for the products which offer maximum features in the given price bracket.


Best cake carriers available in the market

Following mentioned are some best products which are available in the market and eCommerce platforms when we discuss cake carriers:

Snapware 3 Layer Cupcake Cookie Cake Dessert Carrier

This cake carrier offered by Snapware is one of the bestselling products in the market. The 3-layered reversible storage inserts provide protection to your cakes, cupcakes, pastries, etc. from water, heat or collision and help them to maintain their original shape and texture when carrying them to picnic, pool party, office, school, etc.

Prepworks by Progressive Collapsible Cupcake and Cake Carrier

This is one of the cheapest and innovative cake carrier which is available in the market. It offers many features which makes it so much popular amongst the customers. The carrier size can be adjusted to half according to the need so it is a foldable cake carrier. The material which it is made up of is unbreakable BPA free which makes it safe for storing food items.

DuraCasa Cake Carrier

This airtight seal container can be used for easy carriage of cakes, muffins, etc. The DuraCasa carrier offers ample space to carry about 24 cupcakes simultaneously. The product is certified to be BPA free which makes it safe to be used for food storage.


The benefits offered by cake carriers are making it a widely accepted product amongst the bakery owner and other baking enthusiasts. The owners of this handy product thus don’t face any issues of carrying the items in the vehicle to different places.



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