The 5 Best Triple Monitor Stands

best triple monitor stands for computer

Programming and gaming are two tasks that exemplify and are distinguished by the level of multitasking that they require. They, therefore, need appropriate furniture and accessories that can facilitate them in this regard. A Triple Monitor Stand can go a long way towards making life easier for gamers and programmers.

A Triple Monitor stand should be durable enough so that it may bear the weight of the monitors it is holding. It should be unbendable and non-breakable as well. Consider this, having three monitors working simultaneously indeed beats having just one, right? It will make gaming more exciting and programming more convenient. So, you really should get one as soon as you can.


Excellent Triple-Monitor Stands

Most Value – WALI Triple LCD Monitor Desk Mount Fully Adjustable Stand

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The WALI Triple LCD Monitor is known in the market for its affordability and incredible reviews. Despite being the most cost-effective model in this list, the Adjustable Stand is the most recommended because of its functionality and durability. The Monitor stand is universal and can hold any flat panel monitor under 27”. Each arm of this triple monitor stand is capable of easily holding up to 22 lbs. which is significantly greater than the weight of even the heaviest flat screen monitor.

The Triple LCD Monitor comes with the capability of adjusting all three monitors separately so you can get the exact setting you want without any restrictions. Each arm can extend or retract significantly and has the 150 tilting capabilities in both directions and rotation capabilities for vertical monitors. Additionally, the overall height of the arm can be extended significantly so you can have more desk space at your disposal.

Installing the WALI Triple Monitor Stand is also very simple. It comes with a clamp bases grommet base that is compatible with any desk up to the thickness of 4”. The base gets full points for its incredible stability and minimum volume. You get enough space for your keyboard files and many other things on the desk without any cluttering.

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Like many things in life, we, the consumers give much importance to aesthetics in addition to functionality. This Free-Standing Triple Monitor Stand by WALI is popular for doing the job while having visually appealing design features at a reasonable and affordable price.

Each arm of this free-standing monitor stand is capable of holding any VESA compatible flat screen up to 24”. As other WALI stands, each arm of this incredible model comes with the capability of sustaining up to 21 lbs. Additionally, you are also allowed to remove the VESA plate for convenient installation. The Triple Monitor Stand comes with adjustable arms that give you complete freedom to extend and retract them. You can also adjust their swivel angles to adjust the monitors to their best position for your convenience and accessibility.

As its name suggests the Triple Monitor Stand is free standing so you won’t have to check if the thickness of your desk is compatible or not. Similarly, you are also allowed to easily move the monitor to your preferred position. The base is extremely stable and the chances of it tipping over are extremely unlikely. Despite its stability, the triple stand does not occupy that much space so you can easily keep you’re your important thing on it or spice things up with a small decoration piece as well.

Editor’s Choice – Mount-It! Triple Monitor Stand | 3 Monitor Stand Mount

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The Mount-it Triple Monitor Stand is the ultimate choice for anyone who needs a stable, durable, and convenient choice. The monitor stand comes with the ultimate capabilities of handling up to 22 pounds on each arm. Its suitable for various screen sizes starting from 17” till 24”. You also get a VESA compatible mount plate that allows you to securely attach your monitors to this stand without relying on too many tools.

Out of the three monitor mounts, two are located on arms that have complete freedom of tilting, swiveling, and rotating according to your preference. The center mount is located on the frame and allows users to tilt, rotate, and adjust the overall height of the stand.

With the Mount-it Triple Monitor Stand, you don’t have to worry about getting a different model depending on the type of base you need. This model comes with an interchangeable base that can allow the stand to become a free-standing model or a grommet-base one depending on your preference. It doesn’t matter what type of base you choose, the stability and security offered by the manufacturers remain the same.

Triple Monitor Stand – Full Motion Articulating Aluminum Gas Spring Monitor Mount

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The incredible and versatile triple monitor stand by HUANUO is truly universal in every sense. The incredible stand comes with the capability of handling any sized flat screen and the capability of holding the maximum weight of 18 pounds on each arm. The stand is suitable for all VESA compatible screens which are almost all the flatscreens in the world so you’ll probably have no problem with attaching your screen to it. Additionally, the grommet-base takes up a very small space and keeps the monitors elevated so you can more space available to you on your desk.

