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Top 5 Best Most Popular Honey Dispensers

Honey is a natural substance that has been proven to considerably reduce the risk of heart diseases and diabetes when compared with sugar. If you are a tea lover and love to have your tea with ginger and honey, then you might have faced the problem of storing honey and pouring it. Don’t worry because there are various honey dispensers available in the market which not only stores honey but also increases the aesthetics of your kitchen, table or any other place where it is placed.

Honey dispensers are widely available in the market and e-commerce platform these days. There is a huge variety of designs in which honey dispensers are available with the same basic purpose of storing honey and some other features.


There are many people who challenge the purchase of honey dispenser by justifying that honey is often available in the jars. But we all know that using honey from jars is a great problem. It can create a great mess if you are new into the kitchen making everything sticky around.

Honey dispensers can solve this problem and some of the dispensers can even be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers. The honey dispensers are often made up of such material which looks attractive and functional at the same time. The material of the honey dispensers not only stores the honey but also resists the odor. The features and aesthetics of this amazing product are increasing its adaptability all-around the world.


Best Selling Honey Dispensers


What Does a Honey Dispenser Look Like?

The name of the product suggests that the honey dispenser is similar to a jar which can be used to store the honey and can be used by the frequent users in order to avoid mess and sticky environment all around. Infect there are many designs of honey dispensers available in the market which can be different from one another.

The most common honey dispensers are the ones of pot-shaped. These honey dispensers are made up of attractive ceramic, stoneware or glass. These are offered with a lid and a honey dipper so that the honey can be poured easily without creating any mess.

Usually, the ceramic and stoneware honey dispensers are offered in attractive colors which add to the aesthetics of your living room, kitchen or dining room. The material is always selected carefully by the manufacturers which are safe to store the food. Moreover, most of these honey dispensers are safe to be used in microwave ovens and dishwashers.

Similarly, honey dispensers are also offered in the shape of jugs. The jug-shaped honey dispenser is usually made up of embossed glass or crystal clear glass which offers a clear view to the user. There is a handle that makes it convenient for the user to hold up the jug and pour the honey without creating a mess. The handle is also made up of high-quality rustproof metallic material. The jug-shaped honey dispensers are also safe to be used in ovens and dishwashers.

Similarly, there are also hobnail shaped dispensers available in the market which are quite attractive and versatile. When we talk about the storage capacity of these honey dispensers, they offer a storage capacity of about 4-20oz which is enough for some users.


How Do You Buy a Honey Dispenser?

Buying a honey dispenser is quite easy. But below mentioned few points will definitely help you in this cause:

The material of the dispenser

Material is definitely the most important aspect of this product. Honey dispensers are made up of glass, ceramics, plastic, metal, etc. The glass and ceramic dispensers are quite functional and also look aesthetically sound. But if you are supposed to use the honey dispenser in a home with children, the plastics or the metallic ones sound better. They are not aesthetically superior to the glass or ceramic ones but their utility and portability are better and risk-free as they can sustain a fall from a limited height without being damaged.


Design can also be decisive in making a purchase decision. Honey dispensers are offered in various designs which include the pot design, jug design, hobnail design, etc. The design selection will depend upon your usage. The pot dispensers are offered with a honey dipper for pouring the honey, while the jugs and hobnails are supposed to be tilted for pouring the honey. Moreover, choose the design which suits your home décor style and blends with it to add to the aesthetics.

Features and price

Features and prices should also be kept in mind while making a purchase decision. There are various honey dispensers that offer extra features such as a measuring guide printed on the side or extra honey dippers when compared to similar products in the same price bracket. Thus, do look for the features of the product before making a final decision.


Bestselling products in the market

Following discussed products are the bestselling ones in the market:

Le Creuset Stoneware 16-Ounce Honey Pot

This honey dispenser is made up of stoneware which is aesthetic as well as safe to store the honey inside it. Le Creuset has designed this honey pot to store about 16 ounces of honey inside it. It is offered with a lid that can be removed and silicon honey dippers which can be used to pour the honey onto your waffles, pancakes or tea. The material of the honey dispenser pot is shockproof and non-porous to resist the odor. In addition to this, the weight of the product is also kept less so it is easy to be carried around easily.

Winco G-116 Honey Dispenser

Winco has introduced this honey dispenser in the market which is known for its durability and ease of usage. As it is offered in a jug design, so you don’t need any honey dippers to pour the honey. Instead, just grab it and tilt it to pour the honey out. The crystal clear glass makes it possible for you to see the honey level without opening the lid. The metallic lid and handle are rustproof and can be washed easily. The material of Winco G-116 Syrup Dispenser makes it lightweight and safe to be used in the microwave oven.


Final Remarks

So, this product is great for the honey lovers who want to avoid the sticky mess and want to pour the honey easily on waffles, pancakes or even in tea. The high-quality material which is used in its manufacturing not only resists the odor but also adds to the aesthetics of the surroundings where it is used.

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