A Review Of The Total Money Magnetism System

Are you drowning in debt? Have you always wondered why you seem to be struggling with money and can’t get ahead? Well, what if I told you that the secret to wealth could all be in your mind.
I understand that you might be skeptical at first but hear me out and keep an open mind as I try to explain to you how Dr. Steve G. Jones, founder of Total Money Magnetism Program wants to make you wealthy by changing the way your brain thinks about money and how it can get you wealthy.




What is Total Money Magnetism?

The difference between a poor person’s (typical brain) and a rich man’s mind is the reason why you are living a miserable life. Your mind is blocking you from unlocking your wealth potential.
The program allows you to rewire your brain and have you thinking and acting with a rich man’s mind, so you get all that wealth and its benefits.

Quick run-down on the Total Money Magnetism Program

total money magnetismThere are 6 MP3 tracks along with a 152 pages manual altogether, by Dr. Steve G. Jones, Clinical Hypnotherapist. These hypnosis tracks are extremely content-rich, and the information is presented in an easy to understand way.

The hypnotic process is known very well: the scientific premise of hypnosis; the brainwaves under which we operate day and night in and out of hypnosis: beta, alpha, theta, and delta; what happens and does not happen under hypnosis; and more.

Steve G. Jones teaches you about how you can program yourself for attracting money by hypnosis (or anything you want to make happen in your life), and they give you all the information you need to make that happen!

Counter- Intentions are those pesky limiting thoughts and habits we have acquired since birth that are active in the Subconscious Mind and determine our actions and beliefs.

Just as an example: regarding money, you may have heard it said many times: “Money is the root of all evil.” Yea? Know that one? Well, but now you want to program your mind for a flow of financial abundance, but your Subconscious Mind, being otherwise informed, says: wait! What do you mean? Don’t you know that money is evil? Now your Subconscious Mind is confused and doesn’t know what to act upon.

With hypnotic self-programming, you can change these counter-intentions in the subconscious mind and replace them with programming that allows you to accept the financial abundance you are seeking. I have begun reprogramming mine with “Money is the beginning of all blessings.” Doesn’t that sound better and be more real?

This expert in hypnosis guides you gently through the process of hypnotizing yourself for wealth and gives you spoken and written examples of how and what to say to yourself.
He is invested in your self-programmed ability to create in this life everything you want and want to be. He truly cares, and the price of this hypnosis program reflects his concern. The value of this program exceeds the asking rate by a wide margin.

There is wealth within your reach with hypnosis and the Total Money Magnetism program.


Who Created the Program?

Dr. Steve is now a millionaire; however, not so long ago, he had a poor brain and was over 30,000 dollars in debt. This was before a college friend over coffee showed him the power of the rich mind and set him down the path that led to the Total Money Magnetism.
This program came about after two years of scientific study and various research studies as well as actual and tried methods.
He has helped many people, including prominent actors, CEOs, and executives achieve multimillion dollars in personal wealth as well overall financial success in their businesses, and he charges over 25,000 dollars for two hours sessions with his clients.


Total Money Magnetism – Features

Downloading this program will give you access to the following:

  • A complete eBook of the Total Money Magnetism program.
  • 6 Mp3’s that are hypnosis videos that are a step by step guide and addition to the program. These videos work together with the 152-page booklet and eBook.
  • The Millionaire’s Mindset video – This video is full of testimonials from millionaires who have had real success in the program.
  • Three bonus sessions with the doctor, which are considered Platinum Sessions and are a great value because he usually charges thousands of dollars for these sessions normally.
  • Three Fastest Ways To Make Money Online is a bonus video included in the package by Internet marketer Mark Ling. Mark is a well sought after internet marketer who has been very successful online, and his advice is invaluable.
  • A one-month free subscription to the Amazing Self personal development course. This course covers your general wellness and health more than just the financial aspect of your life, which makes it utterly beneficial.
  • Total Money Magnetism Review – The Audiobooks


The six tracks that come in the program are as follows:

  • First Track: Releasing fear from failure.
  • Second Track: Releasing the fear of success.
  • Third Track: Discovering Abundance.
  • Fourth Track: Programming your millionaire mind.
  • Fifth Track: Millionaire Success Stories.
  • Sixth Track: Passive Income Creation.
  • Total Money Magnetism Review – The eBook


He breaks down the eBook into four main parts that are as follows:

  • First part: hypnosis: your weapon of mass wealth attraction.
  • Second part: the five fundamentals of ultimate money magnetism.
  • Third part: the ten secret success principles of the ultra-wealthy.
  • Fourth part: the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and how to get the most out of your wealth
  • Bonus resources and other helpful links are at the end of the book.


