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5+ Best Travel Blankets

Traveling by either a bus or plane is generally uncomfortable. There are many compromises you need to complete your journey and during long journeys especially, you’ll appreciate small things that you otherwise can take for granted.

As someone who lives in a different city from my parents, I frequently travel and one thing I’ve noticed in planes is that they get way too cold. The air conditioners continuously blast cold air on your head and sometimes you can’t even control the air vents above you. The blankets airlines provide are often smelly and irritating to the skin. In fact, according to HuffPost, a flight attended recently admitted that the blankets are never sanitized between flights.

Travel blankets are an extremely simple solution to your problem, they are washable, comforting and most importantly, only used by you. The portable blankets are usually made up of smooth fleece that warms you up and is not at all irritating for the skin. Similarly, there are several other outdoor environments where travel blankets can be a perfect fit due to their portability and negligible weight.


If you are one of those people who can easily sleep on a plane or a moving vehicle, (I wish I had that superpower), then this product is a must-have for you. While sleeping or taking a nap, it’s important to be as comfortable as possible and with your own personal blanket; you can snuggle up and have a refreshing sleep.


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Things to look for when buying a travel blanket

When buying anything, it is logical to make an informed choice and look at all aspects. You must know what you want from your purchased product and what it offers. Of course, there might be times when you’ll have to compromise on something because of price, availability, and various other factors. Still, buying carefully is what saves us from throwing our money down the drain.

Unlike airlines and bus companies, you’ll obviously not go for the cheapest option available without any care for the quality of the material. One reason why their blankets are so irritating is the fact that they use subpar material to cut costs. Well, you are not buying it for the whole plane, so you have the luxury to choose a nice and comfy blanket for your travels. We have identified some of the things you


The product is made to be in constant contact with the body, therefore comfort remains the most important factor to be considered before purchase. There are multiple options made up of both natural and synthetic fibers. Both types have their own advantages and disadvantages and it’s up to you to decide which one is the best for your needs.

The market trend shows that blankets made up of fleece, acrylic, and a mixture of cotton and polyester are most demanded by the customers. These materials are not only extremely breathable but they also feel quite good to the skin due to their softness. Another popular trend is the design of the travel blanket. There are options to buy comfortable travel blankets that come with sleeves. Using them, you can enjoy a good book while keeping yourself warm.


Anything designed for traveling must be durable to a certain degree. Even the most careful users may sometimes make mistakes during traveling due to fatigue and other factors. Wear and tear along with faded colors does not look good at all in travel blankets. Even if they are comfortable, it would feel awkward to be subjected to the stares of everyone onboard. Therefore it’s better to buy something durable that can last a long time. Polyester especially can be treated quite roughly without any problems. Its machine friendly and can also be put in a dryer.


It’s established before in this article that cheaper options would often be made up of inferior quality materials and cause discomfort. But that does not mean that you go get ripped off in the market. You can probably find an extremely good travel blanket in the range of $30 – $40.


Air travel requires you to be extra vigilant about weight. Therefore a travel blanket would need to weigh as low as possible. Lighter weight materials that provide the same level of comfort would cost a little extra, but that would be worth it in the long run.


Some top picks you can consider

While there are thousands of options available in the market, we have prepared a brief list of items you may consider because of their comfort level, durability, advanced materials, and competitive prices.

World’s best cozy blanket

This is an economical entry for those who want something good at a lower price. This travel blanket is extremely good when compared with other options in its price range. Unfortunately, it lacks in several areas when compared with other pricier variants. The fabric is an extremely soft micro-fleece that stays soft for a respectable number of machines washes. It is available in many different colors and it can be used roughly because of its cheap price.

Travelrest premier blanket

This is perhaps the most versatile blanket you’d have ever seen. It is made up of the softest material and the quality does not decline even after years of use. The blanket is stitched perfectly and has no visible flaws whatsoever. Another thing that makes this blanket the best is its ability to become what you need. In addition to being a blanket, its uniquely designed zipper allows it to become a pillow, lumbar support, and carry case whenever needed.

Cocoon Coolmax

The cocoon coolmax travel blanket is among the pricier options available in the market. However, given its material quality and durability, you won’t ever regret buying it. The blanket is extremely lightweight and exudes luxury. The soft micro-fleece gently touches your skin to give you the comfort you need and the breathable fabric allows you to keep your temperature in check. Despite being extremely thin, hence the lightweight, the blanket does its job of keeping you warm perfectly. Simply put, this amazing blanket will make you so comfortable that even the longest flights would be over in a blink of the eye.


Long journeys can be a bit of a bother for a lot of people and it is natural to look for a way to keep you comfortable during a journey. If you are a frequent traveler, it time to invest in a travel blanket you can snuggle in enjoy. 


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