The triple monitor stand by HUANUO is optimal for maintaining your correct posture and comfort. All screens are virtually floating on it and you are allowed to change their tilt, swivel, and orientation according to your comfort. To do that, you don’t even need to exert too much effort, simply grab one end of the screen and orient it according to your requirement in only a few seconds. The Aluminum made triple monitor stand also has an interchangeable base that allows you to choose either free-standing position or attach it to the desk. Even when it’s in freestanding position, the monitor stand takes up very little space

HUANUO Triple Monitor Stand – Free Standing Fully Adjustable Monitor Desk Mount

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Our final selection for the best triple monitor stand is another awesome product by HUANUO that is both functional and affordable. The stand looks no different from any regular frame but stands out due to its durability and high build quality. The monitor stand comes with the capability of handling any flat screen in the range of 13” to 24”. Its VESA compatible mounts are also ideal for holding both flat and curved screens so you won’t have any issues.

The Triple Monitor also allows full motion to the monitors attached to it. The users are free to move the screens and adjust them to the position they prefer. The Free-Standing Triple Monitor Stand also comes with an extremely stable base that is further augmented by the no-slip rubber which protects your desk from scratches and keeps the stand affixed in a single position.

Having a clutter of cable loosely hanging around looks highly unorganized and is also dangerous for your keyboards, monitors, and other devices. There are multiple risks of something getting stuck in the wires which causes an accident when you try to remove it. This Triple Monitor Stand comes with detachable cable clips so you can keep your desk organized and clutter-free.

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Why Buy a Triple Monitor Stand:

There are many advantages to glean when you buy a Triple Monitor Stand. These advantages are palpable and change your life for the better. We are listing them as following for your consideration:

  1. Improved Efficiency – You want to increase your efficiency while you are working or gaming? Well, then you can do so quite easily by increasing the number of monitors and mounting them up with a triple monitor stand. The latter will hold up your monitors, and you have more efficient work through them.
  2. Neck Pain Prevention – Conventional Monitor mounts can only hold the monitor up to a certain level, and one can develop a crick in the neck by keeping your head in constant lock with said level. A triple Monitor mount allows for easier management and adjustment of the monitor. You can set it per your need and positioning for a more comfortable and compelling viewing experience.
  3. Improve your Writing – You can improve your writing experience by using more than a single monitor. For instance, you could be writing an essay and use one monitor for opening the program for text input. Open your source on the second monitor and the third monitor; you can open a pertinent video as well. This will greatly improve productivity and mitigate the time required for performing a task.
  4. Easier Livestreaming – Having three monitors propped up will allow for more efficient and effectual live streaming. You can open all the relevant programs like chat, dashboard, the game being played, discord, Spotify, OBS, etc. simultaneously. They will all be visible to you and this, in turn, make live streaming much easier.


Things to Consider:

There are certain details and aspects that you need to establish before purchasing a triple monitor stand. These will allow you to make a more informed and effective decision and ensure that you end up with the right product that matches your requirements and needs. These details are as follows for your perusal:

  1. Price Tag: The first thing that you should keep in view is your financial ability. Triple monitor stands are available in varying price ranges. They range from low to mid to high priced ones with each having different accessories and functions built into them. You should first ascertain your budget and then go for an option that is per your financial ability.
  2. Endurance: The Triple Monitor stands are usually made from alloy, aluminum, or pure steel. The alloy and aluminum-based ones are more flexible and lightweight and can support most monitor types with ease. However, they aren’t as enduring or durable as the steel-based ones which can bear a lot of weight with ease. It is up to you to decide whether if you favor endurance over flexibility and lightness of weight or vice versa.
  3. Ease of Installation: Some Triple Monitor Stands are easy to install and don’t require any supervision or special tools. You can erect them by simply following the rules on the instruction manual. On the other hand, the more articulate and movable stands require intricate attention to detail in installation. They might even require you to hire the services of a professional for setting them up for you. Keep this factor in mind when you are shopping for a triple monitor stand.
  4. Range of Motion/Articulation: How much do you want your monitors to be adjustable or movable after mounting them up on a stand? Do you want them to sport moderate articulation? Or do you want a range of adjustability that is profound? Decide upon this and then purchase the monitor that matches your proclivities concerning this aspect.
  5. Management of Cables: We recommend that you go for the stands that allow for neat and uncluttered management and organization of cables so that they don’t appear cluttered. They may be a tad more expensive but they are worth it in the long run.
  6. Manufacturer’s Warranty: There are numerous triple stand monitors available on the market. Some of them are backed by a warranty of 12 months, which is further extendable, and more as well. It is up to as to how much significance this aspect holds for you. You can’t argue with the fact that having the manufacturer’s warranty at the back of a product really sweetens the deal. The importance of warranty is further increased if your monitor stand becomes damaged due to some unforeseen occurrence. But remember that triple monitor stands that come with warranty are a bit more expensive than the rest. So, make your choice wisely in this regard.