Exercises that you can perform Throughout The Course

In the book, there nine practical exercises sandwiched between the chapters that can help you start and practice your mind towards the concept of abundance.

  • First Exercise: Overriding the ‘Thought Viruses’ In Your Brain.
  • Second Exercise: Practicing Gratefulness and Abundance.
  • Third Exercise: Setting Your Target.
  • Fourth Exercise: The power of connections.
  • Fifth Exercise: Savvy Networking.
  • Sixth Exercise: Swift Decision Making.
  • Seventh Exercise: Taking Responsibility.
  • Eighth Exercise: Creativity Mind Break.
  • Ninth Exercise: Accelerator Roadmap.



Total Money Magnetism Review – What We Thought

If you are not creating the wealth that you want, then there is probably one of three reasons.

  • Inaction or Procrastination: You don’t do the actions that will make more money.
  • Self-Sabotage or Inner Conflict: You do things that make money, but it either doesn’t work out, or you have ‘reversals of fortune’ or gains only happen after a lot of effort and struggle. (Emotions or beliefs that conflict with your money goals.)
  • Indecision: You don’t know what to do

The Total Money Magnetism Program can help when other kinds of change won’t. We know that action creates results. But sometimes it feels so hard to take action. The Total Money Magnetism Program using hypnosis provides a uniquely simple way to find and remove the internal obstacles that are holding you back from unlocking your true potential, and that is one of the reasons why we loved this program. You can use the techniques that you learn here to effortlessly remove every internal obstacle to action using the six steps in the audio program.

Total Money Magnetism Review – What We Liked

  1. Legitimacy – this program is created by a renowned hypnotherapist who gives you the confidence to try it since the author is an acclaimed professional in his field.
  2. Practicality – The program is full of practical and useful advice that, if followed correctly, will help enhance the user’s life even if they do not achieve wealth in the process.
  3. The audio lessons are only 40 minutes long at a time, so you do not have to spend a lot of time with the program daily.
  4. You have to put in the effort since this is not a get rich quick scheme.
  5. Many practical applications and bonuses included in the program.

Total Money Magnetism Review – What We Didn’t Like

  1. You have to do the work, and you will not get by with just skimming the book to get the full benefits.
  2. The program is quite specific to creating wealth, while hypnosis is a wide-ranging program that can help with other aspects of a person’s life like quitting smoking.


Total Money Magnetism Review – Conclusion

The minute laid my hands on this program, I was on fire.

You and I are probably somewhat alike in desiring unlimited financial abundance, or just abundance to make life easier. Once you taste plenty, however, you may just as well go for the whole thing. It’s not that we haven’t tried it, over and over and over.

After downloading these 6 MP3 tracks and working with them myself, my enthusiasm has reached the Mt. Everest of excitement, because they are everything I need to make the Total Money Magnetism Program regarding financial success work for me.

Now, I have to tell you, I am in the process of reaching my goal of financial success with the program, and I expect to achieve it soon, but I do want to get you started as well on this yellow brick road to your goals.

Does the program work?

Because this program takes time and on someone’s effort and commitment, we are not ready to claim that it will work with everyone who tries it. Having said that, since this is a Total Money Magnetism review, we went online and tried to find actual people reviewing the product.

The program has mostly positive reviews online, and many of the users stated the beneficial effects that it has had on their lives. I have been trying it out for about ten days, and I am yet to finish the program; however, I can share that the excitement has yet to wear off and I see some positive changes in the way I generally look at financial matters and I truly believe that the program will help me achieve that elusive financial independence that I have been looking for.



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